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Alright so this thread is for discussing all things metal gear related. Also i plan to play the metal gear series, in chronological order, and discuss them as i play. Haven't played this game series before and i think it'll be interesting.


First off, metal gear three. I read it's first in the series (story wise, not by release date)


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>Does this panty waist know what hes doing
Also, nice helmet.


Lost my history because i fell asleep without getting to the point where i can save and my xbox shut off




>Major tom
The controls are simple yet hard to master, with time perhaps i'll get used to everything. Also first save discussion was pretty comfy, para-medic was discussing godzill, also not sure what snake's implying by this pic related. So far it feels like your standard military infiltraition game, even though it's old it really does look and play like a good game.


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forgot pic


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That talk snake had with boss was great; asking him who he's even fighting for. probably going to be brought up again. also ocelot, MEOWWWWWWWW whats with the spurs on his boots? also the jackass was trying to quick draw a gun like a revolver, and the hand flip thing was a bit much lol.


Who even are those people? kuabara? why does volgin have lightning powers? some guy with hornets, a guy with a long tongue, old guy, and a nuclear tank? damn i thought this was going to be normal!


lol sokolov nuked his fellow russians with a nuke gun thingy


badass james bond music, this game gets better and better by the minute


I wonder why the brass want's to use snake as a scapegoat? and by gosh, the davy crocket is a real gun, guys. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davy_Crockett_(nuclear_device)
so major's codename name was tom, but he thought it was unlucky so he changed it to zero? pretty odd but ok. he mentioned "who are the patriots" "la li lu le lo" what? signet mentioned the bosses old team, who cobra squad was : "the pain" "the end" the fury" "the joy" "the sorrow" So cool, named like comic book characters.


EVA shooting those ambushing soldiers with that chinese pistol was awsome, but then this happened
I honestly cant even discribe this cut scene so i found the youtube video. Bike kick flip lol, Ocelot really needs to get gud.


Honestly, after starting operation snake eater and hearing boss asking snake to "rethink what he's doing" and that he should "go home" i don't think things are going to work out too well. Snake's a pawn and it's probably going to be some RMS Lusitania teir operation. he'll have to kill the boss, and cobra squad, probably because they know too much/too powerful. also in this case america is actually working with the russians to kill volgin, and destroy the superweapon. it's just going to be sad to see snake kill his mentor. Fought Ocelot, Honestly it was quite silly because of the overexagerated gun flip thing he kept doing. Killed the hornet guy, easy kill because he's a glorified power ranger, the explosion of his body was kinda funny and unexpected. I guess he had a bomb planted in his body? also after saving there was a funny conversation where snake is compaired to james bond, and he wants nothing to do with it, zero joked that snake will get a snake gun in the "next mission" lol.


LOL I killed the end before we could do a boss battle, they tried moving him into a warehouse so i thought this was the point where i should use my sniper rifle and i killed him and the people who where guarding him. Perhaps that was the boss battle?


amazing this game is perfect


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gator gang


Huh, good to know. https://youtube.com/watch?v=W-TKfvEm_SE This is amazing, I thought that ocelot gun trick thingy was fake. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Z1Bv9y1rnrY


Lol, Snake's scientist disguise seems legit. Killing the Fear was hard as hell, i deide several times before thinking things out, First, get a feel for the layout. Second, see how he reacts, where he jumps, what he does when he gets tired, and soforth. Third kill all animals, (and other gound related food sources) and spring all traps. Ran around for a bit, then stood in this area where he can only hop on three branches. When he shot at me, i ducked behind a tree and fired back, to the point where i killed him rather quickly.


So since i dont need to kill the end i had to slaughter all of ocelot's troopers, after that i had to climb a long ladder and needless to say, i don't think i'll ever climb ladders normally ever again. VERY cool how it played the theme as i was climbing, i think the end is nigh.


Bit too hard to kill the fury but i pulled it off. Shooting the waterpipes and leaking water everywhere didnt even phase him, it just slightly put the fire out and overall useless. For some reason, planting TNT didnt even effect him either, so i just pulled a Rambo and shot the hell out of him and got it over with even though it almost killed me.


