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Does anyone here play Monster Hunter?


Been playing monster hunter since freedom unite, couldn't get myself to play all the way through world iceborne due to work and whatnot. Also don't play MHFU unless you're an actual masochist


Holy shit man, you mean the one on PSP? That game was clunky as hell and i never managed to finish it or even get past the first quests "fetch 5 meat pieces" or something. You really are crazy.


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>8 year old me living happily in the middle of nowhere going to my smol school
>Suddenly mommy doesn't like my daddy anymore
>We move out to the nearby city
>No father figure to help me make new friends at school
>Mom is too busy so she buys me a PSP and MHFU to make me shut up
>It'd be the only game I play for 2 years
>I didn't even make it past low rank
>All I did was kill the same few monsters that I was able to hunt over and over again
>At some point I made one friend and slowly stopped playing
>Until highschool started
>Lose my only friend
>Have to play MHFU to fill the void again
>Make it through high rank thanks to a few guides that I'd find on the school computers
>Nearing the end of highschool I had made it to G rank, beaten yama tsukami, akantor, ukanlos, red fatalis, gold rathian/silver rathalos, ashen lao shan lung, shen gaoren at g rank all solo
>Sometime before I entered electromechanic school I beat white fatalis event g rank solo and never touched the game again
>The PSP still is in the basement where I left it and still haunts me to this day
This game single highhandedly ruined my childhood


Whoa damn, and yeah, somewhat the same for me regarding the "All I did was kill the same few monsters that I was able to hunt over and over again".
I still have mhfu installed on my psp, I pirated many games and used CF ("custom firmware") to emulate all sorts of em on it, including like gameboy pokemon games. I had GTA Vice city stories and it probably was my favourite. God of War games also were pretty cool.


Seems more like it was incidental to your ruined childhood.

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