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This is, dedicated to.. normalfags. This is gonna be edgy, but this is my opinion.
You're alone. You always will be. Those friends you sit with in the bar or at a restaurant don't know how you truly feel. They're only there because your mind requires them to keep you sane. Your girlfriend means nothing. The love you two share is transient and it'll be gone soon. Love, hate, sadness, happiness.. all of these were made so that your mind could be saved from itself. Your mind is powerful, use it for good. But you won't. You'll still choose to not do anything, to not think nor feel. Because thinking and feeling will require you to hurt yourself. It's fine. Continue what you're doing, continue believing that what you feel is this force of good that'll totally save you from sadness. I'm telling you this out of benevolence. I want to help you. We want to help you. But sadly, you're stuck. You're stuck here because of yourself. You sunk yourself intentionally into quicksand and now you make us dig you out. You tell us to get jobs, have fun in life, among other things. However, your ideas of "fun" and "a successful life" are degraded and do nothing for others except hurt them. We humans are social creatures, made to help each other to an extent, though we are still competitive. But you want to be selfish and make superficial connections with others who see you as a pawn.

This is not a call to nihilism, as some may think of it. This is a call to realization. Just because you're alone doesn't mean there are no outside entities that will not understand you. It just means you won't understand them. So then you read philosophy books and misunderstand them completely as telling you that you can do whatever you want, because you think that you have these philosophers to back up your hedonistic lifestyle. Remember what you did to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer? You people use philosophy not as a guide, but as a cope to continue your disgusting lifestyle.

TL;DR, get the fuck over yourselves.
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Why do you come here?

Have you ever doubted if there is value in spending time on internet conversations with strangers?
Do you really feel like it's worthwhile?
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Memory thread, vague or otherwise

Have a few vague memories, one of them is my parents picking up and old washing machine at the side of the road, and this guy comes out of nowhere with a weapon, yelling at us, my parents freak out and drive off.
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Wagie Thread

Its finally happening guys, after years of living as a neet im getting a job,

so in celebration lets have a wagie thread, discuss employment, its struggles, its strengths, tips and tricks ect
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Happy Thread :)

What's making you happy, anons? I pet a dog and ate cornbread :)
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What is your opinion of me?

During my last two consecutive-years at my local secondary school I was placed in a predominantly, female class which was led by an obnoxious, presumably single, middle aged woman. I became a literal 'laughing' stock. The members of the class would often laugh at me whenever the teacher picked on me, or whenever my name was raised. This continiued for almost two years. I feel extremely embarassed, angry and humiliated about this experience. I decided to speak up one time they all just laughed back, so I began to accept this behaviour as normal. Most foid reveal their true colours and showed no remorse for an ugly introverted loser like myself.
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>have anxieties that occasionally get pretty hard to bear
>lift, wanna gain muscle, but consuming the required protein in a day is extremely difficult
>try to fall asleep at midnight, lay in bed for two hours, wont touch my phone, stay awake until 2 am
enter... the grass
>anxieties= gone
>protein= consumed
>sleep= easier and sooner
>life= good... right?
i dont like the idea of being dependent on something external like a drug to maintain a higher morale; id really rather deal with it on my own but the release the green gives me is hard to argue with
plus the brain fog you get the morning after can be fucking unreal i dont even know if this is coherent or not
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stories where you lost

>be in like third grade
>there's this girl i like who's a grade above me
>there's this fag a grade above her who she talks to a lot
>i was an annoying kid and wanted to git with the girl
>but i had to get through him first
>our grades all had recess together
>recess is where i would run around and seethe to myself as i watched the other douche talked to muh lady
>decide to tell him what for
>one day i see him going into the bathroom
>youre mine motherfucker
>awkwardly wait in the corner until he finishes his transaction and begins washing his hands
>i dont remember why i waited
>go up to him real close
>"hey kid"
>"what's up?"
>"you uhh, better stop hanging out with muh lady, or else"
>i was short for my age so this kid is like eight inches taller than me
>"or else what?"
>fuck didnt think of that
>remember the classic 80s school bully move
>"or uhh ill give you a swirly"
>fucking smirks and says
>"what, a swirly like this?"
>locks his arm around my neck before i get a chance to react
>drags me kicking and screaming to the stall
>there's piss in the toilet
>oh jesus jehovah and allah
>he starts laughing as he coerces me lower, over the soiled toilet bowl
>the door creaks open
>he stops for a second and looks outside the stall with me still in a headlock
>its one of his faggot friends
>"yohoho dude check it out im giving this kid a swirly"
>"wooaah what a loser!"
>they both laugh as he shoves the top of my head under the pissy surface of the water
>the toilet flushes
>its really fucking loud with my head in the bowl but it did end up washing a lot of the piss water out of my hair
>he lets me go as i watch them looming around the stall door, laughing with giddiness at the piss headed midget
>the main douche gives me one last dialogue
>"that's a swirly, bitch!"
>him and his friend hi-five each other and leave the bathroom
>i sit, piss headed
>didn't talk to that kid or the girl again
>found out in my senior year that she gave him hpv or some shit lmao
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Random /yu/ thoughts thread

