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During my last two consecutive-years at my local secondary school I was placed in a predominantly, female class which was led by an obnoxious, presumably single, middle aged woman. I became a literal 'laughing' stock. The members of the class would often laugh at me whenever the teacher picked on me, or whenever my name was raised. This continiued for almost two years. I feel extremely embarassed, angry and humiliated about this experience. I decided to speak up one time they all just laughed back, so I began to accept this behaviour as normal. Most foid reveal their true colours and showed no remorse for an ugly introverted loser like myself.


>What is your opinion of me?
Ultimately, it shouldn't matter to me what you think. The perception of yourself is more important than that of anyone else. Please understand that as you read my reply, regardless of what I say.
>teacher picked on me
Teaching is the occupation of the most spiteful people.
>I decided to speak up one time they all just laughed back
There is little you can do in some situations. Some people simply hate you and there is nothing you can do about it.
>behaviour as normal
Evil cannot be rationalized. I know why you did that, but you shouldn't.
>Most foid reveal their true colours and showed no remorse for an ugly introverted loser like myself.
Usually, women treat ugly men poorly since they can afford to.
>What is your opinion of me?
After reading your post, I can't say for sure. Everything you wrote was about what others do to you. I can only say that you sound passive.


Also why did you become a laughing stock? Foid? Why'd you call yourself ugly?


I've been in a situation very similar to yours. I have endured a lot of abuse. Through this I've learned that the cold, hard truth is that a certain portion of it is our own fault. I don't mean that it's our fault for being picked on, we cannot control the actions of other people. Evil people are only evil to others because they themselves are rotten inside. But accepting the abuse is no ones fault but our own. I did it too. I didn't realize it at the time, it just seemed normal. These were still my own actions that I decided to take. Loads of people told me that this wasn't normal but still I didn't believe them. It makes me incredibly angry.
There is no greater truth about the universe than "The strong eat the weak". When we allow ourselves to be weak, we allow ourselves to become targets. You allowed these people to pick on you. You could have left the class. It's harsh but it's true and I think it's something you need to hear. There is one important thing you should know about life, if you don't respect yourself no one else will. I literally mean NO ONE. Not your friends. Not even your family. Not a single person will respect you if you do not respect yourself.
To answer your question, I think you are a weak person with little self-esteem. This is nothing to be ashamed of and can be changed.
Also, what the hell is a foid?



[spoiler] foid is short for femoid [/spoiler]


And femoid is basically an unintelligent female. I guess op used that term because the girls were picking on him for no good reason.


sounds like a gay buzzword


Ah. I don't think they picked on him because he was a man, I think they picked on him because he stuck out and was an easy target.



Those last two years taught me a valuable lesson. That I can never trust a woman ever again. Learning martial arts should help boost my confidence and self esteem significantly. I was also targeted by guys but to a much lesser extent.


Anon, come of the fuck on. You sound like a fucking edgelord.


Targeted how?

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