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ITT:Talk about your what your currently doing gaming wise. Please post screenshots of the game you are talking about for context. Feel free to talk about what you think about the story.
I am currently playing CrossCode which is an action RPG. It is pretty interesting so far. The combat is fun and the pixel art is very cool looking to me pic related. What is odd to me is that the developers seem to love diversity and have npcs of all different races. It hasn't affected the quality of the game so far but it is obvious what the developers politics are. Currently, I am doing a dungeon that involves a puzzle. I haven't had the energy to do it but I will definitely complete it to talk about it in this thread.


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I've made some progress in the game. I mostly struggled due to being tired while playing. It turned out the puzzle was hitting this stick thing with the rock structures. While I was clearing the dungeon I noticed the game reminds me of old Zelda games such as Minish Cap or Link to the Past pic related. The next thing I will do is fight the dungeon's boss.


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I had a rather brief session on Cross Code today. I had a boss battle I thought would take longer than it did. The boss was rather simple when you got the pattern down. After I beat that boss I was accused of cheating by a character in a cutscene which was kinda funny considering I thought the boss was going to be hard.


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Cool thread, I remember playing a demo of CrossCode before it came out. I might try the full thing if you'd recommend it.
As for myself, I just got finished with Mafia. I had been meaning to post sooner, but I never got any screenshots and ended up just grabbing one from someone else's gameplay video.
Anyway, that game was fun. The open world wasn't very robust, but the driving physics were very nuanced and it was interesting having cops care about certain violations that go ignored in other games, like speeding or running red lights. The gunplay was pretty standard, but serviceable, and the mission design was mostly a lot of the same thing. I found the writing to be a strong point, as it was more subtle and mature than in most games.
Does anyone know if the sequels or the remake are worth trying?


I've been enjoying it this far. I will probably recommend it but I need to know for sure that it doesn't fall apart. Also, are you able to escape the cops by driving fast? It seems like it would be a fun adventure to just run away from the cops.


Yeah, you can lose them by getting out of sight and hiding or killing all the ones that have seen you. The cops without cars are basically useless for this reason. You can also just pull over and pay the fine, unless it's something serious. In the end, whatever time you save by speeding is usually lost on the detours that the cops make you take, so it's best to only do it when they're not around.


i went through like half of the game not too long ago, but after that mission of the railroad/dock shootout part i just had enough of it since some missions can be really frustrating.


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I am also playing Langrisser I in addition to Crosscode. Langrisser is a comfy tactical RPG that got a remake fairly recently. I really enjoy that you have just a few characters or commanders, unlike Fire Emblem which has many. Langrisser uses the commanders well in battle and in the story itself. Sometimes the bosses are very powerful so I have to be smart to not get my commanders killed. For example, in pic related I had to have one commander attack and have the other commanders heal the attacking commander.


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I played a little more Cross Code. I arrived at what appears to be the first town. I met this German character who will probably be a major character. The town is really well done and I am still enjoying the game. It does seem that the devs are putting in characters of various nationalities on purpose. I guess the game is saying we will move past nations. It isn't a big problem, but it is obvious what the ideology of the game creator is.


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I also got two new games: Persona 5 Strikers and Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon/Blade of Light. I am looking forward to getting time to play these games. I just need to take some time for myself. That is my main issue with making progress in games.


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I've reached a foresty area in Crosscode. I really struggle with forest areas because I harp on parts of the forest that is irrelevant parts to progressing in the game. Another part of the game that will distract me is the side quests. Sidequest can be painful to complete. In order to keep the thread active, I will try my best to complete the side quests.