Write any random feely thoughts which don't deserve their own thread itt

Sometimes I get in a pretty bad mood, and I start to perceive everything as shitty, even things said by people I'm close with or things I would usually like. Recently I once again was in this mood and got upset when a friend of mine poked fun of a thing I liked, so I wrote a whole rant as a response. I knew the reason it annoyed me was mainly my mood but I suspected that these feelings might be something I "repressed" when in a good mood, also I thought "maybe I'm wrong, but if I don't say it this stays inside of me, on the other hand if I say it we will clear things up"
The next day after reading his response instead of feeling like we "cleared things up" I just felt like I acted like a cunt for no reason
Now this is just a new one of the regretful memories that often pop up in my mind to sting me like a needle
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How was your day? Thread

A thread to talk about how your day went. Venting, talking about future hopes/dreams, or just chatting is all okay.
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I somehow got 13 hours of sleep today but I still feel fucking awful.
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Men and Women Can Be Platonic Friends Right?

i think yeah but im certain there's things im missing that i should know/ will find out
anecdote first
>be myself a couple years ago
>just go through breakup in senior year
>friend tells me about a girl he knows that he thinks i would vibe with extremely well
>im feeling the post-breakup shivers where you arent used to being alone again so at this point ill take anything
>also still in peak puberty and extremely horny
>meet her in my lonely insecurity and try to initiate a date with her
>jumbo fail lmao gitgud lad
>fast forward, this past june
>girl in question starts hanging out with aforementioned friend more
>im with them a lot of the time
>they're totally cool with each other and there is no tension between them... but they're just friends? is it possible?
>start talking with her in post-pubescent coolness and take a liking to her and her company
>she feels the same way
we've been talking and hanging out more as friends and i feel content with just being her friend, she says she's not looking for a relationship at the moment so i dont intend to try anything on her. i honestly feel an intimate connection with her just because she's a girl who doesn't act like she's interviewing ted bundy whenever she's around me, and that on top of the fact she's comfortable sharing details of her life with me and spending time with me feels very rewarding- it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and i feel more confident in my ability to talk to other women.
but am i leading myself on? or being lead on? the mgtow/ fuck women/ blackpill/ etc shit seems overzealous to me but there has to be a grain of truth in it somewhere. it could be my naivety allowing me to be in a platonic friendship with a girl instead of just going full send and trying to smash whoever i can but im content with waiting for someone who's worth that kind of intimacy- the idea of being just friends with a girl doesnt perturb me really at all, assuming there's a mutual understanding between the parties involved.
point is, am i a dork for this one or is it less gay than the voice in my head is telling me?
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Can we please get a comfy thread on the comfiest chan so far

please post comfy images and discuss this website since its relatively new
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I'm tired of feeling like shit and talking about how I feel like shit with other people who feel like shit. Let's please have a thread where we post things we find inspirational yet still honest. Good life advice, the kind of things you'd hear for dear old dad. Hard life advice, even. Just something that makes you want to get up and punch someone in the jaw. Something that would make those dirty hippies cry.
Here's a quote that's been done to death but every time I come around to it again I get something out
>Every day a man must build. If he does not, he will succumb to instant gratification in the form of alcohol, drugs, meaningless sex, masturbation, video games and other foolish activities. Some men build their career; some a relationship. Some build their hobby and others build their body strength. Few build their knowledge. And fewer build a passion. Many men go days, months, even years without building anything because they are waiting until they "feel like it". Great men put feelings aside and start building every day.
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Dreams and wishes

What's your biggest wish, anon? Is it something that would completely change your life? Something material or something spiritual?
My family mentioned to me today how they haven't heard me laugh in a very long time, this hit me quite starkly. From that, I guess, what I would wish for is to be happy. Whether my wish will get fulfilled in this lifetime remains a mystery.
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this is know a vibez thread, post meloncholy vibezzzz
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Why doesn't college make sense

Literally 0% of this shit makes sense. Most of my classes don't have anything to do with my major. Speaking of my major, it randomly got changed from science to art. No staff members gives a shit, and the few responses I've got back basically refer me to some other person who doesn't give a shit.

