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So I've been thinking about switching to qutebrowser recently, and it's almost perfect for me. There's a couple issues like no Ublock Origin but I can get over those.
However, navigating 22chan doesn't work properly.
Opening a link to a post(such as >>2527 ) does nothing when I do it with the keyboard(press 'f' and choose the hint). I expect it to show me the post when I click on it, but instead it highlights it off-screen and I have to scroll down manually and find the highlighted post. Doing it with the mouse works for some reason. I'm switching to qutebrowser so I could do everything with the keyboard, so I might as well use firefox if that's the only way.

Any qutebrowser anons who've solved the issue?


/t/ probably would have been the best place for this bread


works on my machine

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