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Hello. How is everyone doing?


Fine. It seems that this r9k is already 90% shitposting and we're not even 30 posts in


I'm swell, thanks for asking OP. How about yourself?


terrible, and this site isn't helping at all


Honestly, not liking how much more traffic this place has now.
I'm away for a couple of weeks and it seems extremely more active.
I can't even keep up with all of the threads now.


>not liking
Why not?




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the usual, i feel angry and like shit all the time but can never bring myself to do anything about it


Because now this place is running off any oldfag that came across it.
Enjoy your new cesspool.


i don't really understand how 4 more posts per day makes this a cesspool, anon.
The only thing that annoys me are the "hehe rare pepes", but that's always to be expected from /r9k/ these days.
/b/ seems to be doing just fine, /sewers/ are making their own tans and fighting about animal gangs, and it's actually entertaining to watch and take part in. So I really have no idea what's making you upset.


>>1223 issues. Namefags and low quality posts. Need to lurk moar.


namefags and tripfags here have been giving us good OCs, literally just like the old days of 4chinz.
Are you really an oldfag, anon? Have you seen the creativity of the old times?
>low quality
the quality maybe has gone down a very tiny bit (excluding /yu/ since I never thought of it as good in the first place), but people doing just casual conversations isn't "low quality" in my book.
Don't forget that most people here are quite ronery and just want to talk to someone.


I guess in a way i'm refering to myself. Made several poor quality/namefagging post here and hoping to repent and not getting banned.


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I'm happy that you have seen the error of your ways and are changing for the better.
Remember, it's also you, anon, whose task is to keep this place comfy and high-quality!


Hopfully my low quality post will get deleted.


May I ask which one is it?


>>1229 Well now it's this https://22chan.org/yu/ because i was being a faggot and revealing personal information. Any advice on not being a faggot?


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seems to me you just have issues with yourself anon, take it easy on yourself we all spend alot of our time fucking up something and still life is going not caring about it all.


How is everybody doing?




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Feeling really good rn.


Thats good to hear.


I gotta abandon this site or else i will lose what is left of my sanity. I successfully left this site for at least a month or some time, and I was doing well. I decided to come back and that was a fucking mistake. I ran into good friends of mine which made me feel like shit for going away. Irrational paranoia is a fucking bitch, im losing my mind and i saw a thread asking if i was still around and i legitimately started to tear up. They hadn't forgotten about me. What's keeping me here is guilt, and that If im gonna leave again which is what i think i should do for my sanity i gotta do something. SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT LIKE A SLIDESHOW OR SOME SHIT. OR A MINI MOVIE. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. It's not the first time i've left, and each time i feel shittier for leaving because when i come back I feel like i've just been toying with them which makes me feel even shittier AAAAAAAAAA


you don't have to feel bad about it, we understand you, anon.
and indeed try to channel your emotions into something creative, a slideshow/mini-movie as you said it yourself.
you might get some sort of, i dont want to call it enlightenment, but a conclusion of sorts.
just don't worry about it that much desu.


How about drawing?
That's another way to channel your creative energies.
Probabily easier than making a minimovie, unless you like making a mini movie, anon.
Another thing is, how did this issue start? Not to pry, but getting down to the main issue might help you.


How does everybody feel about 22chan so far?




Hmm, i dont know, oh.


i bid well
eating some chicago dogs at the moment
tastes grate man


im fine thank you anon


Could be better.


Nevertheless i wish everyone would love me too.

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