I was thinking about applying to some college like Berea so I won't have to get buried in debt (I receive a high grant at my CC currently, but it won't be enough to get me through my two years of CC+two years of uni that I need for my major). But then their shit makes no sense, and apparently if I attend a college, I have to apply as a transfer student instead of a first time student. My college begins in a few days, so I guess I'm SOL and I'll have to apply as a transfer student (main issue is that transfer applications are more competitive, and I have some high school teachers that would give me some five star referrals for my academic performance- if I apply as a transfer student, I'd have to go off some professor that doesn't know me all that well.)

It's all so frustrating, and none of it makes sense. It's like there's a million different rules and nobody gives a shit to tell me about them, and to me it just seems like these rules are broken enough to be randomly changing my course of study. It really is tiring. It's all so goddamn frustrating.
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I'm tired of the loneliness

Every single day I go on the internet searching for people that I can befriend and see if something can happen. But most of the times it's not fruitful. Chit-chat is barebones as an african kid's nutrition, or we just end up conflicting and it leads to breaking paths again.
I could post on an imageboard, sure, but there's certain content that it's not worth the bandwith and is better just rubbing onto someone's DM box. And having imageboards be your only source of human interaction is not really healthy at all, since it makes you believe stuff that is not and can screw you over on the long run.
It always makes me wonder how the hell do people befriend others through imageboards or videogames, it all just seems like a mystery to me.
I just want someone to talk to and have a friend I could rely on

[spoiler]If this kind of thread pisses you off call me a normalfag, frankly I don't give a shit anymore[/spoiler]
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ITT : Living Situations

In this thread, let's discuss our living situations. it doesn't have to be about our rooms though, it can be about our local area, houses we used to live in or whatever.
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Autism stories

ITT : Recount and discuss autistic stuff you, Or other people did recently or in the past.
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I'm very divided 22chan. I'm a first year college student and currently planning on going into biomedical engineering or physics. I want to join the CIA and the Masons, I want to study electromagnetism and its effects on the human body and furthermore, its history in the mythology and ideas of mankind as a whole. My family and family friends can get me recommended but it isn't certain I'll work as a spook. The issue is that my very lovely boyfriend doesn't want me to do either, he's very afraid of me getting hurt or roped into something I dangerous. I love him very dearly and I don't want to make him upset but the idea that there might be a great, earthshattering discovery related to the earliest days of mankind is utterly intoxicating. I've started to take online physics and calculous classes, that's how determined I am about this. What do I do? I'm not sure where to go in the future. This coming Christmas I'm speaking to my uncle about the Masons, he invited me alone out of my siblings and my cousins but at the time I didn't know what it was all about so I declined. I have his and other people's recommendation at their New England lodge, other people have eyed me as a member too. I'm just very confused. My last final was tonight and I should be celebrating, but I'm sitting here at my computer at 12:30 am when I should be asleep soundly in bed knowing I don't have any school tomorrow.
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ITT tell me reasons why you didn't do an hero
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Feeling empty

Sometimes I feel a bit apathetic. For the last few years I've been spending most of my free time on entertainment. I really enjoy it, find it fun and funny (thanks to the fact that I've learnt the importance of being selective)
Sometimes I want to do "projects", and entertainment can be a big distraction from that, but that's not what I wanna talk about
I feel like I don't feel much feelings. Maybe it's because of routine, with everything becoming so typical and as such unsurprising, uninteresting. But I also think that entertainment plays a role. Maybe 10-20 minute videos can rarely make me feel anything substantial. Maybe generally I don't often think thoughts and do actions that aren't superficial/trivial, so I don't get to care for something. I don't know
What about you anons?
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Job Hate

I fucking hate my job, having to get up so early, constant heavy lifting, constant noise. I hate my whore coworker. I hate my anger issued boss. I hate how fucking hot it is. I hate how mismanaged everything is. I fucking hate this place.

Anyway general Job Hate thread
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ITT fat fucks favourite feed

Anons that eat your feelings, what do you eat/drink to cope when the ride gets too bumpy, also what tends to make you eat.


-ice cream
- bread
-snything really


-wine, cider, most spirits

reason: literally having to emotionally support my entire family of retards whilst ignoring my own problems
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Opinion's about death.

I am extremely afraid of death. Just thinking about it gives me panic attacks. It's a really weird feeling knowing that every single person around me one day or another will perish and be replaced by someone else. The lack of a consciousness is what scares me the most.
I've gotten one chance to live and here I am. I will not see the world in a hundred, thousand, or even a million years, just this moment right now and that's it. Being a fedoratipper, my view on the subject is pretty grim, since I don't believe in an afterlife in heaven or in hell.
How do you view death, anons? Are there any ways that you try to cope with the idea? Have any of you made peace with such a thought?
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nu-4chan hate thread

>post opinion
>"SHUT UP (insert tripfag here)"
Just fuck my shit up.
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I miss the 2000s /yu/.

The world has changed social media has brought out the worst in people and people are a lot more mean to each other both IRL and online now compared to say 14 years ago.

