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Steam     The official 22chan Steam group.

Let me know if any important links should be added here.1

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What do you think about the current state of vidya? Is our time a bad time for vidya or is it a good one? Share your thoughts.
I ​think this era is simultaneously the best and, possibly, the worst.

Vidya has never been more accessible than today. The internets allow easy access to numerous titles through programs like Steam/GOG and of course there's always good old piracy. Emulation opens the door to an endless backlog of old vidya at no expense at all. In a matter of minutes I can experience some obscure Japanese Playstation game from the comfort of my living room. There are tons of free-to-play games out there. Online games make playing with friends easy and even allow for making new friends through the game. This is the best time for experiencing vidya. 10-15 years ago our situation was a distant dream and I think a lot of people take this for granted.

Indeed, our tech is impressive. Video games keep evolving, the latest game one-upping the last. Is this necessarily a good thing? It's great what games can accomplish but often it feels unnecessary. Take the cinema in Red Read Redemption. You can pay to watch a short movie over the shoulder of your character. Does this really add any value to the gameplay or is just there because it's cool? Sometimes it seems our technical advancements just result in bloat. Even more so I get the feeling that as video games try to impress you with all of their cool features and grandeur, somewhere along the line those things took precedence over artistic integrity.
Video games have become more than simple entertainment. Reality seeps more and more into games. Vidya has become too involved in politics and social justice. Like how the God of War development team is making figures from Norse mythology black. It just doesn't make sense. It's like setting a game in Africa and populating entire towns with white people. This gets in the way of genuine, good storytelling because it's just done to please a certain crowd. Don't even get me started on Amnesia: Rebirth.
Everyone has to be pleased. The general consensus seems that video games must include everyone. This has led to dumbed down gameplay in many titles. Of course, this depends on the game but I believe most big-company games will adopt this method. A good example is the Elder Scrolls series. Even though I love Oblivion it's obvious every new entry in the series is more watered down than the first.
Vidya is becoming more of an industry every day.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Who in their right minds thought it would be a good idea to add a web browser in modern systems. What even is the point of it being there? Youtube i guess but it's kinda gay for a browser to be used just for that alone. Making fucking posts on 22chan?


Apparantly there was supposed to be special 3D youtube videos, and websites that could be seen on the 3DS but honestly its retarded and i havent seen any yet.


I remember the browser on the PS3 being a fucking mess to use.

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ITT: Tell us what you're emulating and discuss emulation.

A good site to find games to emulate.

These are the best (in my opinion) PS1 and PS2 emulators.
PS1: https://github.com/stenzek/duckstation (Make sure to up the quality in the enhancement settings.)
PS2: https://pcsx2.net

I'm currently playing through the Legacy of Kain series. I recently finished Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and it's such a good game. The soundtrack, level design, gameplay, everything is great. The writing really blew me away, I loved hearing Kain speak. His lines are like straight out of some old gothic horror novel.
I'm playing Soul Reaver now. I don't think it's as good but I'm still enjoying my time with it. Raziel is a bit too angsty for me at times. The game still has a cool neo-gothic vibe and the music and writing holds up.
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Truth. Is there good new games: yes. But I feel modern audiences aren't exploring old games enough. It's a treasure trove of good content. What pisses me off personally, is when I see people play games paying homage to old games like Dusk, yet don't want to play the original.
Hell I'm a just a zoomer: I have no nostalgia for these games, yet I still recognize they have quality to them. It's shocking.
Right now going through Gunstar Heros, mostly to learn about run and gun genre.
His character design, isn't that similar to how he looks in the Xbox 360 release?


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I've never played the 2008 Alone in the Dark but considering it's the same protagonist they probably look alike. Judging from the screenshots they're more or less the same, Carnby has a more modern look to him in the 2008 release. His jacket seems a bit longer in New Nightmare. I prefer how he looks in New Nightmare because he has a more detective-y look to him.


I recently discovered a feature in Duckstation called "Geometry Correction". You guys know how some textures on the PS1 always seem to wobble in place? This feature fixes that and makes the game look much clearer. It looks really good and is a huge improvement but there's a catch. The emulator only supports it for a limited amount of games, meaning that one day I will play a game only to find out the feature isn't supported. Thus that game would look so bad to what I'd be used to. So I've decided not to use the feature. I would rather get the same level of enjoyment out of every game I try, rather than making some superior to others.

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Post vidya-related gifs.
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Decent graphics for such an old game


Yes, the cutscenes have a weirdly realistic feel to them lol.

