/yu/ - guys i think i have autism. i've been thinking about it for a while now and most things match up.is there anything to do except go to a therapist like a normal person? stories?

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guys i think i have autism. i've been thinking about it for a while now and most things match up.

is there anything to do except go to a therapist like a normal person? stories?


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Just my opinion, but try to learn what can you do to use your disability to improve on what you're doing now.

When I was younger, my school had a meeting with my family and agreed I had autism. I did take an autism test but the doctor retired before any test results come through. I found out that due to my disability, I learn better if I'm very interested to an subject, so much so that I learn very quickly from most of my once classmates, some of my family members and my brother as well. I use what I know of my disability and try to learn to get more interested in important things I need to do.

But everyone is different with autism, so find what you know about yourself with autism and see if you can use what you know of yourself and improve without feeling that autism is a disadvantage.

I wish you luck friend.


thats a good answer :>
as with anything, i'll keep trying to improve myself. although, it may well be that i'm overreacting and im just a weirdo. in that case i suppose i'd just keep being a weirdo.


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No, you're not over overreacting. I can see why you think you are but no, you're not in your comment. It's common for me and others to think of trying to improve our self as humans, as we have strong freedoms to chose to try or not to try improving our self. Its just that our kinds have more different ways of improving that works for us then someone else that normally don't have autism, but then again, there are levels of autism so if its lower for someone, its so much like they don't have a disability. And yea, I can act like a weirdo too but still, it's ok being one as long if it's not so weird that it's on the more uncanny side or creepy side.


>stories the story of Christian Weston Chandler or, What not to do if you have autism if you want to read : https://sonichu.com/cwcki/ if you want to watch : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCm5Ro-I1ANPDJE7L97TUuIA/videos i HIGHLLY agree with everyone on this thread. Do your best to learn about autism OP and i wish you luck!


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Thanks friend.

Also wait, Randy Stair have autism, right, no joke, or I'm just seeing the wrong documentary?



>>1233 is me, OP, i just replied to the wrong post. i meant overreacting in that i dont actually have autism i just think i do.


ah you see im already versed in the world of chris chan and thad, i even watched his onahole review


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Yea, I guess it can also meant you're overreacting in that you just think you do have it. But you can answer that by trying to ask a doctor to ask an autism test.


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It's ok, I already know your reply is meant for me.


>>1237 i was referring to CWC, although, didn't randy stair had undiagnosed autism?


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Thanks, guess he did had undiagnosed autism.


Worst thing you can do is self diagnose, desu. Seek professional help if need be.


Don't worry same here


i do have diagnosed autism


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Oh, by who?


not him, but I think autism is diagnosed by a psychiatrist or a neurologist.
(I guess a GP will write a referral to the right doctor)


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ye, thanks


ive had autisim for my who life forgot by who though

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