People back then weren't so obsessed with politics like they are today and of course there were no smartphones no social media as we know of it today. People still mostly had IRl social interaction and the internet was mostly still a PC only place and the internet and real life were two different things unlike today.

I wish i could go back /yu/.
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Struggling with feeling like part of a group

I think for many people it's natural to want to feel part of some sort of community. I sometimes come across groups of great people united by the passion for something, but somehow no matter how much I like the group or whether I share the interest for the thing, I'm never able to really feel like part of it. I always feel external, like an alien, a foreigner. Even here, despite sometimes having fun or receiving positive feedback I feel like my background is completely different from the one of most anons, also I don't really have that much of an imageboard culture to "really" be part of the community. I discovered 4chan in 2018... This place a little before a year ago
I've watched (and loved) anime but still <20 series. I know it's not about numbers, but if I was really passionate about it I would've watched hundreds by now. Same applies to anything in my life really
It seems like I can never fully dive into something and as such I feel the difference between me and those who can, and self-reject myself
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cmon twooters, make ur dream waifu
thanks to the power of machine learning
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The Loop

Through some thought and experience, I've come to the conclusion that most matters of personal development form loops. The prime example would be horseshoe theory, but I think that the same idea can apply elsewhere as well.
For example, I find that as I play incrementally more difficult video games, my experience becomes comparable to what it was like when I first started as a kid and was challenged by simple things. As I watch more obscure anime, I find that the things I appreciate are actually the most fundamental and universal aspects such as production quality and strong personality, as opposed to the novelty-based aspects that tend to draw newer watchers towards high-concept material. Furthermore, I have been told by some old /d/egenerates that the ultimate depth of depravity is to circle back to enjoying normal things with renewed enthusiasm.
I mainly wish to explore how this idea may apply to our position as an obscure, ostensibly underground imageboard that values sincerity and simple pleasures. I believe that we are in this position of apparently pedestrian preferences because we have seen what happens to typical counterculture that exists to spite mainstream standards. This may imply that the ultimate destiny of any form of development is to have broken the rules thoroughly enough to understand and value them, coming to a rest back at the starting point with a richer perspective. Do you think this makes sense?
R: 16 / I: 1
The internet's so fucked. By extension, so are we. It's so goddamn depressing to think about how the one place where I can feel even slightly good at something is such a shithole. The web's fallen so far, and it's only getting worse. Is there any hope of restoring it back to what it was?
I feel like the entire human race had a mere 20 years to communicate with itself freely, before the internet became commercialized and nobody can fucking say or hear anything real anymore. Will we ever be able to achieve such true global interconnection again?
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Anyone here believe in God?

Your fortune: Average Luck
R: 12 / I: 1

Letter thread

Write a letter to someone who may never read it
R: 12 / I: 4
What's an ideal height for a GF? If you have one, grab a tape measure and post results
R: 60 / I: 10

Experiences you have with the internet.

Anything internet related really.
Meme culture
Internet culture
Imageboard culture or how ever else you happened to use it.
Either when you where on the internet, through your computer or outside and people are talking just talking about internet culture.
You can even talk about when you first started using it, or even later in life.
Good or bad memories, perhaps a thread can help close up old wounds, and help heal. Either way i think this will be interesting to talk about.
R: 64 / I: 17
anyone here know anything about m00t, all the wikis basically have nothing.
R: 18 / I: 4
"it is better to dwell in the wilderness, then with a contentious and an angry woman"
-Proverbs 21:19
>All modern women love to fight and bitch
>There is no wilderness left anymore
What can I do? I feel so lost.
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>60 cents in my bank account
R: 10 / I: 1

animal feels thread

>work at an animal shelter (mostly with cats) alone at night
>always loved three cats there, one of which was a kitten and another was old and fat but also a sweetheart
>knew someone wanted that kitten, mentally embraced myself for his disappearance

>fast forward to wednesday

>old, fat cat was adopted
>get depressed, but still have the kitten for some reason, thought he would never go
>fast forward to friday
>he was adopted too

>my only real furry friend now is an orange cat that only has one other cat for company

>can't adopt him because i already own two rescues that lived with me since 2013
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building through loneliness

>no gf for 2 years
>no hookups for 1 year
>no female touch for 7 months
im now to the point where im comfortable just being alone and just having male friends that share interests. Is there something wrong with me? Have i degenerated or ascended?
Besides all that ive come to find alot about myself through this loneliness and im kinda proud of that. Anyone else feel this way?
R: 14 / I: 6
anyone else meeting their gf online?
R: 4 / I: 0

