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>don't actually ejaceluate
who else has perfected this art?


It's easy, just masturbate so often that you get no pleasure from it and your balls don't get a chance to recover.


That's not what I'm talking about. I madturbate very rarely btw.


that must mean you have mastered the art of cutting you balls off, your bones will slowly disintegrate over the next few weeks


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ah yes, the non-ejaculatory orgasm. ive been taking cracks at it for around two years now. ive come close to a totally dry explosion, yet no cigar. your pelvic floor muscles need to be really strong for it. mine are not yet at the required strength level. but even a delayed orgasm is enough to nearly turn one off to regular nuts. the longer the delay, the brighter the fireworks. ever see a video of a woman having a real orgasm that isn't from some dumbass shit like getting fucked in the ear? and how her soul temporarily leaves her body? imagine that, and imagine being one of the sensei coomers who can chain multiple dry pulls together, since when you dont actually ejaculate apparently your body thinks you still have a quota to reach, and there's no refractory period. thusly, you can experience multiple orgasms within a few minutes or even a few seconds of each other. it is genuinely one of the more mind blowing things you can experience as a man or otherwise human with male reproductive organs.
in my short yet broad days in NEETdom, the NEO is one of a couple masturbatory goldmines which i have discovered, along with the prostate orgasm, sensory orgasms (which is literally rubbing one's stones or nipples or some erotically pleasurable area), and the male squirt, which can be done, but (as far as i know) unfortunately not by those of us whose foreskin and other vital penile components were bitten off by a jewish man while we were infants.


I've done it like 5 times, not that hard tbh.


>prostate orgasm
sounds pretty gay man

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