I just got my first clear in Slay the Spire, which I've been playing for the past 3 or 4 days. It's a card-based game where you have to build a powerful deck by accumulating cards over the course of a run. It reminded me of some board games I've played.
I managed to win by exploiting a combination of cards: Barricade, which allows your block to persist after your turn is over, and Entrench, which doubles your block. With these and a deck focused mainly on blocking, I was able to become untouchable after enough time in any given battle. Plus I had Body Slam, which damages an enemy by the amount of block you have, so I was pretty overpowered.
The game design was interesting, with a lot of variation in the dynamics of each enemy encounter. I don't usually play turn-based games, but the choices in this one always kept my attention and I had fun figuring out what strategy to build. The art and the soundtrack were pretty uninteresting, if well-produced. There were a lot of places where the developers tried to show a sense of humor with unusual scenarios or minor references to other games. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I got the impression that whoever came up with that stuff would annoy me if we met in real life. Oh well, it was still fun.
In conclusion, I got the game on sale but I still think I spent too much. It never seems to go below 5 dollars, but I'd recommend waiting for that if you're interested. Sorry I don't have a sceencap, I always forget to take one.


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In addition to Crosscode, I am also playing the first Fire Emblem game. It feels very ancient in comparison to previous games but I can't help but enjoy the game. I enjoy the variety of classes and I like how the units have names so I care about the units. It does seem like I have a lot of wing horse class I have no clue what it is called. There are not enough animations but that is the harsh reality with a game from 1990. If you are thinking about getting the game get it by the end of the month.
>Slay the Spire
I have that in my steam library. How does the turn based part of the game work with the card game? Can you give me an example of the devs sense of humor?


Each turn, you get a certain amount of energy and a hand of cards. You play the cards using the energy until you can't or don't want to play any more. You can see what the enemies are going to do on their turn, so you use your cards to prepare for their attacks while you damage them.
The humor wasn't the most grating I've seen, it's just a bit lacking in substance. For example, there's one scenario where you come across a fight between two people and can bet on the winner. One is the owner of a pet named Noodles who has been killed, and the other one is the killer. The owner is less likely to win, but you can get more money guessing him. It's not something that would bother me if I saw it in a cartoon, but it seemed out of place in the game's setting. I think hit-and-miss humor is pretty common with indie devs.
Anyway, if you already own the game, there's certainly no harm in giving it a try.


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I am having issues keeping every single unit. One issue is that it is harder to judge if the enemy will land an attack or if the attack will be a heavy attack. I want to keep every unit so I start the level over. It is getting frustrating doing the level multiple times.


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Hey guys, I just beat FTL. I remembered to take a screenshot this time, so here it is. I've had this game for a long time, but never played it as seriously as I did over the past week or so.
My winning strategy was to focus on weapons that would let me fire as many shots as possible to brute-force the enemy shields. I had some other runs that came close to winning with the same strategy, so I just stuck with it until it worked. I had to buy a lot of upgrades for shielding and evasion to survive the final battle. There were some enemy guys on-board my ship when I won, but I didn't have to kill them after blowing up their ship, and it never said what happened to them. I guess they surrendered. Interestingly, my winning run was considerably far below my high score.
FTL was a fun game that I think did a good job of emulating the dynamic of classic Star Trek without being too derivative. The combat system is very deep and strategic, since each system on the ships can be damaged separately for different effects. You can even win by killing all of the individual crew members if the ship doesn't break apart first.
There are a few things that seem cheap or unfair. For example, if an enemy surrenders and you accept, then any shots flying from your ship to theirs will miss automatically so they don't blow up, but you don't get the same privilege and can still be hit. Also, the final battle is a bit dragged out, and the boss doesn't seem to follow the same rules as everything else. Still, there are some other ways that the game throws you a bone, like having enemy shots fall randomly across your ship instead of giving them the ability to strategically focus on any system.
There are many random elements, too, but that's just the nature of the game. I sometimes felt like it would come down to luck to determine whether I would be able to employ my overall strategy, but I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem if I was more adaptable.
I recommend this game to anyone who doesn't mind a challenging strategy game. The same developers also released another game, Into the Breach, which received a lot of praise, but I haven't played it. Does anyone know if it's good?


I have both Into the Breach and Faster than Light. I have not played either games, though it may be a good idea because I need to get back into PC gaming. Can you play Faster than Light for short sessions (1 hour or less)?


