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you should plant more trees to turn the world into a dense forest.


that would be cool, but you're forgetting I don't go outside.


Plant trees inside your house.


The lights are always off and I'm not gonna water it
I'm pretty sure it'll die


i'd love to plant trees. but i get depressed that some jerk will come by after i'm gone and cut them down. still it's better than nothing to at least try.


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I love tree


smonking weed is not good anon


Funny, I thought about doing that in my area. Just plant a bunch of pine trees and make this area look like similar to the Cascades. It'd be nice.


My country is already 78% forest so there's no need to.


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there better not be a filter here


But then there would be a shitton of insects anon


In the long term, it's a much better idea to sow fungi. Old growth forests CANNOT grow without a proper fungal platform. If you plant the fungi, the forest will be inevitable.


A bit of elaboration. Many varieties of fungus are capable of cleaning up the environment in ways that other forms of life can only dream of. Some can even break down plastics/oils, including the delicious oyster mushrooms (most widely cultivated mushroom on the planet). Also:
>Mushrooms release spores
>Spores serve as a food source for insects
>Insects attract birds
>Birds bring seeds
>Seeds prosper in fungus-prepared, nutrient-rich soil
>Eventually, massive trees are able to "network" and share nutrients through mycelial mesh
>Big trees make a lot of dead wood that falls to the ground, feeding the same fungi that started all this
Fungi are smart. They play the long game. Plant the fungus, and the forest will become inevitable.


wtf i love mumshrooms now

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