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im thinking that we play tam fortress 2, but post your suggestions.




Anyone having Tom Clancys the division


i dont have enough money to get the division.


I think I still got Team Fortress 2 but haven't played in a long time…


dont worry i think i can teach you some of the basic skills of most of the 9 classes in the game.


Is there a steam group?



Yes, check the pinned post


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How about 100% orange juice? It's a (digital) board game featuring animu (mainly) girls.
Wikia -> http://onehundredpercentorangejuice.wikia.com/wiki/100%25_Orange_Juice!
Gameplay -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqAGRCZNGB8


i have one of the games gifted to me by one of my best friends, so i do know about this series.


Not sure if the Steam group is active, but Garry's Mod is random and fun enough for large group of particular people.


The steam group is somewhat active.


Wait wait wait we have a steam group? Anyone plays payday or crusader kings 2?


It seems like everybody had conflicting tastes which is a shame. I'm partial to games like Borderlands 2, Halo, etc. Never really understood the appeal of games like Tom Clancy or whatever.

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