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What's an ideal height for a GF? If you have one, grab a tape measure and post results


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Mines been telling me she's 5'2. Measured her, she's 153cm wich is 5 foot. Fucking short people


Height is such a background characteristic to me, there's so much that would come first that I don't really have an "ideal height." Short is pretty cute, unless it denotes some genetic condition, but really really tall girls are also cozy to love. Average is always nice too, nothing to worry about.
Also why does your gf's hair look like gatorade


>Has Gf
>Actually posts gf on an anonymous image board
read rule 1 normalnigger filth or gtfo


Fuck off this shit and your tranny boyfriend doesn't belong on here. Read the rules or fuck off from here.


wait guys don't get mad at me >>2595 is not OP


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Dunno man, 11ft is nice but i really wish she was 20 ft or so but hey, beggers cant be choosers ;) >>2594
haha yeah she got all squirmy when i tried to measure her for the thread and shes actually 11ft 2 inches
i met mai waifu when i took a trip to florida, the goof was eating a dog on some old ladys lawn. We met eyes and things where never the same... I want to stick my penis in her cloaca and make some man-gator children but she gets all bitey lol, a womans scorn amirite? Pic related, its her at a golf club. gator gang 4 lyfe <3
[spoiler]sage and ignore thread[/spoiler]


Well >>2595 is as much as a faggot as OP.


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Guys Guys you've gotten it all wrong, gf means Good Fish.
>tape measure
Best tool but remember to pin the tail and close the mouth like pic related, also check your local fishing regulations because they have limits in the Ozarks for bass sizes like 20 inches or so


Cringe thread turned epic, thank you sewer friends!






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[spoiler]4 inches and made out of PVC[/spoiler]

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