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how do you feel about it?
what are your plans for the week?
luv u guyze

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again


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why the fuck do i keep seeing this shittier pepe? it's like your trying to show how underage you are seriously stop with the pepe avatar fagging


Got a CVS final tomorrow, and here I am shiposting here.
Will try to have fun as usual.
Love you too.


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Everyday seems like Monday anymore


I just woke up... I want to go back to sleep...

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again


got crossed fingers for you anon!
lurk moar




This website is so fucking slow, making any kind of "It's X date" post is fucking retarded. The thread's still gonna be up in a year or two, barring a significant increase in users(unlikely), so why even bother making a statement that includes a specific date?


it's friday now


idk but it's NEVAR ENUFF
Why make any thread, they'll all get bumped off eventually...
it's kinda fun and can spur a quick blast of activity that pumps life into the board for a bit.


Heck, sometimes threads gain popularity for about a week.


It's a slow, yet comfy community


Slow but comfy is better than fast but shitty


That's for sure

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