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It seems that /vg/ is dead lets revive it with a game review thread.

You guys can post whatever games you have been playing and how you feel about them.


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I played Sonic Mania, it's a basic game, sprites and gameplay is great for a normal Sonic game. Mods are pretty fun as well.
Also, gonna download that Yotsuba image.


sonic mania was a good game but looks like sonic team is just leaning on that cause sonic has turned to shit the reason why me and many people loved the sonic adventure games is because it had a story other than >EeG mAn DiD bAd
>hAhA fUnNy
and had a real story and had good gameplay, sonic went so deep in the shit hole just keep making fun of there own games cause everyone says >game is bad
sonic forces could have been great if the writers didnt just do haha funny sonic stories and sonic forces WAS TO FUCKING SHORT


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I play Okami for Playstation 2. It's wonderful game. For the first few hours I had to get accustomed to visual style, but now I really like it. Gameplay feels kinda like 3D Zelda (I have only played Ocarina of Time), but it's not so dungeon-focused. It could be a little harder, I haven't died even once.


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Could anyone give me an actual review (preferably without spoilers) about Death Stranding? The gameloop seems appealing to me but no one seems to be able to explain to me how the story is good or bad.


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Because of the current steam sale I bought far cry 4. I really enjoyed the previous game, so I thought this one would be somewhat the same, but I feel like they missed the mark quite a bit. What I didn't like most of all, in the short playthrough that I did, was the setting itself. FC3 had a stunning location, 2 tropical islands, which people have called "a natural museum of technological savagery." FC4 went away from that and put the player in a mountainous zone which alltogether looks really bland and uninspired, and I had no interest in carrying on with doing missions in a place where it feels like the game itself has no interest on keeping the player motivated to continue on with any quests.


Ocarina of time for the 3DS
Played a bit of it before i encountered a game breaking bug that caused me to rage-quit. Lighting's too bright so it takes away the mood, (think of the xbox 360 remaster of Halo CE) they got rid of blood and either downright removed it or changed the color of blood to green. Frame rates still shit since they wanted it for nostalga reasons, they got rid of the muslum chanting in the fire temple and also the muslum gurdo logo. 3D affect and the ability to move the 3DS around is kewl. Will try to play again and complete soon.


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
Difficult has hell but honestly its worthwhile to get because of how fun it is. Combat is great and the story is pretty good. You play as an angel who gets cast out of heaven to protect humanity and solve a conspiracy that threatens all life. Havent played dragonquest before which is why some monsters felt a bit too lolrandumb but honestly it doesnt matter. Also you get an ability to find hidden dungeons with secret loot/big boss battles which is a nice touch. [spoiler]really fucking cool part of the story with gothic horror, a giant spider, and and a living porcelain doll girl thats honestly underrated[/spoiler]


Really cool antagonist, its just that they keep him behind a radio instead of him actually being in the action which sucks


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Since the Borderlands 2 expansion Commander Lillith and the Fight for Sanctuary came out only a few years ago, I'm gonna review that here.
This is all written from the perspective of a level 72 melee Zer0 build, from a veteran who's been playing since 2014.

-Environment Design and Atmosphere-
One thing I really like about FFS is the abundance of green. Pandora is usually a very orange and yellow planet, so to change up the scenery with gigantic vines and plants is a super cool way to mix things up. The level design is exceptional, with areas twisting around inside of themselves like they're 1) real places, and 2) have been infested with almost sentient plant life. Some areas are a bit confusing to navigate but it just takes some getting used to. The atmosphere is also amazing. It feels fittingly apocalyptic.
Overall, 8.5/10

