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I miss game manuals. You know, like when you buy a game and you see a little booklet in the corner. If you dont know how to play a game, they explain it, and they even go as far as to add goodies like a mini comic book, or even make the manual some meta thing, like if it was a vital part of the story! I miss when games where just plug in and play, where it was the full game without having to wait a day or two to update, or worse! i hate when i play the master chief collection and the whole damn game crashes because you lost connection to wifi even though it's on single player mode. Old game servers are still running for multi-player (like ps2 starwars battlefront) but its like a damn ghost town and its so sad! it would be cool to play metal gear solid PW co-op and have people online but i honestly doubt it'll happen. Games like halo CE used to be by the people, and for the people made by geeks and for geeks who just wanted to have fun and everything changed to where you have to grind for gear, and compete in a more formal manner instead of bullshitting like those old xbox live COD lobbies. Also its now more toxic, like political or plain labrat teir propaganda instead of a nice escape. (somethimes made to be addictive on purpose) Like in the last of us II where you are forced to shoot a dog, and then everyone in the game hates you for doing it, making you feel ashamed although you literally had no choice to do it.
I also miss those cheat codes like getting more in game money or god mode and you either have to pay close attention to discover it (writing tons of codes down on a single sheet of paper lol) or go online or buy a book to get some


I also miss games coming as a self-contained unit without a need for external servers. Games actually being finished at release, splitscreen multiplayer, being able to have a physical disk or cartridge that you could always rely on and know is yours.


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i miss strategy guides and info mags, i remember when i was a kid picking one called the big book of PlayStation cheats out of someone's bulk rubbish that i still have it to this day.
its pretty great it has full game strats on a couple games that had came out at the time and a section at the back just full of psx and ps2 codes


I used to have a bunch of mags for mortal kombat and upcoming games


For me it was nintendo power, they had the best game reviews and tons of goodies in every issue. They also had a bbs and they'd show off funny posts from there.
Pretty sad that they stopped making them around 2013 or so, will be missed!


My family collected Nintendo Power too. Nintendo power made me excited for the releases Nintendo had coming up at the time. I remember looking back at a Nintendo Power issue when it was discontinued and, it was satisfying to read articles on games I liked.


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