Feeling like utter shit

I can't do this anymore. I was a NEET for a year, and it was one of the most depressing moments of my life. I tried to kill myself during that time. Then, a year later, decided to come back and try to finish high school. It didn't work either. I just couldn't bring myself to care, to socialize. Got diagnosed with autism. When I was 16-17 I tried having friends and going on dates, just to isolate myself no long after. I can't even keep up with online friends/dating. I try to be normal, I try to find things that give me a sense of fulfilment, from trying to be a normalfag to having hobbies (art, literature, anime, compsci, you name it.) I just want to go back to NEETdom and never see anyone again. Does anyone else feels as hopeless as I am now? I'm not some virgin neet who will fit in with most of imageboard culture, but I'm definitely too autistic to fit with normal, well-adjusted, people.
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>be me
>want a gf
>all the women I meet have shitty personalities
>can barely interact with them without getting pissed off
>late at night
>download some "what would you look like as a girl?" photo filter app
>see what I'd look like as a girl
>oh shit, she's super cute
>instantly become infatuated
>start having dreams where I interact with her
>she's literally me
>no woman could possibly compete
>mfw I am my own waifu
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New years resolutions

Happy new years everyone. Reply with your own personal new years resolution, I'll start with mine. My new years resolution is to be 100% sober all year round in 2021(I've struggled with drugs these past few years for context)
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Failed Normies cry thread

its all down hill for me now fellas,
i never graduated high school and fail everything i do, couldn't even finish my fuckin cert because i cant type faster than 15 wpm
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Esoteric thread

ITT: we talk about anything related to psyche or the human consciousness. Not strictly related to the occult or 'spirituality' but rather a broad topic on things like dreams, mediation, lucid dreaming, deja vu, ghosts, literature on the science behind it, etc.
Really more your experience or thoughts about it rather than anything else
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tired and wasted and even if i do i prolly wont make it thaf far lol
how do i even handle the press lol

so tense i just want money and less tired and more energy ohohohoho

what should i do haha
R: 5 / I: 1

wageslave thread

I hope I have a good day tomorrow. Wage slaving is always grueling but sometimes my boss is nice to me.
what do you guys do for money? I'm a cashier at mcdonds and it sucks donkey dick
R: 1 / I: 0
Today has been death by a thousand papercuts, where it feels like all the small shit has been adding up and suddenly you've lost your fucking marbles. Today was absolute shit, like an all day boxing match just getting your ass spiritually beat. Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day.

R: 6 / I: 0
Hello 22chan, i am struggling to motivate myself to do hobbies and push myself beyond the bare minimum. I am not a NEET and I do everything required of me to be self sufficient. I can never really push myself beyond that though. I have many interests I would like to pursue and enough time to do so, I just don't and end up wasting all my free time on mildly fun low effort things instead of super fun things I care about which require more effort. Would any anons like to share their experience with something like this or provide some helpful advice?
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hi how are you?

Has anyone died of corona virus in the past year because they were playing pokemon go?
R: 2 / I: 0

Nova Scotia

Once I learn the ropes I'm going to move to Nova Scotia to climb adventure & upperdeck boats
R: 16 / I: 0
>High testosterone
>High IQ
>Can't relate to anyone in the real world
>Can't relate to anyone on imageboards
>Sometimes the alienation just cuts a little deep
>>But, I'm OK with this and am grateful for who I am
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shidty ice coffee recipe for /yu/

You'll need:
>medium to large jar(with lid)
>instant coffee
>ice blocks
>boiled water

>3 teaspoons of coffee and 1 teaspoon of sugar into the jar
>boiled water in, just enough to cover
>fill the rest with milk and ice cubes and put in freezer with lid for about2-5 minutes

the coffee to sugar ratio can be adjusted for taste,
you can also add things like crushed mint for flavour

i hope you frens enjoy
R: 12 / I: 1

OC poetry corner

Write poetry to express how you feel
Don't worry if it's good or bad or whatever
Just express yourself
R: 1 / I: 1


ITT: Lit-Pic-Mu

post a piece of text (exert from book, poem ect), picture and song that share a similar vibe/feeling

use ur noodle and dont be afraid to express yall self,
post something thats 22 feelz 4 /yu/
R: 4 / I: 4
ITT: comfy aesthetics
my favorite is Goblincore

>collecting shiny things

>nature ie frogs n shit
>isolating self in cave
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I made a graph to figure out my feelings

