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ITT: Post any link/info on games that have gone free for a limited amount of time(or permanently for that matter) and games that are on sale for dirt cheap, sites like humble bundle and steam are good places to look.


[spoiler]unrelated sort of, but walmart doesnt really give a shit on the pricing of games, or sometimes old games will just reach the point where they just want it out so you can get games for as little as 6 cents or several dollar on clearance[/spoiler]





The Steam Summer Sale has begun!


These two are criminally underrated and currently going for dirt cheap.


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Banana Hell is free on Steam right now. It's some retarded platformer that's supposed to be really hard. I think it's free until the end of today, so get it while it's hot, anons.


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Cry of Fear is a free-to-play horror game on Steam. It's one of the scariest games I've played. I highly recommend it if you're a horror fan.


The multiplayer for halo infinte is free, and if your a consolefag, it wont require you to even need xbox live gold or whatever.

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