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Twoot, Our LORD and SAVIOR, Creator of 22Chan slaved and worked years for us to enjoy this wholsome and finely crafted 2D gardening game. In this thread let's talk about and play Steve's Garden. I myself have playtested this game and and personally my life is forever changed. Shit Was So Cash.
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niniba looks high

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Steam     The official 22chan Steam group.
Discord     The official 22chan Discord Server.
Server Website     The official 22chan Minecraft Server.
No griefing/killing/stealing allowed in the minecraft server.

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Alright so this thread is for discussing all things metal gear related. Also i plan to play the metal gear series, in chronological order, and discuss them as i play. Haven't played this game series before and i think it'll be interesting.
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Replaying MGS5 for the 4th time, I find it really relaxing to play even if it's not great. Mods help


In recent news, there's talk of a metal gear solid remaster for ps5.
Busy playing peace walker. It turns out i'm quite stupid because there's a prequel to peacewalker called Moble Operation for the ps vita (which i don't have, nor the ability to find both the system or the game) so i'm probably just going to have to watch a gameplay/lore video online after i complete PW. Gameplay's pretty fun, it reminds me of a moble game with more simplified controls and graphics then Snake Eater had, which is fine, i dig it and the motion comic cutscenes is a nice touch. The lore's pretty cool too, snake vs the socialists and the CIA diring the whole Cuban Missile Crisis. Snake starting his own PMC after dealing with Operation Snake Eater, (taking the boss's advice) seems right and is a neat touch, so now i have to kidnap various soldiers to expand my army and to help liberate cuba. The boss being the AI pod for peace walker is honestly unexpected to me and i can imagine what snake thinking because he'd probably now have to kill her a second time.

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ITT:Talk about your what your currently doing gaming wise. Please post screenshots of the game you are talking about for context. Feel free to talk about what you think about the story.
I am currently playing CrossCode which is an action RPG. It is pretty interesting so far. The combat is fun and the pixel art is very cool looking to me pic related. What is odd to me is that the developers seem to love diversity and have npcs of all different races. It hasn't affected the quality of the game so far but it is obvious what the developers politics are. Currently, I am doing a dungeon that involves a puzzle. I haven't had the energy to do it but I will definitely complete it to talk about it in this thread.
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I purchased the Super Mario 3D collection before Nintendo shut it down. I have no clue why they did that but, I am glad I have an excuse to revisit Mario 64. Historically I played the DS version of Mario 64 so, playing the original is weird. My brother said this version is bad, but I don't get it. I still enjoy the game because the gameplay is fun. Sure it has fewer features, but it is still Mario 64. I enjoy fighting the bomb on the first map. It took a few minutes for me to defeat it because at first, I was apparently bullying the bomb by throwing it off the stage. I had to throw the bomb on the stage role. I am going to have fun playing it over the next few weeks.


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I got some time to play Final Fantasy III a few days ago. During this playthrough, I gathered my party. My favorite party member besides Luneth is Ingus. I think that is because I enjoy playing with the clique prince or soldier character who is powerful. Ingus's design is cool. After that, I started my journey into the cave to cure the townpeople's sickness of being an outline of a human being. The enemies are powerful so, this will take some time to finish.


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I finished the dungeon and, it was easier than I remember. Now that I am done with that, I am going to hit the ground running.

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ITT:Share your favourite vidya from the old times.
Mafia 1 is one of my favourite games from the early 2000s.
The GTA series (vc,sa) were great aswell of course
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Original DOOM games have the fondest memories to me. I love both of them. WADs are awesome too.


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I spent a lot of time playing metropolismania when i was a kid
If you have nothing better to do, it's real easy to play this for the whole day without realising


First mafia on pc was bretty gud.

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What's your personal favorite pokemon game and why? Personally. I can't quite decide between Emerald and Platinum. Platinum is obviously the more refined of the two, but Emerald honestly has the better music and aesthetics. Plus I have a lot of childhood memories associated with the Hoenn Region, even though my first game was Silver.

>Pic tangentally related
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I actually liked Clover. A lot of effort obviously went into that game, maybe even more than goes into official Pokemon games.


Pokemon heartgold, the amount of love that went into that game is insane, literally 3 games in one, with tons of minigames andgreat music. it's nice to see your favorite pokemon follow behind you as you walk, and the pokewalker is honestly a nice touch.


I have fond memories of playing Soulsilver. I remember going on vacation with a Pokewalker. The Pokewalker device at that age was so fun that it didn't bother me that I did not get to play the actual game. I also liked how you could level up by walking the Pokemon that; was a good touch-in, my opinion. I eventually lost my Pokewalker which, was sad, but I still have fond memories of it.

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These games were a big part of "muh childhood," and I thought I'd revisit them. I found a free (legit, I checked) download w/ patch
Do any of you nigs remember these old Petz games? Any funny/comfy stories? Apparently these games are turning out to be surprisingly complex, so much so that we still don't know what all is in them even though they're from the 90s. Just last year it was discovered that each pet has a favorite color. Kinda spooky. I fully believe it, since it's the only pet sim I've ever played where each individual pet had a distinct and believable personality. It's almost feels like Ubisoft trapped real cats inside your computer using black magic or something.
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...are you alive, op?


This thread is weird.


aw man i forgot about this thread, it made me laugh real hard when i first read it

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Post games (and other similar forms of amusement) that you want to recommend to other Anons. I will start.

Halo Custom Edition (Halo CE) is a official expansion for the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo PC). What makes Halo CE different from Halo PC is that players can create custom levels (and weapons, etc.) for the game. Pls note that you need Halo PC product key to install it (but you can just search YouTube for Halo PC keygen and copy the key from the video). You don't need to have the CD, if you install the patch.