As I was struggling once again with feeling pretty shitty for the last few days I thought I'd try to figure out how my feelings might work
Pic related, the result, is slightly amusing, and it might be pretty inaccurate, but I hope it can help me understand myself better. It is extremely simplified of course.
a -> b means that a "increases" b, for example having work to do increases stress or reading a good book restores energy.
a -x b means that a "decreases" b, like fun decreasing stress, or negativity decreasing energy
This graph expresses a thought I've been having for a while, that stress and negativity create a vicious cycle, which is also constantly getting input from the stuff I have to do. Like for example doing an exam is stressful.
(By active fun I mean fun that requires effort, projects basically. Passive fun is low-energy requiring activities like watching movies)
With fun you don't have such a simple feedback loop: you have to balance out passive and active fun, as too much passive won't make you much happier while too much active will wear you out and turn counter-productive. At the same time energy, the fuel behind active fun is constantly being drained by everything (to be fair, it gets partially refilled every day too)
You don't have a constant favorable stream that can kickstart you like the negative loop has, and the looping is less direct and quick:
Passive fun -> less stress -> more energy in the near future -> more active fun -> less stress and negativity -> more energy in the further future
It might all just be bullshit. But I guess I'll try to take a look at some of the activities I do and try to see how they reflect on this graph, then try to figure out if I can spend my time better
What do you think of this? Am I crazy?
Also, what about you? Do you make plans and graphs about how to better your mood and life? Does it help?
I feel like plans to better my life make me more hopeful and energetic in the short term but on the long run I always give up/forget about it.. However I can't just give up, can I?
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/poe/ general

Post poetry that resonated with you or you just think is cool

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Robert frost has always hit me in the 22 feels 4 /yu/
i kind of interpreted this as the woods representing frost's suicidal thoughts during his life, most of his kids died early so it makes sense. his horse seems to doubt the woods most likely being the people who doubt why he has these thoughts, he also seems to question where they are coming from as well.
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Idk what to do anymore

I've gone and fucked myself. I'm genuinely in fear of my life now. Everyday I wake up, I remember my reality. A wave of fear and anxiety fills me. Sleep is so peaceful, but knowing I could easily be killed during this time makes me stay up for hours on end. Stepping out my front door is a risk too, buut so is staying at home. I'm terrified to schedule another shift at work because I believe my coworkers want to beat the shid out of me. Same goes with my neighbors and the family I live with. Worse than that, I believe people want to gun me down lol. It's become a hellish existence and I don't see any way I could ever be happy again. Genuinely happy and on a good path. My mother, father, siblings have practically disowned me, leaving me for the dogs. Yet I still live with them, I know the way they feel about me.

I have a way out, but my mom might take it away from me. Here's hoping that won't happen.

Either way, once I'm gone, my family will be happier than they were when I was around. Dead or alive.

I can't cope, I want to restart but it's clear that isn't possible. Nor is redemption. Just suffering, or fleeing. But my counselor believes this will follow me no matter how far I go. As for my safety though, leaving this town could be a matter of life or death.

How fucking crazy is that?

I believe that these feelings are deeply rooted in reality, but you would probably call me schizo.

Fuck man, I don't know what to do, I'm only posting this here because I believe my anonymity on a regular pornsite/plebbit have been compromised. Posting with HTTPS everywhere and on a different, more secure browser. Hoping my family isn't able to read what I'm typing.

I don't know if this is me being psycho,(counselor put in a note "psychosis" after our last visit?) but I'm pretty sure I heard my mom say "he already knows they're gonna kill him".

Do people use numbers/times as a form of communication? I think so, but I'd like to hear other peoples' opinions.
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>be me
>mom gets home from a 4 week trip
>she's in a bad mood
>couple days ago she was texting me asking for money
>needed 500 dollars
>said she'd pay me back
>i respond to her first text, but immediately crash from exhaustion afterwards
>she's blowing up my phone
>her boyfriends calling me
>eventually texts me saying she doesn't want me to send her ANYTHING
>ignores me until today
>doesn't want me to pick her up from the airport, sends her bf instead
>at the house, we unload her luggage
>relative silence, i try to start convo, shut down
>she gets frustrated with my questions
>tells me to go to my room
>to leave her alone so that she can unpack
>ok mom..
>"i don't even want to look at you rn"
>walk away in silence

in my room watching lecture vids rn
things have been pretty difficult our relationship, same goes for my relationship with my sister and my dad (he's visiting for the weekend, gets here tomorrow... i don't really feel like spending the night in a hotel with him rn, but thats what we usually do when he visits).

to be honest i just want to live on my own, but i've got some shit to sort out before that, and i dont even know if i am capable of that.

my mom and dad don't think so... my mom doesn't really want me to work atm, she doesn't think i should be driving to work, i just recently got my license and she seems to think im incapable of driving safely... not entirely true, i've driven further than what it would take for me to get to work.

not doing so well in school right now, but i know i can work a shift without issues, i'm capable of that

money has been a problem, and me and my sister are both currently living off our savings accounts.. but with bills and shit constantly coming in, it's slowly becoming less and less valuable.

started buying shares and shit, bought a call for a stock that expires in november... of course it's not a lot of money, but it's something

i don't know what to do, other than school and the shit i do around the house.

what do
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You Feel You Love

It's Like All A Dream Game, Really.

