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idk really know any but uh Weezer's Pinkerton is pretty good -- especially Across the Sea


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Favourite: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjdn2JYZhD8&t=192s

All the vaporwave with military videos in the background.

I'm not really a fan of rap myself, but thanks for sharing anyway.

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I enjoyed it, I listen to non-vocal lofi when I'm making homework but this was really comfy.

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glad you enjoyed it, there's alot of more of his works. sadly, he's dead and rumors said he comitted suicide because of his numerous songs that says about him wanting to commit suicide.
i never really understand about famous composers comitting suicide, atleast they have a skill to creating something that has a worth like music, and they would be mourned by thousands of fans. if i'm gone, only my family and few friends will mourn


I think it makes the song all the more beautiful leaving, he left something behind he can be proud of.

Having someone mourn you after death is comforting.
But makes me think that they will remember you for the most
notable thing you did.

Make something you're proud of anon.


pretty deep saying. that's what im trying to do, considering that we haven't achieved immortality yet. i just don't understand people who commited suicide while their life is going really well. i wouldn't just shoot my head when i have fame, fortune, or talent. i think they're just bored of it all, but there's no valid reason to kill yourself over that


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I like this whole entire album (The Antlers - Hospice)






yall got a spotify playlist?

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