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>the graphics are too bad, I can't play this game

Why are graphics so important? It's like saying you won't get into a car because the paint on it is ugly. It's sad to think about how many good games there are out there that most people won't play simply because the graphics aren't up to their standards. I see graphics more as an artistic choice and "bad" graphics are just the artistry of that era of gaming. If anything, modern hyper-realistic graphics look terrible. They give me a serious case of uncanny valley and they'll become obsolete in a few years when they no longer meet the then-current standards. Meanwhile, games like Gungrave or God of War III still look good today, many years after release, because they focused on an artistic look over a realistic one.


Depending on which game, they also where meant to be played on an old monitor/television which is why it would look like shit. (then again i heard a rumor that your old PC monitor does wonders on new games too vs the fancy HD flatscreen. If you have a PC anti-aliasing also does the trick.


I'm stupid, i found the video. https://youtube.com/watch?v=3PdMtwQQUmo
Dunno but i sort of agree, i like the old pixelated pokemon games better, and i like the cartoony style of borderlands.


Interesting video. It's true that old games do not look bad at all on modern screens, at least I don't think so. 1080p on a CRT doesn't even look that bad either. I think the lines across the screen give it a cool, retro feeling.
When playing old games some people go out of their way to enable CRT lines, they don't think it looks right without them. I vaguely remember gaming on a CRT, I had a big old tube TV when I was a kid. For me it's not needed but I do play old games in their native resolution so they don't look stretched.

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