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in this thread, you tell how do you feel or what you've experienced today. the point of this thread is to make every single day count (hopefully) and hopefully remove off some robot personality

i feel nothing really of significance happening today or tommorow. this really annoys me because i have things that i want to do today in my head but never really have the motivation to execute it.

how was your day anonbots?


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Today I didn't wake up until 3. I don't know why this keeps happening, but it's getting worse. There's no way that I actually need this much sleep, but I always feel so tired.


Today I was wondering if I should stop coming to this imageboard since it's already turning to shit about a year in.


What would you change


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OP Here. Another day of pretty much nothing.
i suddenly felt the weight of the feels so i came back to this thread.

i wish i felt that i have worth, i can't stop comparing to people, especially people who have the same hobbies as me yet they do more better at it. this hurts alot but i really can't help it.

is it because i don't have enough affection? probably

how was your day this time anonbots

i always have a messy sleep schedule. i sleep for usually 3 hours per day, less or more

i don't know, maybe it's because there is no fun here. the no raids was a heavy blow on how it feels like there is fun here. and maybe the no cancer thing was really not much worth it. there is no real definition of what is "cancer". its just takes away normal shitposting for the lulz in here. twoot should've encouraged shitposting and raids imo but knowing the cuck he is he probably wouldn't do it anytime sooner.


> i don't know, maybe it's because there is no fun here.
I agree with you.


> twoot should've encouraged raids

Ayo, not my fault. Its just german law... Hate it too but cant do anything bout it.

> there is no fun here

How do you define fun and what would you like to change to make 22chan more appealing?


> twoot should've encouraged shitposting
There is /b/ and /sewers/, i will update the rules so it specially encourages shitposting in these boards


i wish you didnt get in alot of trouble if you raided and you live in germany. why the fuck does germany care about it? i wish the un didnt shit on some things you get in america, i want to do fun shit like raid other forums/discords. why not try focusing on actual problems then trying to ban memes and anime.


I don’t know about you guys but I like 22chan better than the others. I know it’s slow here but I think things will eventually pick up in speed. I would love to contribute by starting threads frequently but I have nothing interesting to say and I want to make sure the threads I try to do are of the highest quality I can do. Although we should be grateful, we wouldn’t even have any of this if it weren’t for Twoot.


> why the fuck does germany care about it?
Thats the biggest question of em all... I think the future of the internet shouldnt be decided about by some old dudes who barely know how to use a computer. (Referencing EU politicans)

> I have nothing interesting to say
There is still /b/ and /sewers/ if you want to be random :)

> I want to make sure the threads I try to do are of the highest quality I can do.

Thank you, that is greatly appreciated.

> we wouldn’t even have any of this if it weren’t for Twoot

We wouldnt habe it either without people like you.


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> How do you define fun and what would you like to change to make 22chan more appealing?


Do you mean the EU??


>Do you mean the EU?
the UN means united nations.
EU means European Union.
[spoiler]You can call them The EU or UN because they are both correct.[/spoiler]


she came back


I hope that turns out good for you.


Alright, my day has just started so theres really nothing much to tell. Am going to try and make some flash memes today, if time allows it. Its all cloudy and shit today


>went to a local job center so I can start contributing to society and buy up-to-date vidya
>stop for lunch in the cafeteria, get some food and soda from a vending machine
>sit down by myself and eat in silence
>nearby are some shadowfolk eating in the usual style, talking loudly and playing music on their phones
>one of them turns to me
>"are you alright sweety? Is something wrong?"
>I'm literally just sitting there eating, not scowling or anything.
>she tries to start a conversation, but I have no idea what she's talking about since I can't hear a damn thing
>just mumble back to her questions, hoping it's an acceptable answer
>eventually just pull out my phone and pretend to read something on it
Why does my mere existence seem to bum people out? I can chalk this encounter up to a cultural difference, since I guess being quiet and alone is unusual for black people and a sign of distress. But this isn't the only time something like this has happened. It's just my atmosphere, I guess.


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It was one of my friends birthday. Other than that it was boring.


