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I fucking hate my job, having to get up so early, constant heavy lifting, constant noise. I hate my whore coworker. I hate my anger issued boss. I hate how fucking hot it is. I hate how mismanaged everything is. I fucking hate this place.

Anyway general Job Hate thread


mismanaged? also is there a way for you to take the edge off, like listening to musi


yeah they have no idea what they're doing, orders getting mixed up and lost and all sorts of shit. As per music headphones are disallowed but my coworkers play shitty fucking soundcloud mumble rap and cardi b on the speaker all day.


>rap music
oh damn that does suck
i do hope you'll find some way to get some enjoyment from your work


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I used to absolutely hate my previous job, I was a part of an airport cleaning crew that cleaned airplanes. It was loud, stressful, chaotic and unpleasant. We cleaned the planes as they landed and before they went back up in the air. We had 10 minutes max to clean a whole airplane and we had around 30-40 airplanes every time. The job really treats humans like machines. There are multiple companies and departments working at the airport and in the loose hierarchy there the cleaning crews are at the bottom so every other department treats them like shit.
The job has absolutely 0 requirements, the company would literally hire anyone older than 16 and with a brain. Nearly everyone who worked there was a dumbass. All our vehicles were in shit condition because car accidents were so common the company didn't want to shell out money for new cars. Most people who work there are immigrants so no one understands what the other is saying. Once a coworker was tasked with cleaning one of the cars, she went over the seats with a wet rag so when the car was supposed to be used, it couldn't be cause all the seats were soaking wet. We had to use vacuums that were plugged in with a cord, you can imagine how well that goes with 20+ people walking behind you. Later I learned the company actually had battery powered vacuums but they were taken out of use cause the workers never charged the batteries.
People will also do fucking animalistic shit on airplanes. Finding shit-filled diapers stuffed under the seats was common. A coworker once found human shit wrapped in a towel that was left in one of the seats. I've had to scoop old vomit out of a bathroom sink with a plastic cup. I once saw shit splattered on the ceiling of a bathroom. I've had to dig out slimy banana peels from a seat pocket. Asians were the worst, their seats were littered with garbage every time.
Don't stay in a job you hate, anons. It will destroy you.


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>shit splattered on the ceiling
Jesus, talk about hitting turbulence. There's something you can't do in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


That also sounds like a good idea
how would you even clean that?


Sometimes I think people just fucked up the airplanes out of pure malice. Thankfully I wasn't on toilet duty the day of the shit splattered ceiling.


worked only a week in the entirety of my life
employees aren't allowed to sit anywhere
had to keep standing for hours till lunch rest and i'm a phat neet so...terrible week

cool down exercises helped relief the pain tho


that sucks, if anything there's prob indoor jobs that you could do online, like using one of those red light cameras, depends on where you live but it could be availible in your area.
makes a quick buck.


nothing is available in my area


Why is that? Has it always been that way?


Whenever I work i start very early. Waking up early makes it harder to function for me some days. Those days are difficult and today is one of those days.


Well, today was a very stressful day regarding my job. I texted work last night and got a response this morning saying that the managers said I quit yesterday. That was stressful to hear because I never told the managers anything near that. I wasn't even at work yesterday. I texted the manager that they had made a mistake, and while it worked out, it was still stressful to deal with. I am glad I don't have to go to work today.




What is confusing?


I can't imagine how they'd come to the conclusion that you would quit like that.


I think they did not bother saving my contact details on their phone and mistook me for the person who quit. They also held my home phone as my primary phone rather than my cellphone.

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