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Steam     The official 22chan Steam group.
Discord     The official 22chan Discord Server.
Server Website     The official 22chan Minecraft Server.
No griefing/killing/stealing allowed in the minecraft server.

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anon waht r u sayin'

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Post games (and other similar forms of amusement) that you want to recommend to other Anons. I will start.

Halo Custom Edition (Halo CE) is a official expansion for the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo PC). What makes Halo CE different from Halo PC is that players can create custom levels (and weapons, etc.) for the game. Pls note that you need Halo PC product key to install it (but you can just search YouTube for Halo PC keygen and copy the key from the video). You don't need to have the CD, if you install the patch.

You can get Halo CE here: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=410
You also need the official V1.0.10 patch: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6798
You will probably also want to install the Halo Anti-Cheat (HAC2). It's not required but it makes your life easier. It enables things like automatic map downloads when joining a server. You can download it here: http://client.haloanticheat.com/release.zip
To install it, just copy the "loader.dll" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\controls" folder.
If you want to create custom levels and other content, you will also need the Halo Editing Kit (HEK): http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=411
AND the bug-free tags: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6690

To play custom single player maps, create a new shortcut for "haloce.exe" and add "-devmode -console" as launch options (without quotes). (I think the Halo CE installer adds Halo Custom Edition Developer Mode in your start menu by default.) Use that shortcut to launch the game. Then you need to open the console (press the key under ESC), and type "map_name map_name_goes_here" (without quotes and the file extension) and press ENTER.
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What's wrong with halo 4?


Completed halo 3 and started playing halo 4. I see what happened, that got shit from reach and merged it with halo 3, and fixed the graphics. still no health system :(
It does remind me of call of duty. also, no floodlight. what i like also is cheif has more of a talking role, instead of him just talking in cutscenes, so we can all get to know him better. also they got rid of duel weild which is quite sad.


You know what? i just completed halo 4 and i think i know why people don't like it and i kinda understand. The tone is all off, it kinda reminds me of COD and you also lose the ability of duel weilding, the sort of cartoony look is gone and also the aliens stop speaking english. no floodlight either and the forerunner guns are shit, although they have cool animations. cool story tho and im glad they used some forerunner art from halo legends.

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The official unofficial 22chan minecraft server!
Hacked clients are allowed!
IP: 22craftNQzD.aternos.me
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server's currently ded, i'll notify y'all when it comes up again


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Server is online!
ip: radio.22chan.org:25565

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"Gas the youkai, danmaku war now" edition.
When was the last time you played 2hu, anon?
Which game was it and what did you think about it?
As for myself, just beat 11 and that was one hell of a ride.
But overall-How does ZUN create all those iconic pieces of music?
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Hmm, try to use all lifes and 1cc on normal, bomb everytime you are in danger, also everytime you die, you lose your bombs.
Just git gud.


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Well it's a touhou thread after all, so

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if anyone wants to join, the link is up there.
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ey anon, can I join?
Sent request.


how do we organize something and is there a way we can determine what multiplayer games anons here have?


By posting and discussing this stuff here of cource.

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i think its a good game what do you think, anon


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i think its a little overrated, dont get me wrong its a good game the was revolutionary for its time and is incredibly fun, especially online, but it really isnt anything special today.

i find the campaigns combat loop p repetitive and boring after a while,its just move into an area, kill all the hostiles and move on to the next, which dont get me wrong is a fine system but its a weakness in older games that have been played to death by anyone with a heart beat.

The art style, story and overall atmosphere is pretty great and thats what stops it feeling too stale for me


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I think Halo is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.


Personally after just finishing CE all the UNSC weapons besides the shotgun are shit.
what this guy said

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Kongregate is going to die in the near future, deciding at the beginning on July 2020 to cease allowing new games to be uploaded, new badges to be made, and disabling the forums and most chat servers.
Threads about it can be found here, https://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate
The crux of this is the discontinuation of Flash support after December 2020.

lörs reaction? Will sites like Armor Games and Miniclip soon share the same fate?
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One of the few good idle games.
How viable are places like Kong, AG, and NG (aka free aids zone) in 2020 though?


NG is going to keep using flash cause they have their own flash emulator that they are making and are using.
Should allow for flash to continue existing on at least NG for an indefinite time.
twoot is thinking of adding it to 22chan for /f/
https://ruffle.rs/ heres a link to it
maybe kongregate and the like will adopt it.


currently swfs with action script 1.0/2.0 are supported
its also open source

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ITT:Share your favourite vidya from the old times.
Mafia 1 is one of my favourite games from the early 2000s.
The GTA series (vc,sa) were great aswell of course
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Anyone remember playing Robotech : Invasion?


