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I'm very divided 22chan. I'm a first year college student and currently planning on going into biomedical engineering or physics. I want to join the CIA and the Masons, I want to study electromagnetism and its effects on the human body and furthermore, its history in the mythology and ideas of mankind as a whole. My family and family friends can get me recommended but it isn't certain I'll work as a spook. The issue is that my very lovely boyfriend doesn't want me to do either, he's very afraid of me getting hurt or roped into something I dangerous. I love him very dearly and I don't want to make him upset but the idea that there might be a great, earthshattering discovery related to the earliest days of mankind is utterly intoxicating. I've started to take online physics and calculous classes, that's how determined I am about this. What do I do? I'm not sure where to go in the future. This coming Christmas I'm speaking to my uncle about the Masons, he invited me alone out of my siblings and my cousins but at the time I didn't know what it was all about so I declined. I have his and other people's recommendation at their New England lodge, other people have eyed me as a member too. I'm just very confused. My last final was tonight and I should be celebrating, but I'm sitting here at my computer at 12:30 am when I should be asleep soundly in bed knowing I don't have any school tomorrow.


Why the masons and the cia?


The CIA has been working with this topic since at least the 1970s, a document or two was only cleared for public release in 2003. I feel like if I have the opportunity, the CIA is the premier place to research. I’m also horribly intrigued by the amount of classified documents that they’re hiding, I want to learn what they’ve done in regards to that since then. The Mason is more about gnostic esotericism, the human race has proteins in its eyes which allow some animals to witness magnetic fields. It’s part of what allows birds to know where to fly during the changing seasons. My personal shot in the dark is that at one point we used it for magnetic reception and it’s the reason why so many early faiths around the world held the idea of a universal, all encompassing common energy or flow. It was bastardised by the time of recorded history but I want to believe that it was like some things are to us today, household knowledge skewed by oral tradition, kind of like old skepticism or folk tales. Over the generations of oral tradition, as people lost the ability with evolution, it became a figment of folklore. Humans sharing this idea is due to the migration of mankind. It sounds schizo and it is, believe me. I just think that the ultimate knowledge is knowing your smart and that things some things are bizarre and untrue but still putting stock into them because life is short and weird stuff makes it seem more magical. I wouldn’t die on any of the hills, but I do like their views


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I guess you would want to focus on the masons first? seems like being cia might be pretty difficult, getting clearance and training takes time. this is a pretty magical thread, good luck op and hopfully you won't start glowing in the dark.


What do you want to accomplish by going into this field?


I want to learn. I don’t know why but i just can’t shake the feeling of wanting to go and discover something huge. It’s legitimately a powerful driving factor at this point in my life. Biology has interested me since I was very young and it’s only gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older


What were the documents that were released?


This is the one I have on hand right now. It's very small and a single study but these things have been tested elsewhere in plants and other things with varying effects.


Man, reading this over now that I'm not tired makes me realise how much of a crazy person I found. I kind of regret making this thread altogether


I sound like.*


I don't think you sound crazy, the idea of people once being able to see energy would explain a lot of early religions


The mythology part is sort of secondary but I love the idea of early peoples being more in tune with the rhythms of the world. Aside from that, being able to manipulate and enhance the reception of neurotransmitters is fucking huge, and that research was done in the 80s.(I said the 70s incorrectly in the OP, I was tired lol). I'm a fucking nerd and this basically fringe science has completely enamored me, I want to do shit like selectively breed my favourite mushrooms to make them big and things. I just feel like my love for discovery and things is hurting my loved one though, I don't know what one to choose as bad as it sounds.


Personally I'd choose discovery, but I guess that just depends on what you want to focus your life on


The CIA is corrupt like a lot of our institutions are. It is very likely that you will find something because there are a lot of secrets. It is up to you if you want to go further. Could you go into other organizations by any chance?


Maybe you could try to pursue your interests and keep the relationship? I mean are those really mutually exclusive things? I guess if you're really obsessed then you could decide to concentrate solely on finding the great discovery (be aware though that you might just find nothing), but to me it sounds more reasonable to keep more than one thing central to your life. The reasoning is simple: if you only care for one thing only, and that thing doesn't work out, it's gonna hit you pretty hard. If you care for a few different things, you can afford failure. And in life you can't control everything, and you can't always prevent failure; no matter how hard you're willing to try. But that's just my opinion
...Also the Masons part is kinda spooky. You have an uncle who is one?


My uncle is one and so are a few family friends, they have a long history in New England that goes back centuries


Have you asked the uncle about the freemasons?


Did you make it out ok OP or did the CIA do some MKULTRA shit on you?


The CIA is very spooky so it is unknown what has happened to OP.

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