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This is a general for discussing all matters pertaining to amateur game development, including devblogging, seeking advice, posting resources, being an idea guy, etc.
Not sure if there's enough of a userbase here to get something so niche off the ground, but I figured I'd see what happens. Maybe 22chan will have a decent library of original games someday. We've already got Steve's Garden, after all. I'll be posting about my current project shortly, and anyone who is working on something is encouraged to do the same.


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As promised, my current project (working title: Armor Caravan)
At the moment, I'm still in the process of laying the groundwork. I can't make any guarantees about how far I'll get, given how these things go, but it's planned to be a tactics/management game about running a caravan of bipedal mech carriers that takes contracts such as delivering cargo or doing mercenary work. I wrote up a design doc with every idea I could come up with, to the point where it was bordering on Molyneux levels of inconceivable retardation, on the basis that you shoot for the moon and see where you end up. Right now it basically amounts to a barebones window-based interface, a robust system for handling unit-based calculations, and the beginnings of a system for drawing hexagonal maps (visible behind the random garbage). I've never been good at taking a bunch of stuff like this and actually tying it together, but I'll try and keep you guys updated if I get anywhere with it. Any suggestions are welcome, such as for game mechanics or worldbuilding or whatever.


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The idea for my game is a turn based strategy game with mechs. Basically, it's just a multiplayer version of Into the Breach, where your units' attacks push the opposing players units around the board which you use to your advantage for extra environmental damage or to line up your attacks. The groundwork for the game is mostly done so hopefully I can start working on adding content and getting it to a somewhat playable version at some point. I have a lot of ideas for the different factions and what their different gimmicks are and what their general designs would look like, but I still have a ways to go. Hell, I haven't even come up with a name for it yet. Also, I haven't worked on it in a while but maybe I'll start it up again and post to the bread.


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Here's a models for one of the units that I've made so far.

How exactly will the gameplay work? Judging by the tiles, I'm guessing that's supposed to be the battlemap and the management aspect is choosing missions and your mechs etc. Do you have any artwork made yet?


The gameplay would be based on managing supplies/upkeep, hiring people, picking contracts, and then dealing with whatever you encounter while travelling in turn-based battles. Ideally, most missions can be completed without combat being necessary if one is able to negotiate or intimidate other parties. I hope for it to end up as the kind of game where the main appeal is the depth of the simulation, with the mechs being highly customizable and having detailed damage models, as well as allowing people to go on foot if necessary. It's a far cry from that point, though. I don't have any art at the moment, and my intent is for most things to be represented through somewhat abstract means, with most of the useful information in text windows. Looks like our game concepts are actually pretty similar. Good luck with yours.


Your mech model is simple but cool. I like it.


Nice thread, I hope it goes well. Here's a game I worked on last year:
A while back there was a "lets make a videogame!" thread on 22chan, which ended up with a discord server where some ideas where thrown around and no work was done
After several months I decided to actually give it a try, and since the initial idea was to make a multiplayer fighting game I decided to make the simplest multiplayer fighting game I could think of as a foundation. Problem is, everyone else had pretty much given up by that point
Anyhow, I actually made it. It's very simple and lame, and I haven't even properly tested it over the internets, but on local wifi it seems to work almost fine
It's a platformer. It's multiplayer. It's a fighting game I guess
You control a ball with the arrow keys plus a dash button (space). There are up to three other balls, either controlled by players or bots. You score a point by jumping on/off your opponents. The scores are displayed on top. That's it
windows: https://files.catbox.moe/3p6yzx.zip
linux: https://files.catbox.moe/k0jlsc.zip
Unzip and run "Test_project.exe" on windows or "Ball.x86_64" on linux. To play singleplayer press the "Host (Server + Client)" button, then "add bot" button to taste. To play multiplayer somebody needs to host a server... I might do it if anybody's interested


As far as i can remember random character designs where thought up, but that was pretty much it. So the question is, How do you want to go with it? Internet fighters, or something totally random and made up?


manned or unmanned?