The game lets you save and quit, so you can come back and pick up where you left off. You can only load the save once, though.
If you want to play an entire run unbroken, then it probably won't be that quick unless you lose. I would say you'd have to give yourself an hour and a half at least, but that's just an estimate. It would depend on how you play.
If you ever try Into the Breach, let me know what you think. It seems interesting to me.


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The first Fire Emblem requires you to be more tactical than the more modern games. I have to be more careful. I managed to beat the third level. The movement was I did slow which, is very different from the 3DS games I played. This game so far is as rewarding as the other games I played.


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I am getting pretty far in Langrisser 1. The next level is some kind of castle. This cave episode was pretty fun. I enjoyed that the bosses had different weak points and abilities. That added to the challenge.


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I've played a lot of Bully lately. I enjoy the simple idea of the game. Personally, I enjoy bullying police officers or prefects because they fight back and it is fun to be chased. The quests in this game are really interesting and funny at moments. One quest I protected the lunch lady while she was on a date with the blind chemistry teacher. At the end of the quest, the blind guy received his vision and was horrified at how ugly the lunch lady was. In another quest, I invaded the nerds' headquarters. In hand-to-hand combat, they were a joke, however, they had an overpowered gun. It took many tries but eventually, I gained a gun out of it. Pic related from the nerd side quest.


Playing minecraft on the xbox series x, i feel like rip van winkle. I missed so much stuff. I last played around 2016 or so, and when i actually started playing i instantly died lol. I had to mess around a bit in creative mode and catch up with all the new added features in several wiki articles and i managed to make a 20 blocks long, 20 blocks wide and 4 blocks tall house i plan on turning into a hotel that goes both underground and as high as i can in the air in survival mode in the infinte setting so i won't get lost when exploring, and i can mine for resourses at the same time. come on minecraft what the hell is that flying manta ray thing and those underwater zombies


Minecraft why! those things came out of nowhere and broke into my house fbi style and i had no armor on, or weapons. lucky me i ran down the basement i made and quickly made a stone sword, they almost killed me though. dont know what the curse they put on me does, hopfully nothing.


got a kewl banner and a award for killing the leader


The great part of Minecraft is that you can easily pick it up after years of not playing. It hasn't changed all that much but, the amount it has changed gets your interest. I can see why you died quickly. It takes a while for you to get back into the swing of things. Are you on your own server or someone else server?
Did you investigate if they had their structure anywhere near you?


Yes, i explored the entire map and there's no nearby structure or even a village of regular villagers. there was at least 5 back when they raided my house and now there is only 3 every couple days.


The infinte land is pretty cool, and the coordinate numbers are great, now i can explore and still find my way home without a map
>Are you on your own server or someone else server?
My own.


> I can explore
Do you last long on your journey? I often die quickly because I don't have good equipment and I suck at video games.
>My own
I assume it is private, so do you plan on keeping the server for a long time?


>Do you last long on your journey? I often die quickly because I don't have good equipment and I suck at video games.
I had collected a full set of enchanted golden armor, and i died after getting killed by a charged creeper and one of those phantom things, and i lost my armor and my map which sucks. I tamed a horse, and i found some temple structure that was booby-trapped and it had some diamond horse armor, with some luck i now plan on planning things out instead of killing myself.
>I assume it is private, so do you plan on keeping the server for a long time?
I plan on getting to the point where i can do cool stuff like kill the ender dragon, kill the wither, explore the nether, apparantly there's a secret city in the end and i'll explore that, get a full set of enchanted armor and tools, Build cool stuff like a roller coaster, The list goes on.


Literally out of nowhere i found some golden armor in the nearby river. I've been getting some enchanted books and weapons in the nearby lake so i'm feeling pretty powerful


Yeah, I've found golden armor in the middle of nowhere in the past. The more I explore the more I find that structure that has a chest with golden stuff. Golden equipment may not be the best equipment, but it helps me when I do not have a lot of items. I haven't personally figured out how you used enchantments on Minecraft. Also, can you post a screenshot of your inventory? It will be interesting to see your loot.


