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ITT: we talk about anything related to psyche or the human consciousness. Not strictly related to the occult or 'spirituality' but rather a broad topic on things like dreams, mediation, lucid dreaming, deja vu, ghosts, literature on the science behind it, etc.
Really more your experience or thoughts about it rather than anything else


I recently had a experience where I had deja vu. When I go get my hair cut the hair cutter usually likes socializing with customers while she cuts your hair. After I told the haircuter to leave only one inch of hair, she talks about a hypothetical situation where I would have my head shaved bald. My response was that I was irrationally afraid of shaving my head bald because I am afraid that I will somehow won't be able to grow my hair back. When I walked back to my car I realized I had that same conversation with the same individual last time I visited (3 months ago). Now that I realized that happened I fell a little boring to be honest but then again the same question was asked before. Interesting thread anon! I am not sure this fit, but I hope it does. >>2355


Every now and then I attempt at meditation. Just sit down, and try to clear my mind completely focusing solely on my breath
I'm never able to really not think of anything, however I feel that even just attempting it sometimes helps me a bit in clearing my mind


I've done this before going to sleep, which I think helps, do you try and not move your body (at all) in a way to 'prepare' for it? Because I think that's the best way to it, plus it helps with; a) getting to sleep quicker, b) better quality of sleep and when you wake up and c) lucid dreaming and increase in dream frenquency.
I've seen apps and what not for mediation and I, from my personal experience, think it ruins the point and the method, because really you're trying to be 'non existent' in a way or at least detacting yourself from every sensation. So how'd you'd do with with noise and the distraction from the phone isn't something I'd understand, doing-wise.
I've never had a deja vu moment per say, just dreams where I 'predicted' some stuff. I'd say I'd had jaimas vu though
> I realized I had that same conversation with the same individual last time I visited (3 months ago). Now that I realized that happened I fell a little boring to be honest but then again the same question was asked before.
Pretty good you'd remember it from the first place. Maybe because of your fear of going bald, you'd asked her to leave a bit on and she'd tell you about going bald. My cousin had his hair done at my place and asked if he could go bald (hair grows back quick for him) so maybe its a thing where you are too.
>Interesting thread anon!
Thanks anon


Much like other anons in this thread i had an odd moment of deja vu. I had a dream when i was a child where i woke up, ate pancakes, watched a bit of tv, talked with my parents, and did the usual stuff i do everyday, and when i woke up, everything was the exact same. The food, the conversations, what was on the tv. Besides small things you would notice in dreams like not being able to read words, it was perfect. It reminds me of spinoza's stone example and the illusion of free will and it always spooked me to think of it.


I remember the most random things which is sort of frustrating because if I could channel it into something that will help me more in life that would be great. My family has no history of going bald so my fear will only occur in a freak disaster. One thing that was different was that apparently my hair was frizzy so the haircutter patted my head to fix that. It was strange to me how long it lasted.
Are pancakes a regular food you have anon?


>Are pancakes a regular food you have anon?
No, i meant to say that it wasnt a food i have regularly at all. I had somehow predicted the food i was eating that day, And random aspects of my life that wouldnt be easy to predict like the commercials, and news reports on the television.


How big of an anomaly do you believe this is? How often does stuff like this happen in your life? Personally it is rare my family makes pancakes, we go for waffles 9.9/10 times. When I predict what my family has it is always something that we have from time to time.


It only happened once.


Yesterday the weather matched my general mood that day but at a different part of the day I was feeling that feeling. I was feeling mentally tired that day because the previous day was exhausting. I didn't let the feelings past the previous day because their was no breaks to relax. I felt mentally tired and angry at the same time. It took a while for those feelings to pass but when I realized it had passed it started to rain. The rain reminded me of my mood because the rain comes down for while then it goes and that is similar to how a bad mood is for me. What was strange was that the rain conveniently started once my mood improved.

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