Now for some "devlog":
I used unity and c# to make the game work (first time using unity). I wrote some music and made the sound effects on ableton. There aren't any real graphics in this game
Going in I expected multiplayer functionality to be very difficult. And it was. I used a library called Mirror, whose goal is to re-implement and refine the deprecated UNet (which was provided by unity itself)
The API was surprisingly not difficult to understand, but I still messed up pretty bad. Often things didn't update as expected, and I still don't really get why. Performance was also quite problematic, for most of the time the lag was unbearable. This was mostly due to incorrect setting which I was able to figure out at the end. I still haven't tested it over the internet though. Now though there is only a minor bug; when connecting to a server the score doesn't display correctly until someone scores
As for the game mechanics, it was reasonably simple to implement. I even looked into unity animation stuff, for the cooldown indicator for the dash
The bot's AI is randomly generated movements that I tweaked to be not too easy to beat and also not too chaotic
>Sound & music
Both done in ableton with the diva synth. I'm still learning synths, but it was fun to play random notes and chords and trying to decide which felt more like "getting a score" or "getting hit". I'm really clueless. I only used a synth preset for the menu theme, the other sounds where created from scratch. The drums feel slightly off, that's because I sampled and played them with my midi keyboard. I hope one day to become good at it, but that's unlikely
My initial plan with this project was to aim low to be able to finish it, and I did it. Now I know I can achieve my goals if I set them realistically enough, and that's an encouraging realization. I don't plan making any games soon though


Honestly I'm done. I'm happy with my modest results
Thing is I was mostly interested in this project because I hoped to work with others. Once I realized that wouldn't happen I decided to finish the project for its own sake. But now I don't have motivation to actually pursue a multiplayer fighting game on my own, because that's not my dream project. That's what I thought other people were interested in and would help me with. But I started this all far too late, when everyone else had already given up. And my work solicited little reaction. So yeah, that's it


thats sad


Primarily manned, I might consider unmanned mechs as a feature but I want personnel management to be a big part of it. I haven't really gotten to the story yet but I guess manned mechs usually need some kind of contrivance to make sense, like minovsky particles.
Cool, sounds like a learning experience. I have never dealt with netcode myself because it sounds really complicated. I always like hearing about simplistic approaches to AI; sometimes you can get away with something really rudimentary and still have it work well. I might be in over my head when I have to write AI for turn-based tactics.


It still was fun writing it, and I learned stuff


It's good you realized your heart was not in it. A project without passion is not worth pursuing.


How about we do something like the regular pornsite mmorp/g/? Probably wouldn't go anywhere, but I think it could be fun.
Just please pick something smaller than a fucking mmorpg.


what do you mean by 4chan mmorpg?


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/g/ tried to make an mmorpg in mid july (maybe he is referring to something they did earlier, not sure). i think they made it about a week or two before dying.

some small progress. this mech is supposed to jump around so i tried to make the legs convey that


they look nice. one thing, maybe you should consider balance a bit when positioning the legs. The right one would definitively fall back if it were a toy


File: lvl_editor-2021-08-06_17.….webm (9.75 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1628264673274.webm) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

Working on a level editor that I plan to use for a small platformer game.
Any advice on making icons? Right now Paint/Erase/Eyedrop are just buttons with text, icons would be much better, but I don't know where I'm supposed to get them from.
Making my own doesn't seem easy to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if I had to do it because of licensing and whatnot.


Making your own is the best way to go. I suggest Photoshop. If you have to use DDS files like some other games there's a plugin you can get that allows Photoshop to work with DDS files. If you can I'd avoid using DDS files just to make things simpler.


i like the design, very minimalistic and reminds me of something from an old low poly videogame


Like the gamecube legend of zelda games, and probably low poly like out of an old playstation game?


>gamecube legend of zelda games
I think even that scale is a little ambitious


I've found this extremely simple fun point and click engine
People are actually able to make some nice things things with it like https://leafthief.itch.io/a-good-tree and https://benjamin-soul.itch.io/the-alchemist-stash


And I have to add this one too
It's a compilation, and it's really fun

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