>found gold armor in a nearby river
Sometimes zombies spawn with gold armor, could be one died in the sun then his armor fell in the river and got carried to you.


Went for a ride on my horse with diamond armor, saved the game and quit, and when it reloaded he was gone? The wolves i had with me also just dissapeared?
>post a screenshot of your inventory, it will be interesting to see your loot.
it'll be a bitch to get a screenshot off of my xbox but i'll figure it out
sounds about right


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I've restarted my Final Fantasy III journey. My data was wiped because Square Enix did not do a good job porting this game. All my 10 hours of progress were gone because of a dumb error. My steam controller also did not work with the game I was playing on steam. What I did today was gather my party. I realized I want to play this game a lot. The art style appeals to me and I like the job system. I discover a place I didn't find last time I played pic-related.
>it'll be a bitch to get a screenshot off of my xbox but i'll figure it out
I am hoping you can develop a system for getting screenshots easily. Also, did it change to the day when the wolves and the other mobs disappeared?


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Langrisser 1 is a good game so far in my opinion. I quite enjoy how the game follows a formula but it continues to challenge you as a player. In chapter 18 I think I invaded a castle. The enemy units were more powerful than before which caught me off guard. I enjoy how the game respects the competence of the player. One of my commanders was brainwashed and it was a struggle to rectify that situation because the spellcaster was behind heavy enemy unit protection.


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I purchased the Super Mario 3D collection before Nintendo shut it down. I have no clue why they did that but, I am glad I have an excuse to revisit Mario 64. Historically I played the DS version of Mario 64 so, playing the original is weird. My brother said this version is bad, but I don't get it. I still enjoy the game because the gameplay is fun. Sure it has fewer features, but it is still Mario 64. I enjoy fighting the bomb on the first map. It took a few minutes for me to defeat it because at first, I was apparently bullying the bomb by throwing it off the stage. I had to throw the bomb on the stage role. I am going to have fun playing it over the next few weeks.


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I got some time to play Final Fantasy III a few days ago. During this playthrough, I gathered my party. My favorite party member besides Luneth is Ingus. I think that is because I enjoy playing with the clique prince or soldier character who is powerful. Ingus's design is cool. After that, I started my journey into the cave to cure the townpeople's sickness of being an outline of a human being. The enemies are powerful so, this will take some time to finish.


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I finished the dungeon and, it was easier than I remember. Now that I am done with that, I am going to hit the ground running.


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I've made significant progress since I last made a post here. Clearing that dungeon now allows me to have classes on my characters. Here are the classes I gave my characters: Luneth-Warrior, Arc-Red Mage, Refia-Thief, and Ingus-Monk. Now that my party has classes I have to procure specific items that work with the said class. Thiefs can only use knives and daggers and monks can't have heavy armor for example. After figuring that out, I talked to the airship NPC in order to progress in the story. I think went up the mountain and got abducted by a dragon. Pic related. I ended my progress escaping the nest with a new character. I wonder what his role in the story will be.


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After I got past the mountain, I got to the area that shrinking your team is required. I then went into a village and was told I smelled funny. Passing through the village was required to get to the cave. The cave was scary because you could not unshrink yourself and, I remember I was helpless without magic when facing enemies. Luckily this time I, was able to avoid mobs. Once I finished the cave I, reached a cave with Vikings. They promised to give me a ship if I put a dragon to sleep. To put the dragon to sleep, I had to procure the eye to the dragon statue. Unfortunately, I had to shrink and, this made attacks with swords useless. Because swords were very ineffective I had to change everyone's classes to some kind of mage which was very inconvenient. After this was finished, I got the ship and finally, I have caught up to where I was before the data was wiped.