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What are you playing? Who do you main? What other fgs do you play/have played?
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Start with Accent Core Plus +R, the last revision of GG:XX and it has rollback netcode only on the steam version (by participating the public GGPO test)

Also check out dustloop for general game knowledge : https://www.dustloop.com/wiki/index.php?title=Guilty_Gear_XX_Accent_Core_Plus_R

The way Guilty Gear is played in general is determined on combo starters and block pressure for every character, but the way you approach on neutral is unique for everyone in the cast.

And for last, also check Guilty Bits playlist if you want an overview of each character : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfouOVyyhiM&list=PLj34EySs1Ieb8Wjnj9H2Q-G4mdPXTd_xH


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Started back in the day with Tekken2 and never skipped one title of the serie, but only when Tag2 was almost dead I decided to actually learn the game
Been playim soul calibur since 3 too.
Last year I sinked some time on KoF02UM,and while I'm trash at it, I'm looking forward to KoF15.
Recently I picked up Melty Blood TL and Samsho V special, but I don't have anyone to play them with.
Occasionaly I play smash too.
Usually I give any fg a try, if I have someone to play it


Which version?

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Figured a morrowind thread would be fun, What are your thoughts on this game?


It's fun not to be babied, your literally left with a sense of wonder as you are literally told to just figure things out for yourself in an alien land. I had to manually read inorder to understand why i'm there in the first place and who those random npcs are. I love the design choice for the npcs, they look hand drawn like one of those old rpg games, or say an old school fantasy comic. I've seen heard people bitch about stuff like "boo hoo you start off too slow" and yeah, thats true but they wanted you to feel weak, and build yourself up over time. It is annoying not having a marker, i've gotten lost or couldnt finish a quest because of it, but it also feels kinda charming like, i dont know actually using a map and not a gps. Morrowind is pure chaos, legal assasins, infighting between various factions, tons of wildlife trying to kill you. The mages guild was fun and easy to complete because i had already collected a good chunk of random items. Kinda funny how they kept getting at eachothers throats like how i had to steal a soul gem and replace it with a fake one, and had to find scrolls that another member hid. I had to also find a member who didn't pay his guild dues and had to force him to pay up, or kill him LOL. I also got a rare spell from him called fortify attribute and it turns out you can use it to break reality and become a GOD by soultrapping the spell on yourself.
Combat is seemingly gay, but the truth is, secretly it's a dice roll like dungeons and dragons. You have to take potions, train, and use magic to improve your chances at suriving. God damn i stole so much stuff it was hilarious, then i'd go to the local trade shop and sell everything for a good price, and only keep the good stuff for myself. Got amazing tools and items for free and even after i went to jail, never lost anything.
Being retarded i forgot to save and died from an airstrider. Lost several days worth of gameplay so i just ragequit and now started playing oblivion. I'm totally going to re-visit this game again.>>882


Another thing i love is the racism and sexism mechanic. Diffrent races get diffrent perks, and downsides like how nobody likes the dark elves personality wise, but it has balanced stats, and how argonians hate kajit. (you'll get refused services because of your race at some points LOL) Beast men are limited on what cloathes they can wear but they have perks like breathing under water and night vision. Men are slower then women, but have higher strength and stamina. Also, you can wear several rings, and clothing be layered for added affect. So like regular cloth pants/shirt, chain mail, then steel armor. (and all of those can be enchanted for added affects.

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The official unofficial 22chan minecraft server!
Hacked clients are allowed!
IP: 22craftNQzD.aternos.me
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May I ask is there any explanation as to why this is the case?


Is there a new IP? This one doesn't work for me


If the server's not working anymore, I have a spare Realm that I'm not using right now.
Could use that as a replacement. No dice on getting a server though. Realms is cheap, reliable, and it works for me.

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It seems that /vg/ is dead lets revive it with a game review thread.

You guys can post whatever games you have been playing and how you feel about them.
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I'm reminded of old school doom, as if it was more 3D otherwise yeah That type of old-school graphics are honestly underated


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Every game made after Half Life needs to have a setpiece in every stage, and this one is no exception. This one serves as the climax of the stage, only a somewhat violent walk to the exit left after it.
To put it simply, it served its purpose well. It's good at creating tension, feeling explosive, and making me shit my pants my first time through. I would do a play-by-play but I really don't want to spoil it, for those who want to try it out. It is a demo after all.
Honorable mention to the part in the caves where the music gets all quiet before you get into a long combat section and it kicks up the tunes a bit.
Speaking of...

The music is super good too. Not Ultrakill nonstop orgasm good, but it's atmospheric, catchy, and good all around. There isn't too much to say about it though. It's stylized in just the right way, and feels fitting for the setting.

