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Through some thought and experience, I've come to the conclusion that most matters of personal development form loops. The prime example would be horseshoe theory, but I think that the same idea can apply elsewhere as well.
For example, I find that as I play incrementally more difficult video games, my experience becomes comparable to what it was like when I first started as a kid and was challenged by simple things. As I watch more obscure anime, I find that the things I appreciate are actually the most fundamental and universal aspects such as production quality and strong personality, as opposed to the novelty-based aspects that tend to draw newer watchers towards high-concept material. Furthermore, I have been told by some old /d/egenerates that the ultimate depth of depravity is to circle back to enjoying normal things with renewed enthusiasm.
I mainly wish to explore how this idea may apply to our position as an obscure, ostensibly underground imageboard that values sincerity and simple pleasures. I believe that we are in this position of apparently pedestrian preferences because we have seen what happens to typical counterculture that exists to spite mainstream standards. This may imply that the ultimate destiny of any form of development is to have broken the rules thoroughly enough to understand and value them, coming to a rest back at the starting point with a richer perspective. Do you think this makes sense?


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You aren't the first to notice this, anon.
The concept of "studying" is essentially reading or doing the same thing over and over again to get better.

It has also been noticed by many that history goes in cycles.
There is a famous series of paintings called "The Course of Empires" that shows a complete "loop" from the beginning to end.
I don't know what the filesize limit is, so I don't know if I will be able to post it here...


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That first painting is the "Savage State."
It depicts the land untamed by man, and with man just as untamed as the land.

The second painting is the "Acadian State."
It depicts the beginnings of civilization. The lands become somewhat tame, and so does man along with it.


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The third painting is "The Course of the Empire."
It shows the peak of civilization. The land has been totally tamed and nearly unrecognizable as the same place as in the first painting.
Man, too is almost unrecognizable as the savages in the first painting.


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The fourth painting is "Destruction."
It depicts the decline of civilization.
Man becomes to become savage again, just like in the first painting, maybe even more so.


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The fifth and final painting is "Desolation."
Man is long gone from the area, and his creations have been reclaimed by nature.
The land resembles the land in the first painting again. You can imagine, that given more time, the land will once again completely return to the savage state.

I'm sure that there are better, more in depth examples of these paintings, but I mainly just wanted to post them because I like them and you're post made me think of them.


That makes perfect sense. using past mistakes to improve the future is always a make or break in communities, and in ours it's pretty much practiced regularly.


Sounds reasonable. I'm still attracted to "weird" stuff though; I wonder if it's a temporary thing

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