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Langrisser 1 came to a sudden end. All in all, it is a great game. The difficulty for Langrisser wasn't too hard but, it was not easy at the same time. As you got further in the game, it became progressively more difficult which is good. I like how the game respects the player's ability to play the game. Like I previously stated the magic became more aggressive and, that was cool. The lengths of the level became longer which, was very satisfying. There were some constraints due to the budget. The story was harder to follow as an English speaker because there was only Japanese voice acting. The cutscenes consisted of the image and text of the character, which reminds me of Fire Emblem Awakening from the 3ds. The cutscenes leave more to be desired on this front because cutscenes make the story easier to follow. The issues were because of budget likely which, is excusable. I cannot follow recommend this game yet because this game comes with the sequel but this a solid game 8/10.


lucky bastard, yeah they shut it down because it was made for mario's birthday. limited edition deal with like several thousand copys released only.


>What is odd to me is that the developers seem to love diversity and have npcs of all different races. It hasn't affected the quality of the game so far but it is obvious what the developers politics are.

Wat kind of a world do you live in? You know that there are 100s of ethnicity's just on regular earth right?

>but it is obvious what the developers politics are.

What, you know what there politica are because they put multiple races in their vidya gaym? This is silly.

Looks like a really cool game though I just cant get over the point you made, it is ridiculous. ABSURD!!!


Ah yes, hello fellow vidya gayme poster
I have my old 3ds and i didnt know what to do with it (still dont) And i have a small amount of games. So i've been screwing around, earning those coin thingys and downloading all freeware crap in the store. One of those freeware thingys is RPG Maker Fes. I've played and enjoyed plenty of RPG maker games in my past, havent played LB, but i have played yumi nikki, and several decent obscure ones. I was hoping soneone remade yumi nikki or something so i can play on the go, but no one has. The thing that pisses me off, is that some retards advertise their discord servers, and yeah people make shit (or chatroom?) "rpgs" for god knows what reason
So far i've played two games;
Unnatural selection
(actually played it half way because the puzzles are hard)
One might say it's "saw inspired" but you'd be wrong. More like 999. An artist gets kidnapped along with several other people due to being related to the kidnapper and have to play deadly games to escape. It uses the RPG Maker assets quite well, and the characters are believable. It's only flaw is that the puzzles where probably made first, then the story written afterwards. It doesnt make sense as to why some of it exists but i must say they are damn brillant.
Apartment 412
Very short game with two (sort of retarded) puzzles,The graphics and audio are very well put together. The story is about a guy who lost his memory [spoiler]the true villian is himself[/spoiler]
A third one, is called a cup of milk. I dont want to spoil that one, it was made to be retarded and i love it. I found 10 other interesting games that people made and i'll talk about them as i play them. It seems that the community is dying and besides those 10, i'm unsure if there will be other interesting games. Btw, You can play other peoples games, but you cant make them unless you have the 3DS chip.


So i sat down to play some Halo 3, MCC version on console, wanted to get a feel for the controls so i decided to play the floodgate level. Make it to the point where you get ambushed by the flood and i almost got a heart attack, the god damned muzzle flash was so damn loud, not only that but the flash when you fire bullets was so bright it took off half the damn screen so i couldnt see where i was shooting at so i raged quit
Did it happen to anyone else? perhaps someone fuked up with the recent update and its just some type of bug?


Another thing is chiefs voice is off, when he dies, instead of his default scream by his voice actor, it's a diffrent scream by an NPC its just so off putting lol


Was playing alan wake recently. What i love about it, is that it reminds me of those horror tv shows like x files or buffy, its heavily cinematic. Its also nice to find a ripoff of the twilight zone that plays on tv sets in game along with listening to licenced music on radios in game. the controls are quite simple along with game play. Point flashlight at shadow monster, then shoot but an issue is that too many can swarm you at the same time if you arent careful. The games heavily cryptic about that the shadows are and the opening in itself is an enigma which i'm pretty fine with.


I thought Alan Wake was pretty cool too, I like all the meta humor in it. It feels like it's able to be playful without being too on-the-nose. I originally got Alan Wake because it was by the same studio as Max Payne, which I am currently replaying on New York Minute mode. I'm finding that to be a lot of fun, since it forces aggressive play and makes you use everything at your disposal. Maybe I should replay Alan Wake sometime and try to get the extra stuff that's exclusive to Nightmare mode.