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>be foster child
>sadtimes.file extension
>spend Easter with my mum and my uncle
>be on track to living with my mum and siblings again
>have a cool bicker uncle who wants to help us build a boat
feels good man


I keep getting daily mental breakdowns. When I cook or do my daily chores i suddenly start thinking about how shit my life is. Its like a bad daydream that i cant get out of. I just cease doing what i do and just freeze there. Panic attacks also accompany me.
This was my only chance at life. Ever. There wont be me after a 100 or 10000 or even a million years. This one chance, and i just had to be born faulty. Damaged. Broken.
It often hurts me that people around are smiling, being happy and wishing for another day. I dont even know anymore why i wake up. Its all the same, nothing ever changes. I used to have hope once that something will change, but it only changed for the worst.
I dont know how long ill take this.
Its just pain.
Only masochists and idiots inflict pain upon themselves. And im not a masochist, i dont like this pain. That quickly narrows down to what i am.
My thoughts have shifted more not on how my life will be like, but instead what my final moments will be like.
tl;dr I really want to an hero, but im not ready yet.


not much has happened today
>had two final exams
thats about it. i have another two tomorrow but i dont feel like studying. i feel kinda sad today and i did last night as well, theres no real reason why and my life has been good recently but sometimes i still feel like this and it sucks :(


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>get up at 1 AM
>rush to loo
>feel happy because it means i wont have to go to work tomorrow
where did it all go so wrong


I hear people vomiting and then skipping school/work all the time.
Why the fuck is that? Am i the only one who doesnt give a shit and just goes to work straight after the vomiting ends?


the music that I like is starting to not have any affect on my mood anymore. I feel like a husk


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I'm feeling this thread so much.
Today I took some old beds to the junk-centre with my mom. I saw small cute birds at the gas station and gave them bread.
I've been feeling hella lonely and depressed lately. My all friends seem to have something else to do so it's hard to hang out with them. I went through a breakup almost a month ago but now it hurts way more cuz my ex is seeing other ppl.


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Are you okay?

I hope you feel better now.


I've been feeling sad recently, and I think that I'm doing it on purpose. I keep listening to sad music that makes me just feel pure melancholy. Really, I think it just reminds me of my ex. I think it's stupidly petty, but I don't really know. On the bright side, we're on good terms now, and even talk occasionally, but I just still feel so melancholic. Sometimes I think I want a relationship, and that I'd be happier that way. But is that petty? That all my thoughts just come down to romance? I personally think so, at least.
I guess feeling sad is just better than being bored sometimes. But hey, at least all these /feels/ gives makes me draw some cool art, so there's that.


Had my first session with the psychologist today.


Not so good. My house got destroyed by a hurricane and i'm now living with my family in an rv. apparently another hurricane is coming.


To make matters worse the ac went out, and it's 110 Degrees fahrenheit


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We're so screwed. No way to buy the ac unit, hurricane going to be 4 possibly 5 we have untill saturday to leave. (The picture above is our house immediately after the storm. About 13 trees crushed our house while we were inside trying to ride it out.) Florida both before and now is trying to coverup/downplay the hurricane, its ridiculous!


I mean, there could be a chance the storm could miss us, but after everything we went through, need to leave.


Shit, man good luck


>>1272 Thank's anon! Took about a day and now the ac is repaired. If there is any florida anon's out there, please stay safe!


fuk anon, glade that you made it unharmed with your family
Does the state compensate you for the damages?


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>>1275 (Not a fan of name/tripfagging, but i figured anyone would be curious and ask questions.) "Does the state compensate you for the damages?" No. Also my parents rented the house and didn't get rentors insurance. FEMA gave us about 2000 dollars which isn't much lol. To make matters worse the owner who lives in california, house burnt down in the california wildfire. (quick explanation about my family : me, NEET, 19 Years old. My father, my mother and my autistic NEET sister.) The picture above is our rooftop and the surrounding area after some of the damage was cleaned up.


I feel like i revealed too much personal information.


I'm gonna dox you


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Quite frankly. Im an idiot. What made imageboards so great is it's anonimity. And i'm so broken as a humanbeing that i broke the one main rule. For now on guess if its me. No more tripfagging for me. Because of the storm squirrels tried to break into the house and we had to catch them. Here's one out of many i catched.




Anyway, a final word of advice. Get rentors insurance.


This guy gets it. I like you.

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