I feel so happy
after all these years i never got to complete spyro, and yesturday i booted up spyro remastered and all the memories are flooding back to me
i managed to complete a level before i ran out of time and had to got to work. i missed the music and you have an option to listen to the older music... i think i can beat the game lads, then i'll play the other two games for the first time :)


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ive been playing illusion of gaia for the snes, its a pretty based jrpg. its not turn based like other rpgs so its combat is actually tolerable unlike other games *coof* *coof* final fantasy

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>pirate game
>scandal inevitably emerges involving the developer
>feel no guilt because I am not financially supportive of the dev's immorality
Remember, piracy is the only way to keep a clean conscience during these trying times.
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In his public life, he is likely to be non-descript; an underdog who doesn't shine much at anyhting he does or says. He probably doesn't dress well, his physical appearance is of no importance to him. He doesn't have the charisma and moral fiber of a Long John Silver. His opinions aren't sought, his advice isn't followed. He isn't respected much, except by the freeloaders who depend on him. After all, he is giving something for nothing.

His darkest secret, however, is that he lives in constant fear that, some day, he will fail. He will not crack the code. He will realize that other club members were fair-weather friends and that he lost, in a single stroke of fate, the attention he was so eagerly seeking.

Like the rest of us, he will grow old, his priorities will change, his eagerness will die down. As he looks around him, he may realize that the best times of life have passed him by, and that there is no making up for the lost time. He will be bitter, having left an insignificant mark on the world, having wasted his time in pointless pursuits. No one will miss him.

To him, I dedicate this epitaph:
Here Lies a Pirate
Who Never Sailed.


anyway this is all in reply to >>213. Piracy is it's own game. It's changed a lot since those days, it's a lot harder, but it has a definite thrill and charm to it.


The only reason not to pirate something is if you are worried of getting viruses

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Hey! do you know about PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2? if you dont well, huh.
theres the steam page (its free btw):

anyways, i just made a alliance for 22chan and stuff, idk if anyone its interested but there goes...

the Alliance Name is Twootchon, you should find it if you log into Ship 2.
Feel free to use this thread as a general for the game



Theres a tool to make Symbol Arts for the game on the run, i guess.
i readed that its useful for tracing your fave react pics



Another tool for your SAs, but this one its for previewing them on folders and making collecting them easier!

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Give 'em hell, Haida. Give 'em hell.

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Hey /vg/, what if we organized a videogame tournament of sorts? Yes, it can be somewhat messy in an anonimús imageboard, but some tripfagging can fix it, what you say about it?

Yes anon, the wooper image is a placeholder.
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How do you imagine this tournament? I do not know much about pokemon. We can also try doing minesweeper speedruns


smash bros melee


Or Super Smash Flash 2, which is free and has online multiplayer.

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ITT share your most favourite vidyas/vidya you have ever played.


>hollow knight
havent finished yet but I reallly like the artstyle, the bosses are incredible and gives a good feeling of progression
>super mario 64
this game is permanently in my brain, Its just fun to move mario around
>the binding of isaac
i wasted so many hours of my life in this game, its so addicting


It was really fun. The game felt very fair: if you died, it was your fault, and not some absurd collision box. Nice music and story. It was hard, especially since I hadn't really played platformers before it, but I really enjoyed it and couldn't stop playing the bonus levels even after finishing the story. [spoiler]What was effective in making me stop was excessive lag because of my hard-drive going bananas, but that's another story [/spoiler]
>chrono trigger
Exceptional music and story/characters, plus the art surprised me for a snes game. The battle-system is nice and the difficulty was right for me

I also recently played half-life which was cool, but I wouldn't call it an all time fav


>spyro the dragon
Played the hell out of it, and after repairing the airship and traveling to the second area, i had to put my ps2 away forever R.I.P

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These games were a big part of "muh childhood," and I thought I'd revisit them. I found a free (legit, I checked) download w/ patch
Do any of you nigs remember these old Petz games? Any funny/comfy stories? Apparently these games are turning out to be surprisingly complex, so much so that we still don't know what all is in them even though they're from the 90s. Just last year it was discovered that each pet has a favorite color. Kinda spooky. I fully believe it, since it's the only pet sim I've ever played where each individual pet had a distinct and believable personality. It's almost feels like Ubisoft trapped real cats inside your computer using black magic or something.
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Snegu does not seem particularly pleased at this development.


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I made a snowman.


...are you alive, op?

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