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>no traps
>no cumbrains
>no annoying edge lords who scream buzzwords to look cool
>no edge lords
Is this the one guys? Is this the promised land?


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>no traps
There is some traps here but they hide behind anon, but you can see them in Discord
>no cumbrains
none here due to rules, but some in Discord when the owner is away
>no edge lords
again, Discord is where they will be at and not here again, due to rules
Oh My Gah indeed, rules keeps orders here, but again in Discord, some do mistakenly post some there||(One time it's gore porn)|| but it's only one for the rest of the month so np here and there.


Is not the promised land, but, you should BE the promised land anon, make some OC, pass yourself by the MC server in /vg/, do this feel like the promised land, make it feel home, you can do it anon!!


>There is some traps here but they hide behind anon, but you can see them in Discord
literally noone has ever posted a picture of themselves on discord so it's only the info you get-as text just from the person who says it, that's not a very solid foundation of your claims.


you forgot one
>very small active community
any positives that this site could possibly have are overshadowed by the fact that it's a ghost town.
All the problems with 4chan that you listed are insignificant and easily ignorable.
Literally the only reason to come here, or any alt chan for that matter, is if your banned from 4chan (like me).


I'm here everyday.
We need more people, but that is for twoot and the mods to decide how to get people here in a responcible manner.


But at the same time, which do you prefer.
Slow and comfy, or fast and 4cuck?


How about fast and comfy?

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