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>be me
>mom gets home from a 4 week trip
>she's in a bad mood
>couple days ago she was texting me asking for money
>needed 500 dollars
>said she'd pay me back
>i respond to her first text, but immediately crash from exhaustion afterwards
>she's blowing up my phone
>her boyfriends calling me
>eventually texts me saying she doesn't want me to send her ANYTHING
>ignores me until today
>doesn't want me to pick her up from the airport, sends her bf instead
>at the house, we unload her luggage
>relative silence, i try to start convo, shut down
>she gets frustrated with my questions
>tells me to go to my room
>to leave her alone so that she can unpack
>ok mom..
>"i don't even want to look at you rn"
>walk away in silence

in my room watching lecture vids rn
things have been pretty difficult our relationship, same goes for my relationship with my sister and my dad (he's visiting for the weekend, gets here tomorrow... i don't really feel like spending the night in a hotel with him rn, but thats what we usually do when he visits).

to be honest i just want to live on my own, but i've got some shit to sort out before that, and i dont even know if i am capable of that.

my mom and dad don't think so... my mom doesn't really want me to work atm, she doesn't think i should be driving to work, i just recently got my license and she seems to think im incapable of driving safely... not entirely true, i've driven further than what it would take for me to get to work.

not doing so well in school right now, but i know i can work a shift without issues, i'm capable of that

money has been a problem, and me and my sister are both currently living off our savings accounts.. but with bills and shit constantly coming in, it's slowly becoming less and less valuable.

started buying shares and shit, bought a call for a stock that expires in november... of course it's not a lot of money, but it's something

i don't know what to do, other than school and the shit i do around the house.

what do


why does she need money?


Seems like you'll have to save as much money as possible and bunker down until the time is right. where they always that rude OP?

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