Post The People, If You Feel, Truly Feel, Something For The Lad/Lass - You Win.

Don't forget to name the person if feeling proper so we too do can colour some boring times with a pieces of another.

I Will Start this one.
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I'm not sure what to do guys

> Pic realted

It's my first time posting here, hoping this board is kind of active.
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Tell me what you think

Okay everyone.

I'm about leave everything behind. Everything, sadly including my pets, which I love so very much. All of my belongings aside from the following: Laptop, SSN, Passport, BC, Spare undies/tshirt, headphones (2), Two binders that hold the aforementioned documents, and the clothes on my back.

I have 12000 dollars, which isn't an incredible amount, but I have no where to hide in this god damn state. My family is out of the picture. Currently I'm still in my homestate, but I'm out of town, and I don't plan on going back for any reason, other than being convinced by my family (which I fear, because they'll definitely teach me a lesson). I'm truly on my own here.

I plan on hopping on an airplane or a bus and moving across the country. Or should I move out of country? It's clear that these people want me gone, and I mean gone gone.

I'd like to hear any opinions, I'm willing to answer some questions. I'll be watching my post for the next couple of hours. I have until 5am tomorrow to disappear.
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Well fuck

I still feel like I'm going to die in this place.

But until then, I will be holding vigils and watching my back. It's necessary, I ditched my pocket knife at the airport, but I have a machete. It won't stop a bullet, but I think I need it tonight.

I don't know what to do. Whenever I talk to my dad or my mom about running away again, they simple say that I can't. That it's just not gonna happen. I think it's possible, but I still have my concerns. My family has this influence, and it could be my downfall.

I feel as if my doctors, my family, this entire town, knows about me.

They say it takes a village, it's likely that many people know where I live.

I'm not able to freely eat, sleep, shid, or shower. It's just a waiting game.

Waiting for the one who puts a bullet into my head.

It could happen tonight, or a month from now.

I don't know what to do anymore.

My mom said that "anything can be done if you have enough money". I can feel whatever she may be implying.

My doctor says that "she knows people".

My sister says that she wishes that I felt safer, that everyone was healthier, that she hopes we'll feel calm and settled one day and comfortable, "you know?".

Even the memes my frens send me seem like they have implications.

My uncle keeps singing this song (in another language) that goes "Because I was not your fren, nothing more.", while saying his nickname for me.

He just handed me a plate of food.

Just yesterday, I walked in on my sister crying. As if she was mourning. We talked for a couple of hours, and she kept trying to talk me down from worrying about my safety. But then it started to seem like she was trying to trick me into believing that I'm safe.

She was talking about how my mom made a "purchase" for my cat. How she won't need to have a cone on her head for much longer because she ordered a protective vest for my cat.

I worry about what that could possibly mean.

I get it, many people will come to convince me that I'm talking crazy, but I can't be so foolish, can I?

I've hurt these people in the past, it would only make sense for them to want to hurt me.

God damn it all.

Everything feels so cryptic and out of place.

I can see it coming. I don't know what to do. All I feel is this overwhelming sense of impending death.

I feel complacent with the reality of the situation, I think that's what everyone wants at this point.
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Hey /yu/. I have a story to get off my chest.

I was around 4-5 when this started. I'd hear a voice claiming to be Satan, it was muddled yet it spoke to me telling me to do things.
Around I was 7 I started getting revelations from this Satan-voice. I was told that I was inside a simulation, and proving it by showing me patterns. I don't know why I didn't react too much.

Around age 12 I started getting more revelations from a voice claiming to be God. I was supposed to be an apocalyptic soldier to bring about the end of the world. Around this time the war started brewing. I started hearing a voice saying it's the CIA and I had lots of revelations around that time. A lot was revealed to me. I started becoming afraid.

I currently take antipsychotic medication and it's making me more lucid.

I can tell more if you want me to.
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>don't actually ejaceluate
who else has perfected this art?
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Why the fuck am i so fucking dumb i fucking hate this shit i want to die its so hard to do anything and nothing works :'c
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The easiest way to spot evil is to put something good in front of them. I learned this in a weird way.

It was my birthday that day actually, and it was about 3 am and I just woke up. I heard a kitten outside the door and felt very bad about it, so me and my dad (he was awake too) let it in. I made the kitten at home, giving it somewhere cold to stay and letting it chill.

My mom and my brother didn't like it however. They saw I let the kitten in and they got very pissed at me. My brother started hurling insults at me for letting the kitten in.

You may say "Well, rabies!" but I live in a country where the rabies rate among animals is super low that it's not even a problem.

