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I'm drinkin' some Arnold Palmer.


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Im drinking some liqueur… its very delicious.


Finished all my Flor de Cana, drinking some Burnett's Vodka now


now drinking Trader Joes bourbon, which is not bad for the price (though really, there's no such thing as bad bourbon)


i drink yo mommas titty


now drinking Bacardi and listening to this fucking awesome song



Nice dubs


dubs are nothing on this site
now drinking PBR and praying for death




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nothing like some $17/half gallon bourbon


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CC, like always


premixed drinks are a mixed bag, and most of it is shit. I'd much rather just buy a bottle and a mixer or ingredients to make one


gonna get some more liquor today, what should I buy?



This one >>57 is very good, but i dont know if it exists at your place…


they didn't have that, so I just got some Bombay Sapphire, Sandeman Tawny Port, and Golden Gate Cider


Iced kool aid invisible watermelon kiwi


port wine and cold brew coffee is a surprisingly good combo
I call it the Hipster Regent


dry cider and orange juice is good too, like an apple mimosa


Im just drinking some 7up mixed with vodka (70:30), only so little vodka because it was al that i've got left and im to comfortable right now to go to the store

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