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Any recent projects you have completed or you are working on? Favorite language? Anything programming related.


>recent projects you have completed or you are working on
Steve, 22chan

>Favorite language

PHP, Go, C++


>recent projects you have completed or you are working on
heyuri.cf, YotsuIB
>Favorite language
PHP, Rust, Python





I'm sort of new to programming, but:
>recent projects you have completed or are working on
Made a crappy Email client once (without the capability to send emails, lol). rn I'm working on my first little website (backend) with a friend (frontend)
>Favorite language
C, Python (only ones I know)


>project i'm working on
>projects i have made made
games in scratch
>favorite languages
>worst languages i have used


Source to Heyuri dead friendo, cool project though. Where can I learn more about YotsuIB?
I've been doing rootme challenges, especially web client/server ones lately.
And not my project but I've had quite the fun trying to solve some anon's puzzle.
>I thought you Lainons might appreciate this. There are 10 steps to the puzzle. It starts very simple but gets more complex with each step. Each step will give you information to discover the next step. Some knowledge of steganography, encryption, and ciphers will help. I apologize in advance for the difficulty of step 9 - it's driven some people to insanity - but it can be solved, I promise. If you would like to enter The Wired your first step is... hsvvrp.zjsvzlsfo.paola.lluayhjlp..pzy.bolyl.


>The requested URL /view.php was not found on this server.


I recently rewritten the script from scratch.
The old source code is at https://heyuri.cf/?page=view&key=QJdxqOr1xJ
There are still a few things I want to do before making the rewrite open-source.
YotsuIB is an image board built to be compatible with 4chan's JS. So far I've been successful. This project is not public yet.


>Projects n shit
Been messing around with cordova to make basic webapps.

>Favourite Language



Nice, thanks. Is it also "tag compatible", meaning we'll be able to use scripts like 4chan X, X-links?
Good luck on your projects by the way.


>recent projects
...I'm a failure at life, sorry
>favourite language
lisp and forth. They both have the idea that a language should be able to expand with new syntax to create domain specific languages (DSL) to solve problems more easily. Also both use bottom up approach. I'm really fascinated by them and would love to use them to make something to really "get it" and not just have a superficial understanding
>>Favorite language
Isn't php infamously bad? I mean I never used it but it's probably the most hated language together with javascript


>Any recent projects you have completed or you are working on?
I've been a bit bored recently so I've been working on a Generator-Program in Lua. You just insert what you want(So if you want a Name, you insert "Names") and if you want a Place then you insert: "Place".

>Favorite language?

C is #1 for my Favourite-Languages. Java is second.


Recent Projects be a super sweet website with skype like calls used for therwpy and shid
Fav languages
C#, python and javascript ( duh )


>skype like calls used for therwpy and shid
that sounds nice


A simple program that grabs a random line from a specified text file.


I'm working on a programming language. It's not a serious project, I just want to mess around and have fun. I'm even writing the interpreter in python
For now I Can Sum Numbers:
>log add 1 2
Prints "[3]". The reason for why it's a list... is primarily because log is a debug function. I might explain better one day if I feel like the lang's worth sharing
For now I don't even have an "if" and a "while"

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