This is more of a set up than anything else. You're a detective that's investigating a long string of strange disappearances, until you get kidnapped and brought to the source of all your troubles. It's about as complex as throwback shooters get, really. It's still an enjoyable way to frame the conflict though, and it's nice to see a throwback shooter protagonist who isn't driven by blind rage and anger. Moreso just a desire to survive than anything else.

One thing I didn't mention in my last post that I absolutely should have is how good the movement feels. It's pretty standard stuff, but it's just right. Movement is quick, but not Wolfenstein 3D quick, the jumping is a bit high but feels nice and chunky while still getting the job done, and your movement abilities are used frequently enough that it doesn't feel like another game where jumping is more of a formality, like CoD. Same thing with the crouch. There are a lot of little sections and secrets that require you to crouch, and it drives home a cramped atmosphere very well.
Another that I didn't really touch on was just how brutal bullets are. The comparison to Blood is not just because of atmosphere and style. Even a few seconds out of cover will have you riddled with more bullet holes than a piece of Swiss Cheese that was used in a firing range. They do a lot of damage, but crouching doesn't decrease enemy accuracy and enemies drop a lot of nice thick health pickups so it creatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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Been playing the saga of yakuza games and i fucking love it even tho they have some weak points in history or gameplay in different games but i like it anyways, makes me very inspired and happy by the characters and battles in the games they are so fucking cool

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im thinking that we play tam fortress 2, but post your suggestions.
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The steam group is somewhat active.


Wait wait wait we have a steam group? Anyone plays payday or crusader kings 2?


It seems like everybody had conflicting tastes which is a shame. I'm partial to games like Borderlands 2, Halo, etc. Never really understood the appeal of games like Tom Clancy or whatever.

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ITT: Post any link/info on games that have gone free for a limited amount of time(or permanently for that matter) and games that are on sale for dirt cheap, sites like humble bundle and steam are good places to look.
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The Steam Summer Sale has begun!


These two are criminally underrated and currently going for dirt cheap.


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Banana Hell is free on Steam right now. It's some retarded platformer that's supposed to be really hard. I think it's free until the end of today, so get it while it's hot, anons.


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Cry of Fear is a free-to-play horror game on Steam. It's one of the scariest games I've played. I highly recommend it if you're a horror fan.

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ITT:Talk about your what your currently doing gaming wise. Please post screenshots of the game you are talking about for context. Feel free to talk about what you think about the story.
I am currently playing CrossCode which is an action RPG. It is pretty interesting so far. The combat is fun and the pixel art is very cool looking to me pic related. What is odd to me is that the developers seem to love diversity and have npcs of all different races. It hasn't affected the quality of the game so far but it is obvious what the developers politics are. Currently, I am doing a dungeon that involves a puzzle. I haven't had the energy to do it but I will definitely complete it to talk about it in this thread.
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If you're on an emulator, can't you use savestates? I use them all the time as checkpoint systems in old vidya can be quite annoying sometimes.


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I'm currently playing Shadow of Chernobyl. I've played it a couple of times but haven't in a while so now I'm going through it again. I love how this game that came out in 2007 still holds up today. It's such a unique experience, there's nothing quite like it. The graphics might not look as good as modern games but they have a special feel to them and I feel they still look good and stylish.
This time I'm playing with a mod called Inferno. It's an obscure, old mod that changes the gameplay a lot and adds some weird features into the game. One of these weird features is that suddenly an event called "Inferno" can happen where the sky turns crazy like pic related and a bunch of mutants and phantoms appear and attack you. I'm still having a blast with the mod. The modding community is another reason this game is so great, there's a bunch of mods out there that all offer their own special experience. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a caring community. It holds this game to such a high value that people are driven to create new content for the game and keep building upon it. It really shows that this game is special, people keep coming back to it because of it.
I say the mod is old because it was built on the first retail release of the game. To play the mod you have to downgrade the game to its first version, before patches by the developing company were released. These patches provide bugfixes and such so playing without them can be a wild experience. Pretty much every character in the game can die (save for traders and such) and the A-life of the game is crazy. The mutants can travel around the game world and what can happen is very unpredictable. One character I was doing a mission for suddenly decided to leave his original location and wander into the Zone, where he promptly died.
I don't even consider these factors bad for the game. I think it shows just how unique the game is. Some might even call it unfriendly, but that's only because Shadow of Chernobyl is a total passion project. It was in development for a long time. It was made with a clear vision of something special and no care for the expectations of others and because of this we now have one of the most immersive and atmospheric shooters out there. We'll never have a game like this again. I'm so glad that I can experience this game and I know I'll still be playing it years down the line.


