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"it is better to dwell in the wilderness, then with a contentious and an angry woman"
-Proverbs 21:19
>All modern women love to fight and bitch
>There is no wilderness left anymore
What can I do? I feel so lost.


Hikki tbh


The only wilderness is in Africa anon.

And the only thing you can do is live with angry womans in your lives.


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This, I also interrupt the real meaning with the term "wilderness" with being alone and away from society.


Sorry, had a brain fart as I was typing.


>had a brain fart
Wish I had no brain fart at all


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women can do whatever they want. A female food worker can have hair to her asscrack but I cant keep my hair at shoulder length like in pic related


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Saving this christian image


Women have more freedoms than men yet want to bitch about equality and feminism. I mean most women literally only have to exist to be successful, it really pisses me off.


It's because of their freedoms that they're angry. They don't know Thier place anymore. They need boundaries but these have been removed by society and culture. Beginning with suffrage, then the sexual revolution and contraceptives and now with Jewish infiltration of the legal system and media.
This is why women love bad boys. They deeply desire to be put in their place and have boundaries forcibly applied to them. It makes them feel safe and feminine


Could you please go to pol, or better yet another website to talk about your cheap incel theories?


I'm not gonna lie, this whole thread should be moved to /pol/
but as stupid as it sounds he still at least elaborated instead of saying "fuck niggers" or "fuck women" and just fucked off.
so if you have an arguement to his post you might as well elaborate back instead of calling him an incel.
Dont get me wrong, i dont exactly agree with him but no one should be angry unless he made a shitty low quality post, or broke the rules. Plz move thread to /pol/ mods


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>the thread should be moved to /pol/ because it has no arguments
>what is politics?


I'm not saying that there are no arguments in this thread, i'm saying that >>1527 needs to argue back.


If you want to discuss how you feel about today's women I'm fine with it even if I don't agree or like what you say
But if you start pushing ideas like "women shouldn't vote" you should post on /pol/
I think when dealing with something as retarted as that it's unfair to expect anyone to dedicate their time to argue back. Now you might disagree, but even then I still have the right to tell them to fuck off (at least to /pol/)
Personally I'd love not to see that retardation at all on 22, but that's too much to ask for I guess


why do people who make such threads are only capable of thinking in categories

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