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Kongregate is going to die in the near future, deciding at the beginning on July 2020 to cease allowing new games to be uploaded, new badges to be made, and disabling the forums and most chat servers.
Threads about it can be found here, https://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate
The crux of this is the discontinuation of Flash support after December 2020.

lörs reaction? Will sites like Armor Games and Miniclip soon share the same fate?



One of the few good idle games.
How viable are places like Kong, AG, and NG (aka free aids zone) in 2020 though?


NG is going to keep using flash cause they have their own flash emulator that they are making and are using.
Should allow for flash to continue existing on at least NG for an indefinite time.
twoot is thinking of adding it to 22chan for /f/
https://ruffle.rs/ heres a link to it
maybe kongregate and the like will adopt it.


currently swfs with action script 1.0/2.0 are supported
its also open source


So 4chan's /f/ is safe since they are attemping to integrate ruffle


offtopic but can we archive the forums i found lots of interesting shit there
most games (if not all) are copy protected like arcade pre hacks
how are we gonna save it


if its going to die then they shouldnt have it copy protected and allow people to download everything.

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