Beat the damn game, just sped through it without thinking or saving. The boss fight against the metal gear, and big boss was easy, there was this intense ladder climb but overall it had a very lackluster ending. Next stop Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. I'm gonna play the xbox 360 remaster because apparantly it updated some of the graphics, and fixed some bugs. I have a feeling its going to be fun.

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I'm not sure if this thread is going to fit in with this board but I was wondering if people are interested in these types of videos, and if some would be willing to create their own Gunsync videos. I might create my own ones and post them here if people take interest in this thread.
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this is epic, css is my favorite game and this makes me happy ^_^


File: SUPER ULTRA HYPER MIRACLE ….mp4 (2.73 MB, 720x1080, 2:3, 1632047869841.mp4) [Show in Hex Viewer] [Reverse Image search]

I made another Gunsync audio. This time it's "Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid ED," and I am probably going to make visuals for it sometime later on.

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Server address:
It's a new world, so join now if you wanna grab up some land. Have fun!
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impressive door lock and trips


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I built a cobblestone generator near my house. Not that we really need it, but I think it's pretty cool.


Cool stuff anon! It is really cool to have luxurious items in Minecraft like irl.

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Thread theme's kinda obvious, (spoopy games, weird shit, horror, ect) but it can also expand to horror elements in games you wouldnt exactly expect to see it in. Like say in pokemon red and blue, How team rocket slaughtered all the pokemon in lavander town. leaving you to even fight against a vengeful spirit. The creepy music didnt help make it any less spookyer. Or in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
There's a boss fight where you see all the the ghosts of the people you killed in game (all of them) and they even yell at you about how you killed them! Shoot a guy in the head, he'll cry out and say
>"my head!"
as he attempts to strangle you. also what's funny is if you shoot a guy in the crotch, he'll say how you "took his manhood" away from him.
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This game is pretty spoopy.


Gameplay mechanic is clever, and i like how the butterfly affect comes into play, Is it me or is there always something great about japanese PS2 games?


It honestly seems like the japs just know what they're doing (or used to at least). I've played a bit of Fatal Frame II, I'm about half way in but haven't finished it yet. It's a great game. I've been meaning to play Siren as well.

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I miss game manuals. You know, like when you buy a game and you see a little booklet in the corner. If you dont know how to play a game, they explain it, and they even go as far as to add goodies like a mini comic book, or even make the manual some meta thing, like if it was a vital part of the story! I miss when games where just plug in and play, where it was the full game without having to wait a day or two to update, or worse! i hate when i play the master chief collection and the whole damn game crashes because you lost connection to wifi even though it's on single player mode. Old game servers are still running for multi-player (like ps2 starwars battlefront) but its like a damn ghost town and its so sad! it would be cool to play metal gear solid PW co-op and have people online but i honestly doubt it'll happen. Games like halo CE used to be by the people, and for the people made by geeks and for geeks who just wanted to have fun and everything changed to where you have to grind for gear, and compete in a more formal manner instead of bullshitting like those old xbox live COD lobbies. Also its now more toxic, like political or plain labrat teir propaganda instead of a nice escape. (somethimes made to be addictive on purpose) Like in the last of us II where you are forced to shoot a dog, and then everyone in the game hates you for doing it, making you feel ashamed although you literally had no choice to do it.
I also miss those cheat codes like getting more in game money or god mode and you either have to pay close attention to discover it (writing tons of codes down on a single sheet of paper lol) or go online or buy a book to get some
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Interesting, I played some Shadow of Chernobyl but I guess I dropped off after getting to a point where I wasn't really sure what to do next. It had a lot going for it for sure, and I can't really pin down a reason why I stopped. I always have trouble figuring out how to play a game where you can save whenever you want, because doing it too often will just trivialize it, but it's often not designed to be done with only autosaves.
I have been playing some Dead Rising lately, but there's no telling how far I'll take that. Whenever a game lets you handle things in such an open-ended way, I get the feeling I'm fucking it up somehow.
I probably just need to overcome my mental block and decide to stick with something. Maybe I'll try some more STALKER, maybe it'll be something else, or I might keep going with Dead Rising. Hard to say.
If there's an upside, this kind of feeling is definitely good motivation to work on my hobby projects and just make the kind of thing I want to play. I hope I'll have something to show /agdg/ soon.


If saving complicates things for you, look up a game called Hard West. It uses an autosave function so every choice is permanent. If you have a Steam account it can be bought for cheap on there.


Hey, that looks pretty cool. I could give it a try if it goes on sale sometime. Thanks for the rec, I'd better not derail this thread any further though.

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