Physical copies are still being sold. I wish they had the ds version of Mario 64 rather than the n64.


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Langrisser 2 is also a great game. The difficulty for the game was about the same asLangrisser 1. It is pretty comfy, to be honest. Langrisser 2 also respected the player's intelligence. The difficultly and length increased as the game went on. There are also restraints in Langrisser 2, but there are more well-done photos pic related. The sequel had a more advanced level and, it was good. I would recommend Langrisser 1+2. Langrisser 2, for, me is an 8.5/10


File: 1060.jpg (212.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1630293327113.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

It was cool that the supporting cast also got good treatment from the developers. I just wanted to share this image because I think it is neat.


File: 2021-08-29 (1).jpg (206.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1630293955841.jpg) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I also forgot to mention that there was a love arc between the main characters in the story and, I think I got the ending where everything worked out. That might have been every ending I, am not sure.


I beat metal gear solid V phantom pain, and yeah. Played like a damn fiddle indeed. Mission 51 shouldn't have been cut, quiet should have been developed more as a character, still an enjoyable game though.
Now i'm playing kojima's first game Metal Gear via emulator.
Expected lengthy opening text to explain Solids background or what the mission is about, but i didnt get that. It's more like zelda but with guns with few cryptic dialoge between NPCs (which is fine lol) I also kinda screwed up and had to backtrack in order to figure out what i did wrong. Fought against a boss with a lame name, Shotmaker. Then rescued grey fox .


This game is what pain feels like.
Saving doesnt really work, certian rooms and elevators auto-save for you. To make matters worse, booby traps insta-kill you and some are unavoidable. What does that mean? If you die via booby trap, it resets to that checkpoint. 30 minutes to an hour going through the same rooms over and over and re-collecting the same items. The two worsts traps are pitfalls, and these giant steel logs.
So close near the end tho and i'm not giving up.
Fun fact, the game came with a paper map of outer heaven, [spoiler]Which was accurate at first, but as you play the game further it starts making stuff up to the point where it doesnt make sense. this was hinting at big boss betraying you, and kojima being a bitch[/spoiler]>>518


If you're on an emulator, can't you use savestates? I use them all the time as checkpoint systems in old vidya can be quite annoying sometimes.


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I'm currently playing Shadow of Chernobyl. I've played it a couple of times but haven't in a while so now I'm going through it again. I love how this game that came out in 2007 still holds up today. It's such a unique experience, there's nothing quite like it. The graphics might not look as good as modern games but they have a special feel to them and I feel they still look good and stylish.
This time I'm playing with a mod called Inferno. It's an obscure, old mod that changes the gameplay a lot and adds some weird features into the game. One of these weird features is that suddenly an event called "Inferno" can happen where the sky turns crazy like pic related and a bunch of mutants and phantoms appear and attack you. I'm still having a blast with the mod. The modding community is another reason this game is so great, there's a bunch of mods out there that all offer their own special experience. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a caring community. It holds this game to such a high value that people are driven to create new content for the game and keep building upon it. It really shows that this game is special, people keep coming back to it because of it.
I say the mod is old because it was built on the first retail release of the game. To play the mod you have to downgrade the game to its first version, before patches by the developing company were released. These patches provide bugfixes and such so playing without them can be a wild experience. Pretty much every character in the game can die (save for traders and such) and the A-life of the game is crazy. The mutants can travel around the game world and what can happen is very unpredictable. One character I was doing a mission for suddenly decided to leave his original location and wander into the Zone, where he promptly died.
I don't even consider these factors bad for the game. I think it shows just how unique the game is. Some might even call it unfriendly, but that's only because Shadow of Chernobyl is a total passion project. It was in development for a long time. It was made with a clear vision of something special and no care for the expectations of others and because of this we now have one of the most immersive and atmospheric shooters out there. We'll never have a game like this again. I'm so glad that I can experience this game and I know I'll still be playing it years down the line.