-Enemies and Combat-
To say that FFS is hard would be almost as unfair as FFS is. FFS feels almost impossible sometimes, especially when you're playing a fragile class like Zer0. The plant enemies are super duper fucking tanky-- in fact, almost every enemy is super duper tanky. Even thinking about attempting to kill any of them without a Slagga on hand makes me want to fucking hurl.
While the infected enemies are only a mild annoyance, who I do find downright offensive are the New Pandorans. Pretty much all of them have shields, and their damage output would make Salvadore shit himself. I don't mind them having a decent damage output, but there are a few enemies that I find almost offensive. The Surgeon is like a TF2 Medic, with the health of the Heavy and a weapon like the Soldier. Most of my deaths were to the Surgeons or Marksmen.
The Marksmen have no shields, and have pretty low health. Alone they're not a big deal, but when there are more than three enemies, they become a nuisance, because they Slag you.
No enemy, unless they're a special mini-mini-boss type, should EVER be able to Slag you. Stack that with their tanky as shit design and insane damage output, and you have a rage inducing cocktail of questionable design.
The next enemy, the New Pandoran Pyro's, are equally as bad in many cases. Beyond just how devastating fire damage is late-game, they have insane grenades comparable to your own, with the only grenade mod that's more OP being the MIRV type that creates a black hole.
The Heavies, Infectologists, and Commando's are all honorable mentions, but don't feel quite as bullshit as the ones previously mentioned.
TL;DR, they're too deadly, too tanky, and overall feel a good few levels above what they should be.
I appreciate it not being too easy, but it's a bit too "not easy". 5/10

They're fucking horrible, but the Leviathan and Handsome Dragon are still the worst. I don't even want to talk about it. 2/10.

I find it funny that Borderlands is kind of subtly sexist all the time.[spoiler] Sanctuary gets taken over by the New Pandorans, and after you get a new base camp set up, you're sent through a little romp to try and get a cure for the "Paradise Disease" that Hector spread all around that area of the planet. Sanctuary gets taken over within hours after the rest of the crew complain about not having a leader, and have Lillith do about a quarter of what Roland would have. Lillith barely attempts to mount a defense against the New Pandorans, with the Vault Hunters doing literally all of the work while Lillith evacuates people. After this, Lillith sits on her ass for the rest of the story doing nothing while the Vault Hunter and other NPC's figure out what to do about the issue. Lillith doesn't command SHIT, she does about as much as she did in the main campaign, and is equally as annoying. Scooter dies, and the side quest for that is a little Cowboy Bebop reference, with "See you, space cowboy" being on a big sign that Ellie made. Ellie takes over the Catch-A-Ride and does a lot of new voice lines for them. Compared to Scooter's, Ellies lines are absolute dogshit. [/spoiler]
Overall, 4/10 Vaughn is stupid and I hate Lillith.

I've always liked Borderlands' music, and this is no different. 8.5/10.

I have one section dedicated to Sanctuary because it's such a MASSIVE fuckup that I CANNOT NOT make one for it.
Sanctuary is where the final boss of the DLC is. Now, in any other situation, the final walk to the boss would be quiet, and solemn, especially considering the fact you're walking through what used to be your home base. The atmosphere is thick and well done, the build up is perfect.
And what do they do? They fill the area with New Pandorans. What could be a short, calm walk right before the boss, is rather ANOTHER gauntlet of enemies. That's not even the worst of it.
There were at least 4 times where I respawned after dying to Hector, and there were enemies.
Right next to your spawn.
Right before the boss.
I fucking hate FFS, and I hate that boss.


Nice review, anon. Honest, to the point and covers all aspects of the game.


Thanks. I would like to make videos of a similar vein but that genre of content is over saturated and I can't video edit for the life of me. It's just too big of a commitment for me.


i almost checked youtube to see if your post plagurized a video lole its actually the perfect youtube review. >>371


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I got the Cultic demo and wanted to write a review on that but I worry about wearing myself out on the reviews, doing them as a daily thing or whatever.
Anyways, here goes. This is from the perspective of a long time shooter veteran, who considers himself pretty good at the genre, playing on Hard difficulty.

