/yu/ - ok, 2 fictions:After the Fire” [note this is a work of fiction & no characters are based on real life people}Rich stood across the traintracks under a tree, the lights from the field like ufo’s in the night sky; the announcers voice like a supernatural

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ok, 2 fictions:
After the Fire” [note this is a work of fiction & no characters are based on real life people}
Rich stood across the traintracks under a tree, the lights from the field like ufo’s in the night sky; the announcers voice like a supernatural force:
“And now for our Star Quarterback Trey Davis”
Rich scoffed, what it is to have it all, he thought.
The summer air was bending into fall. A ball drops into a player on Trey Davis’ team.
At the line someone on the other team said “Better watch out, You’re DEAD Davis.”
The players on his team in front of him chuckled. It was a flash of seconds before the guy on the other team streaked through the parallel mobbing Trey Davis to the ground, punching him, slapping him, kicking him.
A girl in the stands started screaming in the voidous vacuum “Somebody stop him!”
Nobody noticed the black figure hop the fence into the field streaking across the turf except for the girl with pink shirt, black pants on, until he tackled the other player.
The whole stadium exploded. “WHO IS THAT GUY?!” screamed the Mockingbirds’ coach. Two officers armed their handcuffs but the figure of Rich disappeared into the town, but not before the two could exchange the sight of a smile.
“Alright, Trey Davis has quit the game!” the announcer smiled.
“Nope!” Trey Davis was on his feet.
The erect figure of Rich watched the proud figure of Trey Davis from a sanctuary.
“Win, you stupid bastard.” He said under his breath”
“This one’s for you, nobody!” Trey Davis said.
They won the game.


“How bout a ride?” Her smile disappeared as she saw the bruised face of Trey Davis. He smiled, showing blood. “Definitely.”

The rusted ford sputtered down a side street, they saw a man clearly exhausted looking furtively behind himself. “Is that the guy from the game?” Jessica asked. “Yeah, slow down.” Trey Davis said. She floored it.

“Who was that guy?” Trey Davis asked himself in the dark alone in his room that night.
“Fuck, a jock!” Rich said.
But for the first time in their lives, the two of them couldn’t wait the weekend for the first day of school. Trey Davis cancelled his plans with Jessica that weekend. Neither of the men left their rooms.

A line of people proceeded on both sides of Trey Davis’ car, some gave directions to go closest to the school. He ignored them and took the spot closest, farthest from school, near the dirt road into the forest. “What the fuck is his problem?” Dave from the football team said, he didn’t dare speak the word on his mind “cunt”.
As the shiny blue car pulled to a stop, two eyes met, one up from a book.
“Don’t you have a guy to push out of your way for the closest spot?” Rich asked.


“Saves gas.” Rich smiled. Just then Jessica emerged from the path. She said “You coming?” addressing Trey. She felt somewhat guilty but she had never seen the other man before the game. “No, I’ll catch up to you.” He said.
“What you two are doing is dangerous.” She stormed off.

“What are you reading?” Trey pushed the book up. “Shit.”
“You’ve read Picture of Dorian Grey?” Rich asked, astonished.
“Seven times.” They said together.
Then the bell rang and they were running.
They two men sat bored in separate classes all day. By a stroke of luck Jessica had all classes with Trey. Trey never saw Rich that day, as he went to the beginning of classes & snuck out before they were over; but Jessica never missed where he went.
The next day the bell rang and Trey sat next to Rich. He showed him his new schedule.
Rich smirked. That morning the two of them answered every question correctly.
In the lunch room they looked for Jessica but she was nowhere to be found. So they dipped.
They skipped the rest of the day amid glares, gapes, & talk, but Jessica didn’t miss that Trey wasn’t in her classes anymore.
Trey got a text that night right before he slept: I’m never speaking to you again.
From Jessica. She received no answer.
The two men walked up the sidewalk to school. The principle was leaning on his car, watching the two. Even though nobody would admit it to themselves he was the reason nobody started shit.
“Alright you win.” She addressed Rich for the first time. She looked back at forth between the two of them, “There’s a party tonight. Are you two going to be there?”
Under the halos of bulbs the three of them sat in the backseat of a car, talking. Jessica & Trey’s phones never stopped going off, but Rich was the only one to notice.


They had a hell of a time that year, mid January Jessica broke the news that she was moving. She moved.

The legislator in the state Jessica moved to passed two bills that year: that youngsters wouldn’t be extradited & they didn’t have to go to school.
On the day of the passing, Rich & Trey stood together. The first day of their Senior year was tomorrow. The scouts were all over Trey, he was famous.
“What are you going to do?” Rich asked.
“That’s the wrong question.” Trey said, “What are WE going to do?”
“You know who I’m thinking about?” Rich asked.
“Call her up.”

The three were reunited forever.

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