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So this sale is kind of shitty and many AAA games are not in sale, but let's see if somebody finds a good deal in some Indie or old game and share it with us.


Not fan of this genre, but this seems pretty good.


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Postal 2 costs $0.99 (0.99€) atm (you should buy the Postal 2 + Paradise Lost DLC package). Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 is also on -80% off, but that game is not everyone's cup of tea (it's rather grindy turn-based rpg with animu girls). And y-you can get 100% orange juice for $1.74 (1.74€).

For finding the best deals, I suggest you check the price history of the game(s) you are planning to buy on SteamDB (https://steamdb.info/) and consult this list of games that don't have other DRM mechanisms in addition to Steam itself: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Big_List_of_DRM-Free_Games_on_Steam


I totally forgot about Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (it currently costs $4.99 or 4.99€). It's a good RPG with vampires (but it isn't made for faggots).
You want to grab the unofficial patch because without it the game is broken: https://forums.planetvampire.com/bloodlines-tech-support/unofficial-patch-10-0-released!/
You should check the forums for newer threads for updates versions of the patch.

This also this has very fun mechanics and probably the best facial animations I have ever seen in games. A couple of warnings:

Firstly, do NOT pick Malkavian clan on your first playthrough because it add funny/weird dialog, however, some of the altered dialog also spoils some parts of the story and make it harder to follow.

Secondly do NOT pick Nosferatu clan on first playthrough since it alters and restricts the gameplay a lot (basically you must remain hidden. because of this you will miss a lot of things and quests).


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i heard it was damn hard.

i don't have any good games that are for sale, but if i had to recommend some cheap-ish games that are really great:
Dead Rising (20 euro)
Max Payne (10 euro)
Quake (10 euro iirc)

i would get the retail version for Max Payne and Quake, but steam isnt a bad proposition, especially for Max Payne.
as for Quake, i would recommend playing it on a source port.

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