Beat the damn game, just sped through it without thinking or saving. The boss fight against the metal gear, and big boss was easy, there was this intense ladder climb but overall it had a very lackluster ending. Next stop Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. I'm gonna play the xbox 360 remaster because apparantly it updated some of the graphics, and fixed some bugs. I have a feeling its going to be fun.


Played the multiplayer for halo infinite and i've found it to be honestly quite fun, there's a new grapple hook powerup where you sling around like spiderman and it's fun to sling around with
It's more focused on powerful weapons with short ammo though and i'm not a fan of the new armor, like it doesnt really match the "halo universe" such as a helmet that has cat ears or even some skyrim looking stuff.


I started playing titanfall 2. I was honestly dissapointed by the previous game due to it having brillant concepts like cool giant mechs but for it to be wasted for a glorified multiplayer shooter with no story whatsoever. So far it's been interesting, i like how you can do parkour everywhere and it isn't really obvious where certian walls are located or whatever, it all blends in well. Would've liked the mech you pilot to talk a bit more, like about his previous operator but i havent played too far so i shouldnt expect much untill i make it far into the story. Pretty interesting being totally screwed and having to just survive instead of piloting on the battlefield like i was honestly expectingcthe game to do. Gameplay is fun, kinda like metal gear solid V where it's a smart man's shooter, you have to actually think tactically and parkour gives you an edge and the ability to do crazy stunts. Also the MC is a bit of an everyman or atleast bland but it's still the same thing where i still have much more to do before i get the information i want. i'm also kinda worried that the story will end up being short but i'm not going to lose hope.


Certian levels seems to have interesting gimmics like using time travel to move forward and backward in time and i used it to fuck with the enemies shooting at me so i'd just one hit punch them


Jesus this game is way too short! It's really good though, amazing i might say but it honestly leaves more to be desired. I want more to be frank. I love the titanfall story i got sucked into and the gameplay but it honestly wasn't enough. I enjoyed the ride tho. I'm gonna start playing bioshock now.


Just to elaborate further, you can seriously beat this game in like 3-4 hours


Also if anyone knows of any good mech games, let me know lol titanfall made me much more interested in this idea along with robotech and gundam.



>Into the Breach

A turn-based strategy game made by the developers of FTL that plays almost like a puzzle game. Just watch the trailer, I can't really describe how it plays but its very good and quite unique.


A Battletech strategy game. The original game is abandonware so you can get it for free. https://www.moddb.com/mods/mechcommander-gold-hi-res/downloads/mcg-darkest-hours-fullversion This mod includes the original game along with a bunch of extra shit and higher resolution support.

>Front Mission

A strategy RPG series. I can't really tell you which is the best because I have heard many conflicting viewpoints, though apparently 3 is the worst? That was the one I initially tried and I didn't have any issues with it during the few hours I played. There is DS port of the original game which I've gotten on my homebrewed 3DS but I haven't played very much of it yet.

There is also the Mechwarrior and Armoured Core series as well as Battletech (yes, the game has the same name as the tabletop franchise) but I haven't played any of them. In Mechwarrior and AC you control a mech directly. Mechwarrior is a Battletech series and Armoured Core is a series made by From Software (of Dark Souls fame). I really couldn't tell you which Mechwarrior game to play but apparently For Answer is the best AC game, although there are a lot of them. The game doesn't run very nicely on emulator though, so perhaps you will have to play an older title (I think AC2 for the PS2 would be a good bet. I'm sure another anon that has played the games could give a better opinion, though).

Battletech is also a strategy game but its gameplay resembles the tabletop game a lot more. I don't know of any games that play like Titanfall though. A bit of a meme game you could try is Shogo: Mobile Armour Division. It was made by Monolith (who also made F.E.A.R and Blood, both excellent shooters).


I have the game but haven't played it yet. It feels comfy because of its simplicity in comparison to other games.

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