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ITT tell me reasons why you didn't do an hero


To bully gay faggots [spoiler]like you[/spoiler] into an heroing

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again


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0/0 didn't even try to be original by being edgy
here's your (you)


>Implying that I was trying to be original


I have things I'd like to accomplish maybe


I've tried and failed, now I'm to void of feels to want to an hero (no good feels, no bad feels.) Patiently waiting for the despair to come back so I can do it.

Your fortune: Godly Luck


because i can fap which makes me feel good any time


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there's too much to experience in this place to check out so soon


Fuck, where do I start.. well, I didn't because I have ideals I need to strive towards. My dad especially doesn't want to see me dead too. I find it fun to stay here, though away from people. Just sitting alone and doing stuff I like to do. Pursuing my hobbies.


cause my mom would be sad.


Because I'll get there eventually. Rushing has never helped me with anything, I don't see why it would with this.


these basically


No reason, I still think about doing it almost daily. But on the other hand I also still believe that maybe one day I'll find something that'll make me glad to be alive again, so I guess I'm going to stick around for a while until I run out of patience


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I suppose I realized that there was a way out. I felt trapped by everything in my life, and only when I let go and left my situation did I realize things can be better.
When you are so deep dug in your pit, you often don't realize that you are still the one in control. You can look for bits of things that make you content, even if very briefly, and those give you the strength to enjoy living again. Maybe just the color of the sky at dawn or the company of a pet.
Well anyway that's what happened to me. Having something to take care of (that doesn't speak, preferably) can also help you out of your spiral.


Because I have good genes and so must have children and properly rear them for the sake of the planet.


im not a retarded emo faggot


I don't know but it will happen eventually


I just never had the urge really, even when it comes down to it i probably won't have the willpower. I'm kinda fine with that, i'll just make do and ride everything out 'till the end.


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I can do it at anytime. Why rush things?


I'd like to kill myself but i am afraid of going to hell


That is a shame. What happened? Do you pray about it if your afraid of going to hell?


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Why don't you beg Christ for forgiveness?


He's quiet, i think he an-heroed. Rip 2744


I am agnostic, so i just don't know what happens after death, it can be good, bad or neutral, also some religions consider suicide is bad and it scares me a lot


I think that's the point. You don't know whats real and no matter what choice you make, you lose. Why do you want to an hero? There's plenty of things to live for.


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i have goals i want to achieve
like getting lots of money and a fast car


>fast car
thats a nice goal


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im a pussy


thats actually kinda good if you think about it


I want to see how the world is living outside of my parents house.
It may be worse than what it is now, but I want to know what freedom is.


It is good for survival but not much else.

It can be rough but it is better because you're free to do your own thing.


The only time I seriously considered suicide was when I was 19, when I had an existential crisis over the realization that I am going to die one day, and there is nothing I can do about it. And not just that, there is either an afterlife, or there isn't, and both concepts were terrifying to me. I was ironically so afraid of death, that I contemplated suicide just to get it over with fast.

I eventually got over it though. Nowadays, even when I feel depressed or hopeless, I would never consider suicide, because I still feel some pride in simply being alive.

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