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Sometimes I think it's the internet's fault I get this feeling
Detachment from reality. Recently me and a friend were in the woods when we heard the sound of an animal which seemed big enough to be potentially dangerous, and while he was getting excited/scared I really couldn't care less, like it was something happening to someone else
Ever get the feeling that nothing is real?


Tbh, I feel like nothing is real sometime, mostly when I don't get enough sleep, which is dangerous because it pretty much confuses me on if my dearest of friends are not real, which pretty much makes me feel a lot lonely to be easily depressed.


sometimes. I think it has to do with my life being so uneventful. I especially feel this when I'm on long breaks and just sitting around the house, or when I get very little sleep.


Does 'being real' really matter though?


literally get up and take a walk. Walks do wonders for existential crises. Especially nightwalks, if you can.


walks are good, sometimes i'll bring binoculars to do some bird watching. being immersed is the best thing to do.


heheh, fucking pleb tier dude. monoculars are way better, anyone who actualyl knowns what they're taliking about will tell you that. You motherfucker.


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I've had existential crises for a long time, though nowadays I feel more secure in my existence.
Not OP, but nightwalks to me are terrifying. I've done them a couple times before, I hated it. Walking outside alone is scary as shit.

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