-Environment Design and Atmosphere-
The atmosphere is something to talk about with this demo. It's fucking top-notch. It reminds me of Blood, but even dirtier.
It's thick, grungy, and CHUNKY. The sound effects all sound like somebody punching meat really hard with a bitchip filter over it. Well, when I say all, I mean all. Every gun sounds exactly the same, and might even have the same sound effect, which is disappointing. The pistol and the shotgun all sound exactly the same, which shouldn't be how it is. On the other side, there's a color filter, which really brings home the exploitation film inspiration, and makes everything look super stylized.
However, that creates the issue where enemies are super duper difficult to tell from the background. While that can create an atmosphere of despair, and make the player feel super weak, that's not really a good thing in a game this much like Blood. Usually, from a distance, you don't know that an enemy is even there until they've already started to shoot you.
The level design is exceptional, and twists around a bunch which makes it feel like a coherent place. There aren't any optional paths, but rather areas are connected to eachother that FEEL like optional paths, but really aren't. It's a bit difficult to explain, I'm not entirely sure how to put it into words, but it's good.

-Enemies and Combat-
That brings me to the enemy design. So far, in the demo, there's three enemies, all of which are pretty much Blood enemies. There's the brown cultists, who aren't the most threatening, and are most similar to Blood's zombies. You can take a crowd of them out with your fists no problem. The grey cultists, who have guns (either pistol or Sten) and are a super sizeable threat. Then, the red cultists (green in Blood) who have a shotgun that will eat your health like nobody's business, and of course, throw dynamite. They're all pretty good, and work well in tandem. Enemies will kick objects to you, and use cover, so the AI is pretty good too.

In Cultic, there are currently 7 weapons. The hatchet/ fists, your Luger pistol, the Lever Action Rifle, the Sten Assault Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun, and Dynamite.
The weapons all work beautifully, save for 1. The hatchet is a good fallback weapon, because this is a game where just beating the shit out of people is still kind of an option. The pistol is a good one, but carries most of the weight of the demo, because of an ammo shortage I'll get to in a bit. The Lever Action Rifle is your sniper stand-in, despite the lack of a zoom. It does high damage, is slow to operate, and fires a single bullet. It works, but you need to be accurate, as with the pistol. The Sten is of course an assault rifle, and it does assault rifle things. Works as expected. The Shotgun is the one that stands out a bit however, because it kicks like a .44 in the hands of a 7 year old, and has an alternate fire mode. Fire mode one just fires one barrel, and the alt fire does exactly what you would expect.
Now, the not-so-ugly-duckling. The dynamite. It works well, but not as well as Blood's dynamite. Instead of the intuitive way that Blood does it-- hold Left Click to charge, when thrown instantly explodes when making contact. Press Right Click to light, putting it on a timer. When thrown, it will bounce and sit around until the timer runs out.
Instead, you hold Left Click to charge, and when you throw it, it just doesn't light. It lets you set traps that you shoot to activate yeah, but it removes any ability the weapon had to be in a reactive position, rather than a predictive one. Pressing left click lights it, and when you throw it, it's put on a timer just like Blood. It's still good though, and gets the job done well enough I suppose.
The ammo shortage is kind of disappointing too. I would really, really like to use the Shotgun or Sten more often, but they chew through ammo to a frankly insane degree, and I find myself relying on the pistol simply because it's got the most plentiful ammo. It's a shame, because I WANT to use the various weapons the game has, but it doesn't let me.

Now, this doesn't really deserve its own segment, so I'm just gonna say that it's really cool the level of interactivity you get in this. You can pick up lanterns and use them as grenades, pick up metal barrels for mobile cover, etc. It's a neat way to use the pick-up-anything physics gimmick. Various items explode and they're placed around frequently enough for them to be a genuine tactic.



I'm reminded of old school doom, as if it was more 3D otherwise yeah That type of old-school graphics are honestly underated


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Every game made after Half Life needs to have a setpiece in every stage, and this one is no exception. This one serves as the climax of the stage, only a somewhat violent walk to the exit left after it.
To put it simply, it served its purpose well. It's good at creating tension, feeling explosive, and making me shit my pants my first time through. I would do a play-by-play but I really don't want to spoil it, for those who want to try it out. It is a demo after all.
Honorable mention to the part in the caves where the music gets all quiet before you get into a long combat section and it kicks up the tunes a bit.
Speaking of...

