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ITT : Recount and discuss autistic stuff you, Or other people did recently or in the past.


I post on obscure image boards like this one.


lkek what an autist


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I say shiggy diggy in real life


Do you have any stories you would like to tell? Here's one from livechan
> I'm learning to drive, so the instructor is teaching me how to use the steering wheel. He explained to me that if you want to curve slightly (for example) to the right, you have to higher your right hand, then grab the wheel and make it spin. If you don't prepare by grabbing the steering wheel higher then it's hard to steer more than just a little. So during this lesson, as I was approaching a curve he suddenly said to me "Raise your right hand!" and for some reason I panicked and didn't understand what he expected from me... As a result, after a brief moment, I raised my right hand in the air like I was in high school... It was pretty embarrassing


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Okay, probably the most autistic thing I've done was when I was in a robotics club in high school. We'd enter competitions, but only a certain number of teams could represent each school, so we first competed amongst ourselves to determine who would go. It was between me and this other guy who was really eager to go, a scrawny, fedora-wearing fellow with a barcode mustache. I wanted to go home, so I offered to decide it by rock-paper-scissors, but he opted to compete, attracting a bit of a crowd. It was a competition involving lifting objects over a fence to put them on your opponent's side. The match was close and it came down to the last second, with my robot ending in an outstretched position, hoisting a jack-shaped piece over for the winning point. I was sort of indifferent, so I stood there straight-faced and said nothing (pic related?). The other guy was visibly disappointed. After some people questioned my lukewarm response, I went over and made fun of him for not choosing rock-paper-scissors. It was a powerful, triumphant kind of autism.
Also, I made up the shiggy diggy thing.


Because of that you should say shiggy diggy in real life


God, I can't believe I'm sharing this...
Year was 2011 I believe. At the time, I was highly obsessed with pissing myself because it gave me a "high". Same thing with seeing deviantART type shit. It was terrible, yet gave me a weird high whenever I saw it. Hard to compare it to something, but it's like it's so bad it's good, kind of.

Anyways, my older brother had his friends over. I showed them my uh, "art" collection... after which I pissed myself. Right in front of 'em.

Now I see why they thought I was dysfunctional.


I guess that what's the internet does to people


everything ive ever done ever


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>playing FF7 as a kid
>notice how the movement is 8-directional despite the graphics being 3D
>think it's neat
>start only turning in 45-degree increments
do you think anyone noticed?


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Woah those quads


When it snowed a week and a half ago I cleaned the dirt on my cars outside with the snow nearby. It was surprising how effective it was.




One Halloween we, were trick or treating, and for whatever reason, my family was in an old lady's house. We were heading for the door and, my brother who was seven at the time discovered a gun. He assumed it was a toy gun and pointed it at my mom saying, "pew pew." My mom somehow calmly and successfully told him to put down the gun.


Do you know if it was loaded?


It is very likely. The lady used it in the case of home invaders. I don't think there would be time to load the gun when there is danger.

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