Overall, the graphics and gameplay are dated, but they aged well, if you know what i mean. The cutscenes are a bit too long but hey, i quite enjoy it so it's not an issue for me.


lol rikov is gay, he's wearing a thong with volgins logo on it


goddammit snake's screwed


Snake got beaten up by volgin and lost his eye by ocelot, then he escaped and drowned in a river.
The Sorrow bossfight is cool, got to see all the people i killed in game. Sad he forced his wife, the boss to kill him so they can finish their mission. Also, he was behind the boss whenever you press the RB button which is some nice detail there. I wonder why he helped snake escape from prision?


Best anime ever, 10/10 So USA was after the philosopher's legacy, sent boss to get it, but got blackmailed by volgin. the boss battle against volgin was easy, just throw him and shoot with the shotgun, apparantly thats not canon though since it actually looks like they punched the hell out of eachother and volgin got some heavy internal imjuries, he vomited blood. after 4 hours of cutscenes, due to the c3 i planted near the fuel supply for the shagohad, there was a large explosion but apparantly it was only to the supply for making the other shagohads, so it was up and running. hopped on eva's bike and it turned into a cool indiana jones-teir shoot 'em up/bike chase game. It led to a boss battle where volgin shouted >it's not over yet!
three to four times like a mentally stunted person. I'm not sure how it works but after the tank was disabled, he pulled some wires out and rode it like a horse but ok whatever its an anime game. He got struck by lighning, caught on fire and then blew up. what a way to die. another bike chase later, snake and eva got screwed due to the bike being shot up and fell off. Snake basically got disabled but eva got stabbed in the chest and requires surgery. So i go to heal eva right? well i noticed several things.
>medical history: breast enhancements, lower back pain, night terrors?
>x-ray vision
>her nipples are visible
>if you shake her, her breasts jiggle
Bravo kojima, he added so much detail for literally no reason whatsoever lol


Geez, snake was an atomic test subject and no i was wrong. boss wanted to use the money to remake the philosphers? nah i think it was an excuse for the us goverment to take snake out? or maybe thats just her dream? i honestly cant even explain the story that i'm seeing, this is insane, if not depressing. I wonder who her child is? had to kill the boss. the flowers turning blood red was honestly heartbreaking. where the hell did ocelot get that hovercraft?
>"try to remember the basics of cqc" ocelot is ADAM? lol snake got played by eva, she actually worked for china and stole the legacy. boss was a true hero and patriot. usa wanted the philosphers legacy, volgin killed and the shagohad destroyed. because volgin dropped the nuke, usa forced snake to kill the boss so they can prevent the cold war.
>"history will never know what she did. her story will only endure in your heart, everything she did she did for her country, she was a true patriot"
damn. what an ending.
>"sons of the big boss are born"
Well i finished off snake eater. This game is too good honestly i'm never going to forget it. next on the list, Peace walker.




Replaying MGS5 for the 4th time, I find it really relaxing to play even if it's not great. Mods help


In recent news, there's talk of a metal gear solid remaster for ps5.
Busy playing peace walker. It turns out i'm quite stupid because there's a prequel to peacewalker called Moble Operation for the ps vita (which i don't have, nor the ability to find both the system or the game) so i'm probably just going to have to watch a gameplay/lore video online after i complete PW. Gameplay's pretty fun, it reminds me of a moble game with more simplified controls and graphics then Snake Eater had, which is fine, i dig it and the motion comic cutscenes is a nice touch. The lore's pretty cool too, snake vs the socialists and the CIA diring the whole Cuban Missile Crisis. Snake starting his own PMC after dealing with Operation Snake Eater, (taking the boss's advice) seems right and is a neat touch, so now i have to kidnap various soldiers to expand my army and to help liberate cuba. The boss being the AI pod for peace walker is honestly unexpected to me and i can imagine what snake thinking because he'd probably now have to kill her a second time.


What type of mods do you use?

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