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What's your biggest wish, anon? Is it something that would completely change your life? Something material or something spiritual?
My family mentioned to me today how they haven't heard me laugh in a very long time, this hit me quite starkly. From that, I guess, what I would wish for is to be happy. Whether my wish will get fulfilled in this lifetime remains a mystery.


That sounds tough anon. It seems like your family wants you to be happy too. Personally I want to develop a friend group as a normal person would have. Sure I have online friends that I can talk about life with (and here), but it makes a huge difference talking to someone who likes you back and relates to you.


i'd just wish to be stable emotionally and financally.


My biggest wish for the world is for more people to understand that art/beauty and honest human interactions are what's actually valuable in life
My biggest wish for myself would be to become a much better person, or at least to accept myself
I also wish for you anon to be happy, because you seem alright


Damn OP that's pretty sad, hope you get your wish.
I think most people seem not be able to connect with others or don't have the energy they once had, I hope they get their soul/willpower back the way it should be


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My biggest wish for me is just to find someone who enjoys peace and quiet like me, just spending our days listlessly relaxing, laying together, and stuff like that.
Shame the chance for that is low due to me being a bit of a recluse and a person who enjoys such things mainly are recluses.


Yeah, that is a paradoxical wish sadly. I would like a simple life with enough people who are like me but people are very shallow and superficial these days.


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Baste Woodstock and moonlanding numbers fella

Ye id love the same except I always seem to attract the opposite type of person, any friends I've had have always been the real social type when I'd rather be at home

iv found hope in niche Internet community's like this one tho, it's nice to know there are people lolike me out there trying to make the best of what they got


>trying to make the best of what they got
hell yeah man


>any friends I've had have always been the real social type
That really sucks anon. Those types tend to see you as another notch in their belts from my experience. Sure they are nice in the moment but they could care less about what you want to do. Do you appreciate the friends you have?


>do you appreciate the friends you have?

Of course, they're good people it's just I feel like I get left in the dust a bit, it doesn't help that I'm an actual autist that can barely understand things like empathy


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OP here.
Today I went outside with one of my old friends from middle/high school, we walked around town and just spoke about life stuff, a really warm evening despite it being almost october. I found out that he enjoys alt-rock from the 00s, up until this point he was just saying how he likes rappers like 6ix9ine and other such mainstream shit. Seeing how wary he was from listening it on spotify, while he was saying "I hope noone's checking my spotify account now", it looks like he was just afraid of being judged by his peers for liking such "outdated" music and kept it hidden for all this time.
It was very late, almost nighttime, the only illumination came from the almost-full moon, but it was bright enough. At that point we ended up on going to some swing set and then just literally going to swing on 'em for shits and giggles.
And there we were - swinging, listening to sum 41 and just having a simplistic, fun time and seeing the pretty moon with every swing. It reminded me of my childhood, of the old days, which I miss a whole lot.
It was a generally short moment, but I loved it. A small bit of time when I was actually happy. It's a memory that I will treasure for a long time.
I do hope I'll be able to live out similar such moments, and I hope you, anons in this thread, also get your wishes fulfilled.

Some of the songs we listened to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcCkpYB-81E


>afraid of being judged by his peers for liking such "outdated" music
I hate this. And i've even seen this irl too where people are forced by their peers to hear only certian types of music. there's been times where i hear people jamming out to diffrent music they've never heard before and i've seen people on youtube like african americans in more getto areas listening to pink floyd and other genres of classic rock so i feel like there's still hope that we all won't stay closed off.


>pink floyd
>other genres
excuse my autism


I want to be a good person.
That's all.

I remember a quote I saw when I was in grade school. It was a quote about happy endings. It was a female author who said "I want people to know that there is a way out."
I don't know. It stuck with me.

The world sucks, I know.. but the world is made up of people. Individuals with their own experiences. If I could reach out to individuals, i.e. anyone who listens, and not really the world as a whole, I'd be happy.
I believe in miracles.
Sorry for being peppy, it's just how I feel.


aside from the generic wish to have a bunch of men with happy windmill armbands to rule the world?
I think I would wish to have someone to truly talk to, I by my own opinion at least (the problem with psychology is one can never diagnose themselves) display basically all the traits of sociopathy, perhaps due to that I've always been a loner because I never really could learn to give a shit about pointless chatter about emotions and what some random person I don't know has been up to as of late, I can pretend but if that's all they ever talk about the facade eventually falls apart.
and because of that, I have never had a proper conversation about anything important like history philosophy, or even simple things like what one finds beautiful and why, the worst part is that I have tried in the past to befriend other loners that seem to have a spark of life in them unlike all the normie drones that you see these days but because I'm an uncanny fucker it always eventually fails.

that's probably the reason I will be using image boards until either I or they die, they're the only places I have ever found where people feel real, and the only times I don't either feel like a walking corpse or a clattering automaton.


for this board to thrive


That's a pretty nice if not nostalgic collection of songs OP
My biggest wish is for a cat, hopfully it'll come true in the future.

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