Next day, I notice that the kitten is gone. It turns out my mother actually sent the kitten away somewhere, presumably to die.

She'll have to answer to God as to why she did that. I tried talking to her about it but all she did was say "SO YOU'RE SAYING I'M A BAD MOTHER?! OKAY, HATE ME! HATE ME!" and being super defensive.

As I type this, I am quite emotional. There are other things she should have done. The kitten didn't attack me or do anything wrong. She could have taken it somewhere since there are animal organizations here. She didn't care. She just threw it away.

RIP kittenbro. You were too pure for this disgusting world.

I would not be surprised if my mother turned out to have some sort of mental disorder. She rarely shows emotion towards me, and when she'd speak to me she'd be passive aggressive, or sometimes absolutely pissed at me for no reason.
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A baww thread.
Post anything sad here. Could be your story, could be someone else's, could be sad pictures, anything, as long as it's sad.
Starting with my own story, a continuation.
I did make a thread on here before about my cousins and brother and the situation I had with them, but I had something a bit ago that was.. quite sad.
For context, during my birthday, not many people cared. Only my parents and an aunt. Not that that's a problem.
Anyways.. time to hit it.
>Have a dream
>eldest cousin walks up to me (he was the nicest)
>tells me "happy birthday!" and gives me a present
>it's an iPad
>all my other cousins are there, the same ones who made fun of me
>they're all happy for me and everything
>they present me with a cake and they sing the song
>"it's as if I had an actual connection with them" I thought
>I felt happy and loved for once
>a feeling I haven't had for years
>as I blew out the candles.. I can't remember what I wished.. though I think it is along the lines of "I wish this could last forever"
>but just as I blew and the candles lost their light
>I wake up
I felt numb. It took a while for the sadness to seep in.
I also wanna add that.. I was a very strangely acting child. I showed emotions in weird ways, though I wasn't diagnosed with any developmental disorder like Asperger's. I guess that made me a good target.
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Just some things I want to say.

I would just really like to say how much 22chan has been helping with my mental health as of lately, I suffer from depression, anxiety and I am a recovering drug addict who has relapsed more times than I can count but I am currently been sober for what's coming up to a month now and going strong.This site has been the thing I go to whenever I get home from work, you anons are what makes my day that bit brighter because I know after work I have something nice to come home to. I will always treasure this site, because it has become apart of me now, I know we have our jokes and I love them, I don't think I'm going to have a time where I get bored of this place because the way this place is set up is just so perfect for me. I couldn't ask anything more from you anons and I would feel guilty for asking for anything more if there was more that I could ask. This place is a safe haven for me, it's a place that I know I can just go to, sit back and relax while enjoying the many threads and crawling around in /sewers/. Over the nearly 2 years of this site being around I wish the best for the coming years, I suspect even greater things to come from this site and I am more than thrilled to be apart of it.
So thank you anons and you too Twoot for making this place, but don't think I forgot about you mods and jannies, you guys help make this place the amazing image board that it is. So thank you, that's all. :)
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>make online friend, best one so far
>get ghosted
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Beliefs, Morals, Or Philosophy

All right anons, I wanna build my philosophy a little more, so please say anything about what is your belief, if you have any morals, your thoughts on them, and why do you want to keep them, or any stories on how you got those beliefs and ideas about life. We can also talk about what we disagree on and build it from that point.
I'll start with mine, my belief is heavily religious, like being gay is a sin and all that, my morals is to help anyone, even if it's an enemy if I can, and my thoughts on them is that I'm still learning about them, why I do want to keep them is that it has help a lot of my friends, and some family members if I can, also some people that I don't really know since I feel from my past, it has hurt me so much letting out my anger and holding on into something I see negative so much that I was keeping myself away from others, which cause me to become more lonely, even if I was enjoying it. After that, I fall into depression once I make a mistake in my life that someone shamed me for, and a second one as well. I moved on, but I learn to thank that person for that, since it cause me to want to learn about my beliefs, morals, and ideas more to make sure it fits me perfectly without hurting anyone, since it has helped me become who I am here, which got me into philosophy that also help me alot, with it causing me to find people that I really thank for helping me build my sense of care, love, and my ways of helping others, and lucky, found you guys from it. I don't care if you have different beliefs than me, since just being here meeting new people is already welcoming, it has been 7 months since I've joined, and I enjoy being here if I've been active.
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Non volo plus hic esse

Hey /yu/, I have decided to make a thread on something that started years back but still affects me
>6 year old
>had a couple friends, had an older brother and younger sister
>went every week to my grandma's house
>in our culture it isnt really weird for one to still live with his parents even after he gets married
>my cousins lived there too
>they'd make fun of me a lot, or ignore me completely
>my brother too, he'd do a lot of shit to me
>even though they did that stuff i tried fitting in to seem cool