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Write poetry to express how you feel
Don't worry if it's good or bad or whatever
Just express yourself


Let me start:
Every day
looking in the apathetic eyes of silence
I grow a little colder


Here I sit
Paid a dime
And only farted


Turn record
Burn second
First to go was her
Then the world churned
Chose the next
Satan sits Spon his nest


ITT: Y'all sad
Not me though, I'm happy as
git gud @ life, skrubs


I'm happy for you anon.
May the sun shine for all of us one day,
or at least peek in the moments of peace


this is the third line that usually has the plot twist


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Wrote this one not too long ago, with some modifications:

It feels like decades since I was there.
swaying in the waters,
I'd sunk to the bottom in the sand
but my face
shone with slow light.

She likes to submerge me.
She told me the way my hair twisted below
was strength;
my lungs breathing hydrogen
was an example of will power.
I was fantastic when no water touched me.

Now I stand in wet leaves,
tumbling around me, confused.
I hear hazy crunches in the fog.
She exists beyond my horizon, and
I ask her to take me surfing.
Take this cold-soak skull-ache away.

She comes like the sun
in dust-haze.
Petting my head like the sunlight
that rakings through trees.
Bleaching it to gold.
I shiver in her warmth.

I want to swim below the crests,
and strengthen my muscles
so she'll let me grow water wings
that stretch out of my back.
Large, floaty things that are
lighter than water vapor.

From there, I'd fly to the heavens
floating over the wooed angels
as they take my picture.
Everything sewn will be perfectly hemmed,
and everyone will paint flowers
on top of the bones laid in the sun.


I recently wrote this after reading Celephais, by H. P. Lovecraft.

"The moment my head falls upon the pillow,
the journey to the other land begins.
I sail through twilight, through the seas of the Nous,
and finally reach my home.
In anxious bliss, I sit outside,
where the cosmos above me enshroud me in starry darkness.
There I meet my family, all dressed in bright, shining clothes,
and they welcome me home, from a long journey away.
So familiar it was, such bliss I had never seen.
Yet so strange it was...
I am home now, among mountain tops and forests,
and nothing can ruin this.
So I thought, as I had awakened,
sailing back to the twilight-lit seas,
and back to the dull world I was."

I wrote this and sent it to my dad, who himself enjoys literature/poetry just as I do, and he really liked it.


>I wrote this and sent it to my dad, who himself enjoys literature/poetry just as I do, and he really liked it.
That's so cool. Now that I think about it my dad used to write poetry too, and even won a prize at a contest once. But I'm afraid I won't ever show him anything I write... I do it mostly as a way to cope with negative feelings really, and without much study of the art itself. I should read more poetry though
Btw your poem's nice


I dig your poem. I write poetry as well but whenever I show people they get confused bc I don't want to tell them what its about.

Likewise, the one I wrote about was more of a vent than anything else. I just write but I also read other poetry for inspiration occasionally.


One day I will come around
to the places were you spin in harmony
and smiles like gravity keep you together.
For now, I'll watch from behind my trusty window of ice
Maybe occasionally passing as a meteorite
struggling to keep calm and appearances.
Was I really built for this?
I want the freedom of the one, where there is nothing in between us but time
Is it too cold? Is it too harsh outside?
I can't. I'm lost. I'm not even close
to being a friend


Being pretentious is my legitimacy
road of laughter
and I like to feel conscious

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