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anyone else meeting their gf online?




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You meant find right?


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yes im retarded srry


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My gf is an anime character


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It's fine




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Also, I'm on the way to getting one, but IDK as I don't want it to cause a problem in my works before I have a higher role at the place.


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Online dating isn't real, Anon.


i did erp with ur gf last night


>anyone else meeting their gf online?

Get the fuck out normalfag.


good thing this is a old thread



OP was probably baiting but if being honest then he needs to lurk more surprised he was not vanned.


22chan is a relationship-free board and i'm still pretty happy about it and i'm glad it's both shunned and banned for normalfaggotry. i'm gonna try and hold the line here anyway just incase any newfags try and pull that shit on this board. literally normalfags do stupid shit like use imageboards and gay meme apps to date people, and not using it for it's intended purpose. like, aren't site's like this supposed to be an escape from reality? also those people like 4chan jannies who get free sex to unban e-thots, and moot who became cucked after dating that tumblr thot, it never leads to good things. then again online dates are gay because, you dont know that person, imagine talking to a woman for a month or even less and deciding "wow, im in love and i want to be her boyfriend" isnt that a bit too quick? isnt actually being friends irl, deeply knowing someone, and then being in a relationship irl better? also, having a gf is a distraction, they require love and attention among other things and therefore preventing you from getting stuff done. i swear it's just retarded, why be on an origami folding board if you are in a relationship in the first place? if i was myself, either i would hide it/not talk about it, or simpily leave. there's >>>/reddit/ if anything for those people.


So is this board, but it's the most many of us'll get, so why not have fun? I found a lot of fun autists both male and female irl, so the idea that he couldn't find another on a place like this doesn't seem totally plausible. It kinda sucks that femautists are looked more down upon than us, though. I had this one that was really into anime, to the point she drew yaoi of her own characters(GOOD fucking yaoi, mind you) and gave me recommendations I enjoyed; soon after graduation, I lost her number in my phone. I still punch myself in the leg for that one.

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