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I miss the 2000s /yu/.

The world has changed social media has brought out the worst in people and people are a lot more mean to each other both IRL and online now compared to say 14 years ago.

People back then weren't so obsessed with politics like they are today and of course there were no smartphones no social media as we know of it today. People still mostly had IRl social interaction and the internet was mostly still a PC only place and the internet and real life were two different things unlike today.

I wish i could go back /yu/.


People back then weren't obsessed with living in the past too. Instead of being sad and not doing anything to improve the situation they made something you could be nostalgic for.


>People back then weren't obsessed with living in the past too. Instead of being sad and not doing anything to improve the situation they made something you could be nostalgic for.

That's not true tell that to all the boomers who were on forums during the 2000s they used to constantly complain about how bad the 2000s were.


That is besides the point. The point is being hopelessly stuck in the past is part of the problem. If your too busy praising the old stuff what are you doing to improve today? We cannot astroturf a good website that could remedy this issue. We need people who care about making a website you can love.


I'm sorry for being young and wanting to express myself on the matter despite not having experienced the past you long for. However I can't help but be doubtful about at least a few of the things said here. Are people really meaner to each other in real life today? And I mean not on the internet. I won't deny that politically we've seen something somewhat unique with trump, but haven't politics always been a very hot and controversial topic? Looking back at the early, uncontaminated and uncontaminating internet I've seen plenty of politically charged content (especially regarding 9/11). Maybe the situation wasn't as polarized, but it certainly seems it was bad in its own ways
Your other points, regarding how the internet has changed and how social media has affected our interactions irl make more sense to me, and I think we'll only really understand the latter with time
Is that a thinly veiled jab at op?



Politics suck no matter what decade they are from my point is back then people did get in heated debates but it wasn't as polarizing and the average normie wasn't so obsessed with politics like they are today. Nowadays you hear about politics everywhere you go where as back then radical people who made everything a political issue were mocked and people for the most part ignored them.


Those usenet groups where nice, what was interesting is that they felt that it was slowly becoming bad because of new users using their irl names instead of being anonymous and using pseudonyms. there was this one guy called james bond who'd larp as the character then and there and there would be these fictional fights between other usenet people who had fictional names too.
i think their version of the apocalypse was called eternal september because younger users with easy access would flood the forum without even bothering to lurk. it's going to be weird since eventually the tik tok era is going to have their own version of looking back on the past but honestly i feel like the older internet version is more justified then their version


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I miss when internet wasn't so accessible to everyone. There was a culture to it, now it's just a gigantic cesspool with a handful of corporate giants sticking out of the mud. I think people are constantly stressed out from being connected to the internet 24/7 through social media. You're always being watched and everything you say and do will be scrutinized. I think people don't see how evil social media is. It's literally designed to keep you scrolling. It learns your behaviours and knows what you like so it shows you more. And more. AND MORE. I fully believe that social media or something akin to it will be the downfall of humanity.


Targeted algorithms and "commonly" (i.e the big 3, facebook twitter ect) established platforms is what kept me away from social media, and i honestly never heard of internet forums untill it was too late. Too hidden, and the userbases moved on leaving them empty.
I can't really imagine bringing the old time back, best thing to do is avoid making the same mistakes.


I wasn't only targetting op though he is a faggot. I was targeting anons who complain about a regular pornsite and do nothing to improve the situation. What drives me up a wall is that this subject, at this point, is trite. New a regular pornsite being bad and old a regular pornsite being good has been talked to death. Why do we need a third thread in this board lamenting the sad state of the internet? We already know what will be said. Instead of circle-jerking, we should focus on improving the situation by making quality and original threads on 22chan. We are only getting in our own way complaining about other websites.


It's true it'll never be the same and that's why we have to hold on to these little corners of internet like 22chan.
This anon is exactly right.


The type who post these thread reek of 4chan. They don't want to make anything great because it isn't glamorous. Rather than taking action they will retreat back to the devil they know.


I thought exactly the same lol. I think OP desires change but he is, for some reason, not willing to make these changes happen himself.


OP has options too. Whenever a anon here opens up in the job, random thoughts, or venting thread op could easily participate in that thread by asking about what anon said. Anons want to be heard in those threads. It isn't hard stuff.



So in other words suck it up and deal with it is basically what you're saying. The only type of people who say stuff like this are the same people who are pro-new internet or people who weren't alive or old enough to experience the culture back then. Plus most of the people on here were born in like 2002 so that makes sense you kids were too young to experience the internet culture of the 2000s and don't understand why a lot of millennials like myself have become very bitter. Plus this isn't just about the internet this is also about life in general.

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