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Figured a morrowind thread would be fun, What are your thoughts on this game?


It's fun not to be babied, your literally left with a sense of wonder as you are literally told to just figure things out for yourself in an alien land. I had to manually read inorder to understand why i'm there in the first place and who those random npcs are. I love the design choice for the npcs, they look hand drawn like one of those old rpg games, or say an old school fantasy comic. I've seen heard people bitch about stuff like "boo hoo you start off too slow" and yeah, thats true but they wanted you to feel weak, and build yourself up over time. It is annoying not having a marker, i've gotten lost or couldnt finish a quest because of it, but it also feels kinda charming like, i dont know actually using a map and not a gps. Morrowind is pure chaos, legal assasins, infighting between various factions, tons of wildlife trying to kill you. The mages guild was fun and easy to complete because i had already collected a good chunk of random items. Kinda funny how they kept getting at eachothers throats like how i had to steal a soul gem and replace it with a fake one, and had to find scrolls that another member hid. I had to also find a member who didn't pay his guild dues and had to force him to pay up, or kill him LOL. I also got a rare spell from him called fortify attribute and it turns out you can use it to break reality and become a GOD by soultrapping the spell on yourself.
Combat is seemingly gay, but the truth is, secretly it's a dice roll like dungeons and dragons. You have to take potions, train, and use magic to improve your chances at suriving. God damn i stole so much stuff it was hilarious, then i'd go to the local trade shop and sell everything for a good price, and only keep the good stuff for myself. Got amazing tools and items for free and even after i went to jail, never lost anything.
Being retarded i forgot to save and died from an airstrider. Lost several days worth of gameplay so i just ragequit and now started playing oblivion. I'm totally going to re-visit this game again.>>882


Another thing i love is the racism and sexism mechanic. Diffrent races get diffrent perks, and downsides like how nobody likes the dark elves personality wise, but it has balanced stats, and how argonians hate kajit. (you'll get refused services because of your race at some points LOL) Beast men are limited on what cloathes they can wear but they have perks like breathing under water and night vision. Men are slower then women, but have higher strength and stamina. Also, you can wear several rings, and clothing be layered for added affect. So like regular cloth pants/shirt, chain mail, then steel armor. (and all of those can be enchanted for added affects.

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