The music is super good too. Not Ultrakill nonstop orgasm good, but it's atmospheric, catchy, and good all around. There isn't too much to say about it though. It's stylized in just the right way, and feels fitting for the setting.

This is more of a set up than anything else. You're a detective that's investigating a long string of strange disappearances, until you get kidnapped and brought to the source of all your troubles. It's about as complex as throwback shooters get, really. It's still an enjoyable way to frame the conflict though, and it's nice to see a throwback shooter protagonist who isn't driven by blind rage and anger. Moreso just a desire to survive than anything else.

One thing I didn't mention in my last post that I absolutely should have is how good the movement feels. It's pretty standard stuff, but it's just right. Movement is quick, but not Wolfenstein 3D quick, the jumping is a bit high but feels nice and chunky while still getting the job done, and your movement abilities are used frequently enough that it doesn't feel like another game where jumping is more of a formality, like CoD. Same thing with the crouch. There are a lot of little sections and secrets that require you to crouch, and it drives home a cramped atmosphere very well.
Another that I didn't really touch on was just how brutal bullets are. The comparison to Blood is not just because of atmosphere and style. Even a few seconds out of cover will have you riddled with more bullet holes than a piece of Swiss Cheese that was used in a firing range. They do a lot of damage, but crouching doesn't decrease enemy accuracy and enemies drop a lot of nice thick health pickups so it creates a weird dynamic where you're encouraged to pop in and out of cover a lot. You hide in cover while moving to flank the enemy while reloading, then you pop out and blast a few of them before sprinting out of their line of fire to reload and reposition. It's a nice change of pace, I like it.
Also, a lot of little things like the occasional slow-mo when you blast a cultists head just right, or the ways the enemies are put together make this game really special. It stands out in all the right ways.

Overall, I really really like Cultic despite all of the flaws and little niggles I've got with it. I can't wait for the full game to come out, and I recommend it, even if just for the unique experience.



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Been playing the saga of yakuza games and i fucking love it even tho they have some weak points in history or gameplay in different games but i like it anyways, makes me very inspired and happy by the characters and battles in the games they are so fucking cool


Your better off playing the PC Version of Obvlivion due to how SERIOUSLY buggy it is but i'm still having fun reguardless But it's bullshit when you work hard on something and you cant complete it because either something happened in the background like a character being killed by accident, doing something you didnt realise would break the game without even knowing it, shit programming thats literally broken thanks todd howard.
>mages guild quests
>some bitch wants me to get a necklace to cure her because she's insane without it
>go to area to get necklace
>turns out i'm literally fucked because the area is a literal maze with thousands of overpowered bad guys
>train hard and do some side quests
>go back in, still hard but i figured out a way to survive
>get necklace
>tries to give to woman but she says
>"insane gibberish" even though i have the damn necklace in the first place
>it even says that the last part of the quest giving the necklace to her
fuck niggers
>final step is me killing her then going out and killing everyone in a blaze of glory
>managed to kill the whole town and then atleast 12 guards before i died
>managed to get a guard to fight with and kill a villager lol
Great story tho i must say, i love how the maged guild is just as bonkers as the one in Morrowind, literally assasinating eachother just to stay ahead
[spoiler]my favorite quest so far is the assassins guild, The Whodunnit? quest where you have to pull a Hitman and force a group of people to kill eachother by sweettalking[/spoiler]


I think Oblivion is a great game. It's broken as hell but I still love it. Are you playing with the Unofficial Patch? If you run into problems like this it's good to go to uesp.net and read about whatever it is you're doing in the game.
Check the bugs section, from reading your story I think you encountered one. [spoiler]How did you miss the guy lol? He literally comes running at you down the stairs.[/spoiler]


He never did lol i talked to everyone in the mages guild with no results

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