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In this thread, let's discuss our living situations. it doesn't have to be about our rooms though, it can be about our local area, houses we used to live in or whatever.


My room's a bit messy. A bunch of useless crap nobody cares about fills 1/2 of the surface area
There's a carpet with a drawing of roads and buildings, for kids. My table with my notebook, paper, pens and a bunch of other stuff
two beds, shelves. All filled with books; I have a little space for my stuff though
a window, a radiator, a door
not much really
OP post yours


I love with parents. They keep pestering me to get a job, but I’m too lazy to look for one


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Living situation.. still live in the same house as my parents and siblings (as my culture doesn't have the idea of kicking out your kids once they're 18, in fact, my dad lived with his mom till he was 42). I have a room where I do stuff I like. Working on a setup right now, and I have a laptop which I keep on a table, and next to it is a 14" CRT TV and an MSX computer hooked up (see pic) for my retrocomputing uses.


forgot to mention what's next to me.. I have some notebooks I write notes in relating to linguistics and studying languages, or if I have a good idea I'd write it in there.


i live an a rv, with my family for years now. but in a week or so we'll be moving in to a house.


Your setup gives off a nice 90's vibe

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