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What's making you happy, anons? I pet a dog and ate cornbread :)


Meeting friendly animals (like stray cats) always makes my day


Nothing like turning your brain off and unwinding after a bad day by watching funny or comfy stuff
Did you eat it with honey?


Yeah, butter too. It was a fancy kind called griddled cornbread. I enjoyed it and had enough to share.


I bought apples and I'm going to cut one into slices and eat it with peanut butter. I'm happy that I stopped eating candy and other unhealthy shit.


classical music is calming to me, motzart, bach, franz list
doesnt matter. combining that with tea and a good book is maximum comf


I played Frogger and foosball at an arcade :)


thats nice, how far did you go in frogger?


Pretty good, I think my score was 16k or so. Must have done 2 or 3 levels, but then I couldn't keep up with the timer.


I helped some people make pizza and then I ate a slice. It was really good :)


That sounds nice, what toppings did you put on it?


Cheese, peppers, onions, squash, and a lot of ground beef


thats a nice pizza. almost the kind you'd roast on a grill for an added char taste. Last pizza i made was a giant shitake mushroom that was flavored with chicken powder and spices, that was the "bread" and then i used regular stuff you'd throw on a pizza, it tasted good.


I saw some fireworks today. There were a lot of big ones at the end of the show :)


what colors


Just about any you could think of. There were a lot of red, white, and blue fireworks since it was a late celebration of the 4th.


It rained so i wasn't able to celebrate but i did watch a cool movie


Made myself french toast, it was very easy to make and it tastes quite good. I toasted the bread so it would soak up the egg mix.
Made me happy because i used to eat that alot as a kid.

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