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Have a few vague memories, one of them is my parents picking up and old washing machine at the side of the road, and this guy comes out of nowhere with a weapon, yelling at us, my parents freak out and drive off.


I used to play a game when I was going to school on the bus and it was raining. I think I would look at individual droplets on the windows and look at how they got stuck or flowed down. I don't remember the details sadly. Also I taught this game to another student


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I have a very vague memory of myself crawling along the floor as a toddler. I was wearing some kind of onesie. I remember a feeling of astonishment and going really fast, at least what I perceived as fast.

I also have a faint memory from childhood of me looking out the kitchen window and seeing another Earth turning in the night sky instead of a moon. I can't remember if it was a dream or not. Has to be, right?


imagine just seeing an alternate earth like that, do you think your alternate self is looking down apon you in the same manner?


If he is I hope his memories are happier than mine.

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