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What are you playing? Who do you main? What other fgs do you play/have played?


literally the only fighting game I'm really into is Smash. All the others are just boring in my opinion.
>inb4 Smash isn't a fighting game
it's a game where you fight.


I used to have amazing times on brawlhalla with friends
I've played street fighter II because of its legendary status and it was nice
Also once I played some other ones too like tekken and mortal kombat
I'd say they are very fun when playing with other people but not as much otherwise


I second that for the most part I can't stand fighting games but i love me some smash bros. Most fighting games have so many moves that it feels like such a chore to learn them so I end up just spaming the same move over and over like a retarted until I lose.


injustice (both of them) is pretty danm good. easy to remember move list, and a good story.


I played Mugen and Fightcade: JJBA HFTF. I main mostly Jotaro in both games or Solid Snake in Mugen, I remember I played Melty Blood but, can't get used to the controls or find anyone really who wants to play it that much.


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I have been playing Fightans casually for years now, but some months ago i started playing GGXX, and holy shit, the gameplay is sooo GOOD. And playing GG did change the way i play fighters now, i love the freeform and technical aspect of ol' Guilty Gear. Everything is appealing to me, the characters, the music, sounds and combos, everything is so satisfying in this game.


Oh, im a huge dork, i screwed up the video link.
There. https://youtu.be/2oaWDRxmQ4I
And guys, check this crazy round start https://youtu.be/0yvFNEWWVIU?t=76 (1:16)


You shouldn't have trouble finding people for MBAACC, especially now since the new game came out, many newbies are checking out the original. The controls are super simple, just focus on learning air mobility.

There's so many games, where do I start with this series?

>inb4 Payday 2 isn't an RPG game
It's a game where you level up your character to fit a specific role, collect new skills and equipment, so that you can go on quests in a party of four


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Start with Accent Core Plus +R, the last revision of GG:XX and it has rollback netcode only on the steam version (by participating the public GGPO test)

Also check out dustloop for general game knowledge : https://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Guilty_Gear_XX_Accent_Core_Plus_R

The way Guilty Gear is played in general is determined on combo starters and block pressure for every character, but the way you approach on neutral is unique for everyone in the cast.

And for last, also check Guilty Bits playlist if you want an overview of each character : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfouOVyyhiM&list=PLj34EySs1Ieb8Wjnj9H2Q-G4mdPXTd_xH


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Started back in the day with Tekken2 and never skipped one title of the serie, but only when Tag2 was almost dead I decided to actually learn the game
Been playim soul calibur since 3 too.
Last year I sinked some time on KoF02UM,and while I'm trash at it, I'm looking forward to KoF15.
Recently I picked up Melty Blood TL and Samsho V special, but I don't have anyone to play them with.
Occasionaly I play smash too.
Usually I give any fg a try, if I have someone to play it


Which version?

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