You can get Halo CE here: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=410
You also need the official V1.0.10 patch: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6798
You will probably also want to install the Halo Anti-Cheat (HAC2). It's not required but it makes your life easier. It enables things like automatic map downloads when joining a server. You can download it here: http://client.haloanticheat.com/release.zip
To install it, just copy the "loader.dll" to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\controls" folder.
If you want to create custom levels and other content, you will also need the Halo Editing Kit (HEK): http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=411
AND the bug-free tags: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6690

To play custom single player maps, create a new shortcut for "haloce.exe" and add "-devmode -console" as launch options (without quotes). (I think the Halo CE installer adds Halo Custom Edition Developer Mode in your start menu by default.) Use that shortcut to launch the game. Then you need to open the console (press the key under ESC), and type "map_name map_name_goes_here" (without quotes and the file extension) and press ENTER.
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You know what? i just completed halo 4 and i think i know why people don't like it and i kinda understand. The tone is all off, it kinda reminds me of COD and you also lose the ability of duel weilding, the sort of cartoony look is gone and also the aliens stop speaking english. no floodlight either and the forerunner guns are shit, although they have cool animations. cool story tho and im glad they used some forerunner art from halo legends.


I am now playing halo 5, i'm not exactly a fan of it, and spartan locke is pretty bland of a character.
great graphics and controls, and you get floodlights but you can't toggle them, also no armor abilities. health systems kewl, english speaking aliens is great. i get that the story's a direct sequil but it's just kinda bland for me


Cool free game I found via JewTube. It's a sandbox physics game with from what I can tell a lot of kewl stuff.

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The official unofficial 22chan minecraft server!
Hacked clients are allowed!
IP: 22craftNQzD.aternos.me
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minecraft master race


May I ask is there any explanation as to why this is the case?


Is there a new IP? This one doesn't work for me

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Any tips designing concept art for ga3ms???? i just started with the story and suddenly i dont have qualms anymore about its design... what should i do?

How do i develop it into something am3z1ng


22chan game when?


>>568 sorry im not local


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I'm not sure if this thread is going to fit in with this board but I was wondering if people are interested in these types of videos, and if some would be willing to create their own Gunsync videos. I might create my own ones and post them here if people take interest in this thread.
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Ahoy twootsters, I am in a need of mobile vidya recommendations. I open the play store and all I see is horrid shit that stuffs your face full of kike advertisements. Are there any hidden gems or something that I'm missing or is just the modern mobile vidya industry absolute dogshit with no redeemable qualities?
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Haven't decided yet, anon, I haven't had the time for mobile games funnily enough


>Occidental Heroes
Totally free. No ads or in-game purchases. Lead a small band of mercenaries around an open-world map, taking quests from the different local leaders. Get stronger by buying gear rather than leveling.
Totally free. No ads. A very simple 4x that works well on touche screen due to the small scall.
There is a very good port of Nethack floating around out there that is very intuitive on a touch screen. No ads and free, of course.
>Kai Chronicles
A very good mobile adaptation of the old adventure/RPG book series from back in the 80's. It's the incomplete series because of the difficulty of the project, but you can take your save game and move it to the PC port if you find you enjoy it enough.


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Anything that emulates or something like chess does it for me. Most games have a childish feel to them or pay to win, (or pay 10€ for some indie game lol). Really what you're asking OP is if there's a nugget of gold in shit. Also there's usually better stuff you can do besides mobile games like apps where you learn something or books. Really you'll realise most mobile games look good for a few minutes before being repetitive.
However there's 'mobile' games that were played on like flip phones or something that are actually good like a digital devil saga one I'd seen, so maybe something along those lines.
Also anyone remember Zenonia?

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Retrogaming thread, obligatory.
I adore retrogaming, loved this stuff my entire life.
What retrogames do you enjoy?
I am a huge fan of the original DOOM games and 90s FPSes, and I adore Shmups too. I love the Turbografx-16, unbelievably good console sadly overshadowed.
Computer stuff allowed too.
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Ye sure, but in terms of 16 bit console discussion, people don't talk about it... it's a rather sad state of affairs.

Wonderswan was aight too.


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Rate my collection

(I know it's mostly $1 kusoge/weeb titles but some of the better games released in US/EU regions are quite expensive nowadays.)

Any good Turbografx-16 games anon? I only know Bonk and Shubibinman.


Antarctic Adventure, класс!
Check out Air Zonk, Blazing Lazers, Dragon Spirit, and also the definitive home port of Salamander.


Good collection. Mine is small too since I live in a region where retrogaming is super small.

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To celebrate the coming new year, i invite everyone to join our session in Obsidian Conflict. It starts on December 31st 5 AM PST and will last until the vast majority of people are bored.

To run the mod you will need to have Source SDK base 2007 and Source SDK base 2013 Multiplayer installed on Steam. It is preferable that you have Half-Life 2 and Counter Strike Source installed. The mod's site is here: https://obsidianconflict.net/


We'll be playing on xenoaisam's server.

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Kongregate is going to die in the near future, deciding at the beginning on July 2020 to cease allowing new games to be uploaded, new badges to be made, and disabling the forums and most chat servers.
Threads about it can be found here, https://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate
The crux of this is the discontinuation of Flash support after December 2020.

lörs reaction? Will sites like Armor Games and Miniclip soon share the same fate?
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So 4chan's /f/ is safe since they are attemping to integrate ruffle


offtopic but can we archive the forums i found lots of interesting shit there
most games (if not all) are copy protected like arcade pre hacks
how are we gonna save it


if its going to die then they shouldnt have it copy protected and allow people to download everything.

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