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Retrogaming thread, obligatory.
I adore retrogaming, loved this stuff my entire life.
What retrogames do you enjoy?
I am a huge fan of the original DOOM games and 90s FPSes, and I adore Shmups too. I love the Turbografx-16, unbelievably good console sadly overshadowed.
Computer stuff allowed too.


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I always liked early arcade games from NES/Famicom days.
They're simple but give you enough fun.
Still playing Dig Dug or Mappy from time to time, recently got hooked on Bubble Bobble.

> I love the Turbografx-16, unbelievably good console sadly overshadowed

It was popular in Japan though
Have the same feelings about Wonderswan
Think it had a potential if only it wasn't for poor management and Nintendo owning handheld market


Ye sure, but in terms of 16 bit console discussion, people don't talk about it... it's a rather sad state of affairs.

Wonderswan was aight too.


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Rate my collection

(I know it's mostly $1 kusoge/weeb titles but some of the better games released in US/EU regions are quite expensive nowadays.)

Any good Turbografx-16 games anon? I only know Bonk and Shubibinman.


Antarctic Adventure, класс!
Check out Air Zonk, Blazing Lazers, Dragon Spirit, and also the definitive home port of Salamander.


Good collection. Mine is small too since I live in a region where retrogaming is super small.

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