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>make online friend, best one so far
>get ghosted


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Same but I can forgot about others sometime, making me the ghoster as well.


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>no friends whatsoever


used to have a bunch of online friends I would always manage to fuck it up some how and lose them


Me, except I don't necessarily forget about them. I just doubt myself and start thinking that I'm an autistic loser who's bothering them with my existence.


>make online friend
>ghost them


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And oh forgot to say, the best one so far is a best friend that has the most same interest with mine than my other ones, and has ghosted me unless I reply back to a post on another website made by her about other topics than what we're interested to for her followers.


>make online friend
>into same shit as me, religion, philosophy, etc
>get commissioned to make religious art
>account gets deleted for "doxxing" (screenshot of google results for "IP tracker")
>lose contact with friend forever
>feel like shit because I feel like I ghosted him or it looks like I was trying to get out of doing art commission


Getting ghosted really hurts


i dont have the energy to keep friends, its much of a hassle to have someone to reply to when i simply doesnt want to talk. Most of the time i simply want to be by myself. Anyone feels the same?




well i am just boring person and not fun to talk to
i would rather play games together but i don't like popular games and my internet sucks and my computer is old


i have a ten year old laptop lel. for me, i'd some how have to learn how to make friends properly, but frankly, i dont have the time. why do you think your not fun to talk to?


Same goes with online friends, i never really liked playing with others, when i want to play i might just want to do it for 1-2 hours and im done, but when im playing for others they often wanna play on hours end and "huh, you leaving already??" so annoying and tiering


Did that recently, and apparently he was worried that I died of covid. Considering another guy he knew did ghost him because he died of covid I feel a bit shitty about my actions now. I did come back after two months....
I kinda like talking with people, so I like having a friend I often chat with online. But sometimes I get low and just want to get away from everyone
Anyway if you're decently close to someone I think they wouldn't mind if you didn't feel like talking sometimes, imo. And I mean, you can always just ignore texts for a while
But I mean, if you are happy with how things are why change them, right?
playing games together with someone is always fun. My friend had an old and shitty laptop but he managed to find some games that worked on it and we had fun playing together... that was a while ago


I have had similar problems in real life and online "friendships". Since I am not as interesting as other people are to these "friends" they talk less and less to me until we are strangers again. I suppose people like this want immediate gratification for being friends with me which I cannot give as much. It is quite a shame things can't be different.

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