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What do you think about the current state of vidya? Is our time a bad time for vidya or is it a good one? Share your thoughts.
I ​think this era is simultaneously the best and, possibly, the worst.

Vidya has never been more accessible than today. The internets allow easy access to numerous titles through programs like Steam/GOG and of course there's always good old piracy. Emulation opens the door to an endless backlog of old vidya at no expense at all. In a matter of minutes I can experience some obscure Japanese Playstation game from the comfort of my living room. There are tons of free-to-play games out there. Online games make playing with friends easy and even allow for making new friends through the game. This is the best time for experiencing vidya. 10-15 years ago our situation was a distant dream and I think a lot of people take this for granted.

Indeed, our tech is impressive. Video games keep evolving, the latest game one-upping the last. Is this necessarily a good thing? It's great what games can accomplish but often it feels unnecessary. Take the cinema in Red Read Redemption. You can pay to watch a short movie over the shoulder of your character. Does this really add any value to the gameplay or is just there because it's cool? Sometimes it seems our technical advancements just result in bloat. Even more so I get the feeling that as video games try to impress you with all of their cool features and grandeur, somewhere along the line those things took precedence over artistic integrity.
Video games have become more than simple entertainment. Reality seeps more and more into games. Vidya has become too involved in politics and social justice. Like how the God of War development team is making figures from Norse mythology black. It just doesn't make sense. It's like setting a game in Africa and populating entire towns with white people. This gets in the way of genuine, good storytelling because it's just done to please a certain crowd. Don't even get me started on Amnesia: Rebirth.
Everyone has to be pleased. The general consensus seems that video games must include everyone. This has led to dumbed down gameplay in many titles. Of course, this depends on the game but I believe most big-company games will adopt this method. A good example is the Elder Scrolls series. Even though I love Oblivion it's obvious every new entry in the series is more watered down than the first.
Vidya is becoming more of an industry every day. Don't get me wrong, it's always been an industry but lately it seems that getting the product bought is more important than its quality. Remember when Blizzard announced their new Diablo game would be mobile only? I believe that was just for the money. Not everyone has a gaming PC but everyone has a smartphone. Mobile games just make more money. I also believe this is the reason for all the remakes and reboots we're getting. Nothing milks the money cow like safe, comfy nostalgia.
This all ties in to what I said earlier, because if a game is accessible to a wider audience it means more of it will be bought. Of course all the micro-transactions and in-game purchases are worrisome, too. It seems developers want you to spend as much time and money on their game as possible. Sometimes it even feels like video games are designed to provide escape and waste time rather than to be fun. Years ago, video games were mostly developed by people who liked them. People who played games themselves, who created games because they had passion for them. I think as the industry-factor rises it becomes more of just a job.

So, in my opinion today is the best time to experience vidya and enjoy various titles, but a dark time for the development and artistic freedom of vidya.


I think DRM is another thing to be worried about. I want to buy games to OWN them, lets say if the apocaylpse happens, and microsofts servers/wifi/the internet goes down. I wouldn't be able to play vidya... Also most of these pcs, and consoles require internet to function and theres major vulnerabilities with the "always online" mindset.


>it even feels like video games are designed to provide escape and waste time rather than to be fun
That pretty much hits home for me.


This is worrisome, indeed! Everything's becoming dependent on an internet connection. It's kinda spooky to me. Why can't I just play games without some company monitoring me online? I enjoy single player games, I don't want to be connected to a server or other players. It also makes you dependent on the company.

I meant this in regards to modern games. Do you feel like this with every game?


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While gaming is more accessible than ever right now, and that's arguably a good thing, I would argue that right now is the WORST time for gaming in the history of ever. It's going the same route as movies to a degree. Games are filled with sterilized corporate bullshit, polished and focus tested to the nth degree. It's monopolized, with three (possibly 4 I'll get to that) owning most of the art form-- and they're ALL bad. There's little to no respect for the art yet, games are released in horrible, not even half finished states, they're filled with shitty corporate messages and themes, etc. etc.
Remember Fallout 76? How everybody, EVERYBODY was shitting on Bethesda and genuinely getting angry about it? Not only how horrible the game was, but how horrible Bethesda were handling it. Nowadays, nobody even worries about it any more. People say shit like "if you don't like it, don't play it", without considering that it's the fact that anybody is playing it is the issue.
All of these horrible corporate practices that make Hollywood look like an indie developer are being SUPPORTED by your average layman because they don't understand what they're messing with.
Not to mention companies like Valve, who have a monopoly on digital game distribution. Valve are INCREDIBLY unfair and disrespectful when it comes to the game developers they support, taking even a third of their profits, when less than half of that is more than enough to support themselves.

To put it simply, and to cut this autism rant short, videogames as an artform aren't respected, and it's incredibly easy to make shitty games that people will eat up and make you money.
Video games aren't thought of as an art, to be created with passion and love, but rather a product or a toy, made by companies to distract them.

It's all so tiring. As a hardcore hobbyist, it hits me more than most


I completely agree with your post, anon (nice trips). Megacorps have become a real thing and it's frightening. I've also seen that people don't really seem to mind. This "if you don't like it, don't play it" mindset is really hurting the industry because it's exactly how you say. It allows companies to push mediocre and even shitty games on the public with minimal backlash. Video games have become a normie thing and are just seen as entertainment when they can be much more.
I'm still glad that we exist in this sweet spot in time where we can freely enjoy old games, before corporatization took over the vidya scene. That's mostly what I mean when I call this the best time for gaming, that we are able to go back and enjoy thousands of games which effort was actually put into. However, the future of gaming looks very grim because of the sorry state of modern vidya.


You're right, at least we're lucky enough to still have emulators and indie devs like Justin Stander and Hakita, who make games because they themselves enjoy them and have a unique idea to go along with it.


Who in their right minds thought it would be a good idea to add a web browser in modern systems. What even is the point of it being there? Youtube i guess but it's kinda gay for a browser to be used just for that alone. Making fucking posts on 22chan?


Apparantly there was supposed to be special 3D youtube videos, and websites that could be seen on the 3DS but honestly its retarded and i havent seen any yet.


I remember the browser on the PS3 being a fucking mess to use.


What the fuck is this bullshit? A fucking RPG?
I dont really know how to feel, Hopfully the story won't suck but i don't like this. So many games are being turned into RPGs, I almost feel like there's an underlying agenda behind this RPG thing


Probably because RPGs are so popular right now. I think they're just trying to cash in. Seems pretty retarded to turn one of the most famous FPS series of all time into a fucking RPG.


They even added in a skill tree like fucking destiny, I can't even imagine why it's even needed in the first place.


Skill trees seem to be another thing that's really popular now, I've seen it implemented in a lot of stuff. I don't really like them, I think they can hamper progression.

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