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Ahoy twootsters, I am in a need of mobile vidya recommendations. I open the play store and all I see is horrid shit that stuffs your face full of kike advertisements. Are there any hidden gems or something that I'm missing or is just the modern mobile vidya industry absolute dogshit with no redeemable qualities?


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To add some context, I haven't played mobile games ever since flappy bird was released (holy guacamole it was released in 2013, I've been missing out a bit), I spent most of my time playing all sorts of shid on my sony ericsson w810i, funnily enough after 12 years of daily use it's still working and serving one of my relatives.
Here's the type of games that I used to play back then
>Prince of persia (2008).
It was laggy as fuck but I enjoyed it anyhow.
>Prince of persia: two thrones (2005)
Same issue I guess but the kills were brutal as fuck. Pic related, it was also a bit spicy hehehe.
>Gangstar crime city (2006)
What's cooler than being a gangster and dealing "candy" to strangers?
>Gravity Defied (2005)
This one was great because iirc you could make your own levels and shid to fuck around with
Sorry for kinda straying off and blabbering bout this stuff, but ya know what I'm sorta getting at now - bigger topic for the thread alongside the original question: what in god's name happened to mobile vidya industry in the past decade?


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I've recently been trying to find some mobile games and came across a few nice little free ones.
The first is a game called Grim Quest a nice Turn based rpg with optional permadeath and a hard difficulty.
the second one is ECLISE a mod for plants vs zombies 2 that makes it much harder and removes all paid elements from the game.
the third one is antimatter dimensions a idle game with many layers too it so much that i have been playing an hour a day for 2 months and still have not reached the half way point
The fourth is Pocket camp which is a nice little version of animal crossing for the phone open it up for about 10-20 min a day to do some tasks or spend more time in getting the correct residents in your camp.


There are numerous ports of games that you can find on video game consoles. Are you trying to find free games?


>Are you trying to find free games?
Uhh I guess so, back in my day most if not all games were free, all you had to do was go to wapdam.org or waptrick.com and you could get all the coolest games free of charge. If you exclude the $$$ the jew operators took for the internet usage.
Also it'd be real cool if you could name some of those game ports that you've enjoyed anon.


I am currently looking into playing a game called SaGa RS. SaGa RS is a mobile RPG in the Romancing Saga series. I haven't played much of it because I am not a mobile gamer myself. The trailer did look cool to me. Square Enix and Nintendo have quite a few mobile games I hear.


That certainly looks interesting. I found chrono trigger for sale aswell so I might go with that since now I have an excuse to get it.
Here's some I found that may interest others aswell
>Chrono Trigger (as once already mentioned)
>Fran Bow
>Bloons TD6 (i used to play the series on ninjakiwi years ago)
>Some of the final fantasy games
>Muse Dash
>Kingdom new lands (amazing game on pc)
But I want to continue what I asked earlier.
Like, on early days of smartphones there were lost of cool games - Dead Space, Star Wars Force Unleashed 1&2.
What the fuck happened? Where are all of them now? Why is everything so shit now?


Read the reviews for Square Enix games. I heard bad things about the Chrono Trigger port a couple of years ago. Basically do research before you buy.


The only good mobile game that I have ever played was Terra Battle, and that shut down.
Gaymin on the mobiles isn't really worth it imo.


You could try playing metal slug attack for a while but ditch it as soon as you finish the single-player campaign. It's a pretty looking game (it inherited cool pixel art style form previous games in the series) with nice music and the gameplay is ok, however it has all the micro-transactions shit you can imagine, plus once you start playing against other players it becomes boring: it's all about obtaining the new shiny overpowered units by spending a game currency at a lottery mechanism. But the first time I played through the single-player campaign it was fun, and the only real limit for a f2p player was that I couldn't play a lot every day.
Otherwise I share the sentiment that computer games are better, but emulating sounds interesting too


>Gaymin on the mobiles isn't really worth it imo.
True, but way back as a wee kiddo I loved pullin out my PSP or gameboy to make boring trips more interesting. At times I have to ride a train for several hours so there still is that need for something interesting in my case.
Where do y'all get yer gaymes anyways? The plain old (((play store)))? Or do you guys torrent .iso files or something and then niggerrig the bootlegs to work on your phones?


Yeah i get stuff from the (((playstore))). Although fosscad is an android alt, seems messy to install.
I used to play moble games but either i get paranoid its spyware, its pretty lame, or it drains my battery too fast. i pretty much have some old time radio app and some tools i need for work. I used to play some strategy game but i dont remember the name. one of these day's i'll find it again.


is it me or good free apps often get removed from the playstore all the time (i download apk from apkpure)
anyone remember es file explorer also i get less ads on third party app stores (my android has no google account whatsoever)
dont forget VT virustotal official store gets laid often with malware sadly

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.dakror.quarry&hl=en&gl=US (reminds me of assembly line and factory idle)
found this while looking at langtons ant game of life
the most depressing part is whenever you search for games social media anime RPG crap is the first thing that shows up good singleplayer ones get drowned
also anyone have a cracked version of MCPE i got my SD card ready


i have cat bird on my other device pretty much free but a little bit of ads is fine
i download mine here https://apkpure.com/cat-bird/com.raiyumi.catbird


Did you ever decide on what games you want OP? If so how are you enjoying them?


Haven't decided yet, anon, I haven't had the time for mobile games funnily enough


>Occidental Heroes
Totally free. No ads or in-game purchases. Lead a small band of mercenaries around an open-world map, taking quests from the different local leaders. Get stronger by buying gear rather than leveling.
Totally free. No ads. A very simple 4x that works well on touche screen due to the small scall.
There is a very good port of Nethack floating around out there that is very intuitive on a touch screen. No ads and free, of course.
>Kai Chronicles
A very good mobile adaptation of the old adventure/RPG book series from back in the 80's. It's the incomplete series because of the difficulty of the project, but you can take your save game and move it to the PC port if you find you enjoy it enough.


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Anything that emulates or something like chess does it for me. Most games have a childish feel to them or pay to win, (or pay 10€ for some indie game lol). Really what you're asking OP is if there's a nugget of gold in shit. Also there's usually better stuff you can do besides mobile games like apps where you learn something or books. Really you'll realise most mobile games look good for a few minutes before being repetitive.
However there's 'mobile' games that were played on like flip phones or something that are actually good like a digital devil saga one I'd seen, so maybe something along those lines.
Also anyone remember Zenonia?


i play brawl stars and i like it

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